Where to find the old version of flashplayer.so for linux generic

I norally do a manual install of install_flash_player_11_linux.i386.tar.gz on generic linux 32 - bit build. I would test the previous 2 versions of the flashplayer.so' library.

I looked on http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/archived-flash-player-versions.html#Flash%20Player% 20archives , but I'm unclear what link on this page will lead me to the file linux.i386 flashplayer.so v11.1.

Is this used to be simple task when the links are available at download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/flashplatformruntimes/flashplayer11 an equivalent of that?


Download these two since the Flash Player archive page:

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  • NB100-11R - where to find the original version of BIOS?

    Hi all,

    after flashing the original default BIOS 1.10 at last 2.10 BIOS, my netbook have a big problems with ubuntu 9.10, the blocking and frezee, touchpad do not work on listening and with very low sensitivity setting. The pc is unusable!

    I have re-flash with 1.60 the old bios I found. and I put a new ubuntu 10.04! now the touchpad works fine but the pc has new small frezee... my work pc better than with the original bios?
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    Thank you.
    Best regards and I'm sorry for my bad English...

    Hi maxresti,

    Normally you can download the latest version of the BIOS. This means that you won't find any older versions on the Toshiba site.

    To get the old version, you should contact a service provider authorized in your country. Guys can reflash the old version in a few minutes.
    On the Toshiba site, you will find a list of them where they are.

    Good luck! :)

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    I'm sorry that you are not loving the new interface of Adobe Reader. However, it is designed to improve the experience with the new interface and features.

    You can visit the following link to download the previous version of the player.


    You can also report to our developers using this form of wish.

    Feature request/Bug Report Form


    Sukrit diallo

  • Portege R400 - where to find the old BIOS?

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    I inherited a R400 Prototype of one of our guys to laboratory here at the office and made the mistake of flashing the BIOS to 1.5 of Windows.
    Now, I get a black screen and a power indicator light flashes.
    The old BIOS was 0.6 and I can't seem to find one or even a version prior to 1.5 on the web.

    Anyone happen to have a pointer to the older versions? Maybe on an FTP server, so I can try to flash?

    Thank you



    Official website of Toshiba, you can download the latest version of the BIOS. In addition it of not possible to downgrade the BIOS.

    In any case, to downgrade the BIOS, you must contact an ASP. They can downgrade the BIOS with an earlier version if you wish.
    On the Toshiba site, you can search with ASP:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-online decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good bye

  • Satellite A110 - 178 PSABOE - where to find the old Bios

    I have upgraded the bios to version 2.00, but I have a lot of problem with this version (I have win xp and I installed the correct version, NOT VISTA);
    I think has a problem with the OS and I format the laptop, but finally the problem is the Bios!

    Then I Downgrade to 1.73 or 1.50, and where I can find?
    In the toshiba site, I can find only last bios version!

    Help please!


    You talk about problem BIOS what problem do you have exactly?

    PS: you will not be able to download the older version of BIOS only more recent updates to the BIOS are placed on the page of European disc of Toshiba, if you need a longer BIOS then I recommend you contact the ASP in your country!

    Good bye

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    Hi ollie,.

    Can you please tell us what phone you have?
    Normally, you can find the latest drivers if you are looking for the driver Toshiba download page for your model.

    An alternative, you can consult the WLAN Portal: http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/wlan/

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    WTF! Where MS is now the latest version?  Bing is useless on the site to download the MS software '-he claims that there is no such thing as GenuineCheck!

    When I google this error I see a lot of similar complaints.  Balmer must be retired...

    Any help will be appreciated

    You need to go back to the download page using Internet Explorer - MS currently managed to break the validation for all other browsers and methods.

  • where to download the old version of jdk?

    where can I download the older version jdk? Thank you!


  • How to find the latest version of material available for a virtual computer

    Hi, I have a problem to upgrade the hardware of the VMS version.

    My $vm = Vim::find_entity_view (view_type = > 'VirtualMachine', filter = > {'name' = > $vm_name});

    $vm-> UpgradeVM();

    Call to the UpgradeVM method I sometimes get an error saying: compatibility of the virtual machine is already up to date

    I can get the latest version of hardware verification $vm - > config-> version, but I don't know whether it is the latest version of material available. How can I find out who is the latest material available for a virtual machine before you upgrade?

    Thanks in advance.

    You can retrieve the list of configurations of operating systems, virtual material, supported, capabilities, etc. using the http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-51/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.wssdk.apiref.doc%2Fvim.EnvironmentBrowser.html EnvironmentalBrowser

    For the version of VTM, take a look at the QueryConfigOptionDescriptor() that returns a list of the ESXi hosts and VTM version, he takes in charge. Joint a screenshot using the vSphere MOB

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    I tried other forums as they say that the MSDN windows version 8 accepts the key OEM is true ths?

    A copy of the retail of Windows 8 (MSDN) will not activate on your CV, as retail versions are not recognized by the key embedded in the firmware of your machine. Your best option is to use the official manufacturers recovery media:




  • When released the new version of Mozilla Firefox for Linux.

    Whenever I open the browser, it continues to display the message that is earlier than the version of my browser.

    But I cant Update since its not released yet for Linux.

    Do not wait for the new Version to be published
    Other than that, the browser is fast and easy to use

    You seem to have the provided version of Firefox 35.0.1 Ubuntu

    You can get the update of Firefox 39.0 of in on your distribution package manager or you can get Firefox from www.mozilla.org or www.mozilla.org/firefox/all

    If you choose to mozilla.org , sure it is 64-bit as 32 bits will not run unless you have the appropriate packages.

    Mozilla does not updates for versions of others, including the packages provided by Linux distributions.


  • Satellite A105 - where to find the new version of the BIOS?



    On the Web sites recommended by feliks, I found many units A105.
    So I think you should check your laptop model exactly because the incorrect BIOS may damage the motherboard.
    So be careful. I'm talking about my personal experience. Bad BIOS can do a lot of trouble.

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    Thank you

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