Where to find the Toshiba battery Exchange program?


I read today that Toshiba Expands its battery swap program, but I can't find anything on the homepage.
Can someone give me more information?

Thank you



I also read on this request and found this FAQ from Toshiba page very useful.

Because of some potential of loading or unloading of the problems with some batteries, Toshiba offers this application to download and check the battery.

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  • Where to find the Toshiba win 8 programs for Satellite L750D / L755D series

    My son was using my computer and has somehow deleted all TOSHIBA programs that are preinstalled on the computer.

    I'm not completely computer savvy and seem unable to download them for re - install.

    Could someone give me please help with this.

    I would be very grateful.



    All tools specific to Toshiba and utilities can be downloaded from the Toshiba download page.
    Post it please the exact model number and model name so that we can send you a download link.

  • Satellite Pro M30: Where to find the new battery


    I think I need a new battery for my Satellite Pro M30. When the battery is fully charged, it will be only for a few minutes. The light comes on when connected to AC so I know that it charges.

    I guess my battery died (I had the computer for almost three years now) and I need to get a new battery. Problem is, I don't know where to find it. The Toshiba homepage doesn't seem to provide.

    Is anyoine knows what to do?



    Your suggestion is right! This really looks like a dead battery and replacement is necessary.
    So, you know the details of the battery?
    Usually, batteries compatible and taken in charge are listed on the Toshiba site Options & accessories.

    I found this site on the European site of Toshiba:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-> product-> Options & accessories
    Here, you can choose your laptop model and you will get a list of compatible parts

    Oh compatible parts you can order the ASP in your country.

  • Equium A60-157 PSA67E: where to find the Toshiba common module

    Slowly work his problems but can someone tell me what is the "Toshiba common module" as one of the programs will not because he can't find it.

    Also the Intervideo windvd v5.0b11.288 - srs has been modified to Toshiba systems and it's around anywhere?

    Thank you very much David


    I checked the Equium A60 driver download area and there is no common module for download.
    In General, the common Module is a tool for Win XP that is required for the execution of other tools of Toshiba correctly.

    I guess that common Modules are not necessary for this model of laptop.

    With regard to the windvd: WinDVD can be downloaded from the Toshiba page, because it is not a tool of Toshiba and this tool has been a part of the recovery disk

  • Where to find the replacement battery for Camileo S20

    In the specifications for the Camileo S20, it indicates that the battery is a BL - 5 c.
    Adequate battery for the S20 is the PX1685E-1BRS.

    This is different from the BL - 5 c as the terminals are compensated and does not connect.

    We know a source of PX1685E-1BRS? I tried a number of Toshiba dealers without result.

    Thank you


    All compatible parts can be ordered from a partner service authorized in your country.
    If a party would be not in stock the ASP should be able to order it directly from Toshiba!

    Please get in touch with the guy and I'm sure they could command the compatible battery!

    Welcome them

  • Where to find the Toshiba Satelltie P10-554 on power management

    Hi there yesterday I work at the Satelite of mit girlfriend. I want to change the settings of powermanagment but the Windowssoftware gives me the answer sorry toshiba powermanagment software controls all of this works. After 30 min search I can't find any power management software.

    So I need HELLP to finde the download of wright. My Grilfriend send mit depending on a model No. Since his laptop: Satellite P10 554.

    On the Support and download section, I can't find help this model thanks


    It seems you re confused and I put t know why you are looking for 30 min for this application

    The operating system will automatically load the energy saver and you can find it in the taskbar or / and in the control panel.
    However, this energy saver is a tool of Toshiba and it controls the functions of different power.

    Why you n t check user manual before asking for simple things?
    In this manual, you will find the many information on service public electricity-saving.

    PS: Usually the saving of energy and other drivers and utilities you can download from the Toshiba driver page

  • Satellite A660 - 11 M - where to find the Toshiba wallpaper?

    Hi guys...

    Any body know how I can come back 4 Toshiba original wallpaper or themes...
    I had it before on the laptop then I format the windows there are with and I lost now all the Toshiba leading innovation wallpaper

    So please help Experts me to get again or send it to me on my email & thank you.


    > had before on the laptop then I format the as there are with
    Have you used the Toshiba recovery in Windows format disk?

    Wallpapers and themes are included in the Toshiba Recovery disk or pre-installed version of Windows.

  • Where to find the Toshiba Portege R200 for recovery disk

    I have a R200 laptop, but I have not one my restore cd. where is the download it? Help me.

    If you are a lucky man, you could get the EPA recovery disc in your country, but in very rare cases the recovery disc may be pronounced if the series laptop is too old.

  • Where do you find the Toshiba Vestel firmware update?

    Where do you find the (vestel) toshiba updates firmware of?

    They used to be the site of tech with the manuals, but they're all gone


    Here you will find the Toshiba Entertainment Support page:

    and here you can download the Firmware for Blueray players and combo LCD TVs

  • Satellite L350 - where to find the latest driver for graphics card?

    I have a Satellite L350.
    I installed a game (EVE online) and it works as it should; However when I use alt - tab, the game crashes.
    It is not supposed to do this, and on the other PC it does not crash.

    I contacted the technical support for the game itself, and after reading my dxdiag, they concluded that it was because my drivers are up to date.

    They said specifically the graphics and audio drivers are the cause of the problem.
    I have a Mobile Intel (r) 4 series express chipset family graphics card, and the driver is dated 06/12/2008.
    my sound card is realtek audio and is dated 11/02/2006.
    I tried to update the graphics card on the site of intel, but the program tells me the installation was not validated for this computer and I had to contact the manufacturer.

    Anyone know where to find the updates compatible with computers laptop toshiba?

    Yours sincerely,

    Hello trouble

    Please remember you have laptop and not of office. What you have done is just and it will help with the office, but on laptops, the situation is very different.
    Graphics card is suitable for the use of the laptop by Toshiba and downloaded driver from the manufacturer of the graphics card can not be installed.

    As you know probably common problem with laptops is heat and temperature of the material must be controlled. Graphics card too high temperature can ends with overheating and book cut or damage the equipment. Toshiba laptop to protect material must ensure on the pilots and don t allow to run on the limit.

    I must also say that your laptop is not game machine.

  • Tecra R850-146 - where to find the interview guide?

    Hello :-),

    do you know where to find the interview of the TECRA R850-146 guide... If there is. Thanks in advance :-)

    Unfortunately, maintenance manuals are available for only authorized Toshiba service providers.

  • Re: Satellite Pro L40-135 (PSL43E) where to find the audio driver XP

    1. I had downgraged Vista to XP.
    Does anyone know where to find the audio driver for this model?
    Different is no driver package for this sub-modell (135)

    2. What is with the update of BIOS for PSL43E compatybile with installing XP


    It seems that XP for the Pro series don t L40 PSL43E drivers exist on the Toshiba page at this time. I have found that the BIOS!
    So what to do? : |

    Either you will wait until pilots which will be released in the next time you go try some drivers since the 3rr example sites page of Intel.

    Integrated sound card should support the chip Intel High Definition Audio (Azalia) ADI AD1986A.
    Maybe this might help a little.

    With regard to the BIOS; Well, the BIOS 5.10Win was published on the page of Toshiba and it s a XP BIOS version. This BIOS is necessary if you want to use the MS XP OS on this Vista laptop.

    Good bye

  • NB100-11R - where to find the original version of BIOS?

    Hi all,

    after flashing the original default BIOS 1.10 at last 2.10 BIOS, my netbook have a big problems with ubuntu 9.10, the blocking and frezee, touchpad do not work on listening and with very low sensitivity setting. The pc is unusable!

    I have re-flash with 1.60 the old bios I found. and I put a new ubuntu 10.04! now the touchpad works fine but the pc has new small frezee... my work pc better than with the original bios?
    Where to find the original bios? I hope that the version 1.10...

    Thank you.
    Best regards and I'm sorry for my bad English...

    Hi maxresti,

    Normally you can download the latest version of the BIOS. This means that you won't find any older versions on the Toshiba site.

    To get the old version, you should contact a service provider authorized in your country. Guys can reflash the old version in a few minutes.
    On the Toshiba site, you will find a list of them where they are.

    Good luck! :)

  • Satellite L500-1DT - where to find the audio driver?

    Just reformat the laptop, went from windows 7 64 bit for windows 7 32 bit. Reformatted the disk that came with the laptop. I have no sound at all, the sound worked perfectly before and it keeps saying that I have no sound card. I tried to install the audio drivers but I can't find the right on the site with my model.

    I have a satellite L500-1DT with model PSLSOE.

    Tried to install the drivers available and I just get an application error after installation

    no idea how to fix it or where to find the correct drivers?

    Thank you

    Hey Buddy,

    To be honest I n don't know what problems you have with the driver audio but that's in the right place for all drivers:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads > download drivers
    Laptop > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L500 > PSLS0E

    But before installing the latest version, remove the current version first and clean the registry with CCleaner

    Check this box!

  • Satellite L300D - 243 PSLC8E where to find the Service or manuals maintenance

    Hi all

    Please can someone tell me where I can find the Toshiba L300D-243-PSLC8E-068013EN service or maintenance manual.
    I need to disassemble and replace the DC-In connection for a laptop of friends...

    Best regards

    The f


    You won't find such manuals on Toshiba page because these manuals are created only for the technicians of Toshiba ASP.
    You might find some other details on pages like www.irisvista.com/tech/ or similar.

    Good luck

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