Where to find the new keyboard for Satellite P10 504?

I have a laptop Satellite P10 504 but unfortunately I spilled coffee on the keyboard and now some of the keys do not work.

Could someone help me find a place to buy a new one that is not too expensive, or perhaps the information of this specific keyboard, I need and I can look online for a bargain.

Thank you very much



All the compatible parts for notebook you can be purchased from the service provider authorized in your country

You should make a call to these guys and they should be able to provide a consistent and right keyboard.

So good luck.

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  • Satellite Pro M70: Where to find the new driver for intel 915GM

    I downloaded the new driver for the chipset intel 915GM, and when I install games doesn't seem to work properly, that is to say he's going to choppy when you move the mouse over the buttons.

    If I go back to my old driver, everything seems fine. I don't mind using an old, I'm just confused why it will not work properly. The Readme file included with it just confuses me, but it says something about the installation of a patch for its hi-def?


    I have the same unit but with inside ATI graphics card. Sorry if I misunderstood something, but why you want to install driver chipset? Must the chipset driver be updated until you try to install the graphics driver?

    In any case I recommend you to use only the designed Toshiba chipset driver. It is tested and adapted for this hardware platform. I'm not 100% sure but I assume that your graphics card is with shared memory. Am I wrong?

  • Where to get the new motherboard for Satellite Pro L40 - 14 d

    Hey there.

    I have a Satellite Pro L40 - 14 d (I think).
    My son hit a small stool and he fell on the side of the PCI Express card (which has been inserted).
    Needless to say that the pci card no longer works.

    I opened it to the top, and it seems that the pins were torn off of the motherboard.
    Can it be fixed, I'm not so sure?

    Then someone know where I can get my hands on a new motherboard? I've scanned the internet but come in white.

    See you soon


    This model of laptop is fairly new, and I imagine that it will be difficult to get the new motherboard. Of course, you can order one by authorized service provider, but it will be expensive.

    Have you checked eBay? With a little luck, you'll find a L40 with faulty display or any other hardware problem. Maybe using two defective notebooks, you can have one that works correctly. ;)

    By the way: I assume you want to disassemble without maintenance manuals. Be careful!

  • Where to find the driver WiFi for Satellite 5105-S901

    Impossible to find D - link DI-524 wireless, what I need to do?

    Mobile has been found, but laptop without... (Drivers, but they do not work with Windows XP)


    I really Don t understand what you need. You need drivers for the wireless card? But these located in the wireless card installed in this machine (AFAIK). What is a PCMCIA card you have? If Yes, then you must go to the D-link website (just google for D-link) and get the drivers there.

    If not, you should check this site for drivers who apply to your machine:

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L500D - 16K - where to find the new updates?

    HY guys,.

    When I bought my Satellite L500D - 16K, I complained in forums dedicated to this notebook page contained very few pilots. After some time, a week or two, she 'suddenly' populated with drivers for everything. Now, after verification not for awhile, the model everything just disappeared from the model list! There is no L500D - 16K here!

    The automatic detection tool, which has worked before, now says your model is not found. Even if I search by serial number, the system can not find! Is not professional at all.

    Any idea where I should look for to see if new updates appeared?

    Hi Glady,

    What Toshiba page you are looking for exactly?
    AFAIK Satellite L500D - 16K belongs to European laptops models and so you must search on this page:

    On the European page click support & downloads > download drivers. The next page you will find:

    He's looking for series Satellite L500D and PSLTHE and you can find the new updates for her! :)

  • 15j101sf HP ENVY: find a new keyboard for a laptop HP ENVY15-j101sf

    2 weeks ago, I spilled water on my keyboard. As a result, there are now a few buttons not functioning correctly, then I want to replace my keyboard. Could someone tell me where I can find a new keyboard for my HP Envy 15j101-sf. I'm in France, so, probably, it is not possible to find one, but always hoping. Thank you very much.

    It is the French keyboard:

    For use on computer models equipped with an Intel in France 720244-051

    Here is the Service Manual:

    Repair manuals

    Removal/replacement of keyboard is 92 percent, and he is very involved.


    US keyboard is much cheaper:



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  • Where to find the download link for msert.exe (Win7 home 64 bit)?

    I would like to know on where to find the download link for msert.exe (Win7 home 64 bit).

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions :>


    There is no direct link to download the Microsoft Safety Scanner. You will need to download it according to the type of operating system you are using. You will need to download the Microsoft Safety Scanner from the link provided by George.

    Please do not hesitate to visit our Web site for any help with the Windows operating system.

  • Where to find the download link for Adobe Creative Cloud?

    Where to find the download link for Adobe Creative Cloud? Buyed this day and installed on my desktop... now I'm home and search sience 25 mins for the download link, but I can't find no =)

    Hi Shimakuro,

    You can follow the link: Creative Free Cloud | Download the free trial version Adobe Creative Cloud to download your Creative Cloud products.

    Let me know if you are facing problems while doing this.

    Thank you

    Yann Arora

  • Satellite L350 - where to find the latest driver for graphics card?

    I have a Satellite L350.
    I installed a game (EVE online) and it works as it should; However when I use alt - tab, the game crashes.
    It is not supposed to do this, and on the other PC it does not crash.

    I contacted the technical support for the game itself, and after reading my dxdiag, they concluded that it was because my drivers are up to date.

    They said specifically the graphics and audio drivers are the cause of the problem.
    I have a Mobile Intel (r) 4 series express chipset family graphics card, and the driver is dated 06/12/2008.
    my sound card is realtek audio and is dated 11/02/2006.
    I tried to update the graphics card on the site of intel, but the program tells me the installation was not validated for this computer and I had to contact the manufacturer.

    Anyone know where to find the updates compatible with computers laptop toshiba?

    Yours sincerely,

    Hello trouble

    Please remember you have laptop and not of office. What you have done is just and it will help with the office, but on laptops, the situation is very different.
    Graphics card is suitable for the use of the laptop by Toshiba and downloaded driver from the manufacturer of the graphics card can not be installed.

    As you know probably common problem with laptops is heat and temperature of the material must be controlled. Graphics card too high temperature can ends with overheating and book cut or damage the equipment. Toshiba laptop to protect material must ensure on the pilots and don t allow to run on the limit.

    I must also say that your laptop is not game machine.

  • Re: Need new keyboard for Satellite C50-A-19U

    My keyboard is defective. It is self-inflicted. I'm trying to get my hands on a new, but it is up to four weeks for delivery. The keyboard that I'm looking for the following part number: H000053530 (Nordic) in black finish. It's totally hopeless that is not in stock, here in Norway where I live. Is there someone who can give me some advice on where I can get a new keyboard without be stolen money?

    Greater than Toshiba does not cars. Access without hope of spare parts, as they did in the market.

    Thank you in advance.

    Sorry, but after reading your ad, I do not understand where you tried to get the new keyboard. Have you contacted the nearest Toshiba authorized maintainer?
    I assume that your laptop still warranty valid so left Toshiba service swap the keyboard.

    In many countries, there are several services and maybe one of them doesn't have some keyboard on stock, but I think they can order a new one and get it in a few days.

  • Where can I get a keyboard for Satellite P300 - 1 9 framework?

    Anyone know where I can get a keyboard for a P300 - 1 9 framework?
    I tried Ebay and searched the net but could not find one for a P300.
    Any help would be welcome.
    Thank you all.

    If you can't find it on ebay or googling autour only place where you can order what Toshiba service provider in your country.
    The guys there and ask if you can get a.

    IUT is always problematic to find these small plastic parts.

  • Need new keyboard for Satellite A500

    I have a PC laptop toshiba Satellite A500-025 and I had a bit of water splashed on keyboard and some keys are no longer works. I was going to replace the keyboard. Mine was purchased in the Canada and has a bilingual English/french keyboard.

    I was wondering if I can order a keyboard only English bilinguals are harder to find.
    Also if anyone can suggest a site to the order of which is reasonably priced.
    Thank you.

    Less expensive keyboard, you can find it on eBay. I ordered two English keyboards for Satellite P300 and L300.
    I paid 15 euros for a keyboard. It is not expensive.

  • Where to find the complete drivers for Windows 7 for Libretto U100

    Hi all

    Any body you will suggest where to find complete set drivers for my Toshiba Libretto 100 U for Windows 7.

    Thanks in advance.

    If this model of laptop is supported for Win7, the drivers will be available on the Toshiba download page.
    To be honest I don't think that this model is supported for Win7.


  • Keyboard for Satellite 1800 504

    I am looking for a keyboard to this old computer.

    Anyone know where I can buy this, or did someone has lost PC where I might be able to buy the keyboard?

    / Martin

    New keyboard use Google and search terms Satellite 1800 keyboard. You will find many online shops where you can order the new keyboard.

    Good way to find material for the old models of laptops is eBay. Check it out!

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