Which display driver used with Portege 7200?

I bought the Portege 7200 series machine and I have a huge problem with the display driver. According to the books of Toshiba, I should use Trident CyberBlade e4 - 128 pilot 3D. I have d/load (Win 98 SE) from two different versions of two different websites (display-win9x - 650554022icd.zip) and no joy. Can install it. Tried with Win 2000 and no joy either.





Turn off your laptop around to find a label. There is the exact number of prodcuct and name!

Please report it on the forum.

What w98 version do you use? Win98 or win98SE?

Is the operating system version of Toshiba OEM recovery?

Goodbye Tom

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  • Re: Need technical information about the CD/DVD with Portege 7200 series writer

    just to clarify my last post should have read: CD and DVD rw burner compatible with the laptop above.

    all the best john.

    The Portege 7200 cannot be upgraded with a CD/DVD burner (drive).
    You can buy a dock like [this one | 5QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.ca/Slim-TOSHIBA-Portege-7200-Dockstation-Built-in-DVD-CDRW_W0QQitemZ170200420841QQihZ007QQcategoryZ14008] which provides a feature of CD/DVD drive!

    I m not 100% sure if this docking station can be improved with a CD/DVD burner, but you can try to contact the ASP in your country for details.
    Guys might provide information whether or not this player is available!

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    I have a widescreen 18.5 on there now and that you would go up to 20 or 22 inch widescreen.

    As far as I know that there is no limitation. You can use what you want.
    The only thing that may be problematic is the resolution of the screen.

    At the docking port DVI?

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  • Tecra A2 - Display driver compatible with Windows 7?

    Hi all
    I've recently updated my Tecra A2 to Windows 7 (obviously without checking compatibility). It is working very well, but I can't find a driver (if it exists) for my graphics card. I've exhausted all over support of Toshiba and the forums pages, and I feel like the only solution is to buy a new card.

    Can anyone help?

    See you soon


    I m asking you to install Windows 7 on older Tecra A2. Are not satisfied with the operating system preinstalled?

    Normally, you can get all the drivers on the Toshiba page. I checked and I can't find a driver for Windows 7 or Vista (most Vista drivers are also work on Windows 7). What can you do now? That's strange but as I know the Tecra A2 is equipped with an Intel card and you should check the Intel website for a pilot. Normally it should good one.
    Check it!

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  • Application of Portege R600-10 t display driver update


    I'm looking for the latest display driver for my Portege R600-10 t (to see if she would be [email protected] the value).
    Went to the corresponding page on the uk.computers.toshiba - Europe.com, and it showed the following:

    30/06/09 | Display driver | Intel | Windows Vista 32 bit | | World Wide

    When I checked the complete info, he showed the following:

    FTP - URL _display - 20081117151809.zip_
    Date of last change * 30/06/09 *.
    Intel Corporation
    Type display driver
    Subtype (none)
    Size (KB) 19568
    Version * *.
    Universal language
    Countries world wide
    Description this driver improves the functionality of display device and allows you to perform different settings, such as color management, monitor properties or control of overlay. You can also get help if you have related troubleshooting display issues.
    Portege R600, Portege A600 model
    Windows Vista 32 bit operating system

    When I download the file, it is called _display - 20081117151809.zip_
    When I install it, it's the version * * whose date of * 07/11/2008 *.

    I'm sure I chose the right OS, and I tried several different ways to get the downloadable file, including letting my automatic detection system. Same result.

    I don't know if I am missing something... ? Where is the of the display driver version?

    Thank you

    Post edited by: kiden

    PS - I was already on v7.15.10.1527


    Average was last modified time when this package has been uploaded to the database server. Therefore, there is another date.

    By the way: the last pilot, you will find on the page of Intel.
    I have a laptop with Intel GPU and I use the driver from the Intel page.

    By the way: the resolution of the screen depends on the graphics chip and internal screen.
    If the display does not support preferred resolution for you, then you will not be able to select this

  • Satellite L750D-15E AMD Display driver

    Hey :)

    I have laptop Satellite L750D-15F (a6 - 3400 m AMD APU with Radeon HD 6520 G image) with win7 64 bit.

    The last update for the display driver AMD for my computer is 2012:
    There are many more updates of drivers and there are many new video games that require the updated drivers.
    Is there a way to get more updated drivers?
    When I try to use auto driver AMD detect (when you try to download the driver that was detected), it shows me an error that the version of my graphics card is not supported.
    I've also updated the bios to version 2.10 to see if maybe that solved the problem but it didn't.
    is my video BIOS Date 10/05/11.

    Help, please


    Display driver for mobile units is quite limited and the laptop manufacturers do not offer the updates very often. Problem is that the performance of equipment, performance of the graphics card in particular, must be controlled and it is controlled by the display driver.
    With the new graphics driver will offer more performance, but with more performance GPU will produce much more heat and it can be very dangerous for mobile machines of al.

    Cooling system for notebook computers is optimized for certain hardware platform, and if the material can be cooled correctly the result may be overheating or hardware damage. Which is the reason why you can not install these non support drivers. Toshiba will not be responsible if you use a third driver of the part and later come to the service with damaged graphics card.

    I know it's a bit boring and all of us want to have the right machine to high performance, but that's the problem with laptops in general.

    To be honest, these L models with AMD platform are portable vouchers but not a few machines games so I don't think you can do much.

    Update the BIOS of course has nothing to do with all this.

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    With a little luck, we will have a solution or the solution in place until the updated drivers are provided by default in the operating system, install on these devices.

    Thank you


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  • Portege 7200: Where can I get the display driver for Win2000?

    Under display/properties, the type of adapter shows VGA adapter and the max resolution I can get is 800 x 600, which do not use the max screen size. What is the graphics card in the Portege 7200 and where can I get the display drivers for Windows 2000?

    Go to the support home page > download > in the drop down menus select laptop and your model > display driver

  • Vista on Portege M200 - some problems with nVidia display driver


    I recently decided to update and perform a clean installation of Windows Vista on my Portege M200, now that Toshiba have released official drivers for this machine.

    Everything works fine, EXCEPT the nVidia display driver. I have the following questions with the driver Toshiba provides for this machine (97.52 version):

    (1) when the screen turns off to save power, the backlight does NOT turn off. Screen turns off but the backlight will stay lit.
    (2) for the recovery of the standby mode, the backlight is OFF. You must use the shortcuts Fn-F6/F7 to change the backlight level manually, that will bring him back.
    (3) external monitor does not work (with command Fn + F5 or nVidia control panel). External display is always blank.
    (3) video playback in WMP is very chopped (a secondary concern for me).

    Is there a chance that Toshiba could finally get a updated driver that would set out the? That would really make this machine fully functional in Vista.

    Thanks in advance for any help or information.

    Null value


    > Are there opportunities that Toshiba could finally get out an updated driver?
    I noticed that from time to time new updates of pilot (any series of notebook) are released on the European driver Toshiba page and, therefore, I m optimistic that new updates are available

    But note; usually, various problems can be resolved by installing some patches MS Vista and missing patches.
    Then visit this [MS update website | http://www.update.microsoft.com/microsoftupdate/v6/default.aspx?ln=en-us] and check if all the patches are installed.

    Best regards

  • How to install the driver display portege 7200


    I downloaded the display driver for 7200 RPM, and when I click on the exe file it creates lots of files. Now I'm not sure where to move these files to install the display driver. I use windows 2000.

    Thanks in advance,


    Extract the directory you can create on any location, and from there you can install the display driver.

Maybe you are looking for

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