which file in DAQmx replace zadvd.llb?

I have installed here DAQmx

but I have a program here that use the zadvd.llb

and I know that this law comes from the Tradicional DAQ

I want to know if have a few new llb replace that one with DAQMX?

Thank you

This article provides information about the transition from the traditional DAQ to DAQmx:

Transition of NOR-DAQ traditional to NOR-DAQmx in LabVIEW

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    Free Ccleaner to analyze the registry and files for invalid entires to remove. I use this tool semi-regular even with no virus attack, keeps a tidy machine.

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    As you mentioned that you replaced the file maintained by the old file and no, you have two old files. It is not possible to get the update file now.

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    You downloaded firefox from the official site. Sometimes the software gets supplied with malware or adware, as in your case.
    In some cases, I recommend uninstalling (your software also mentioned), FF data directory deleting and then reinstalling FF of mozilla.org

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    Q: How can I get what's going on?

    or how to do that with applescript?


    In an Automator workflow, you can use this script in "run AppleScript" action.


    on track {, parameters} - script for Automator

    -create an archive in the parent folder, it uses the name of the folder, it overwrites one archive existing and returns the path of the archive

    return fileZipper (item 1 of the entry) - entry is a list and it contains the path of the folder

    end of race

    on fileZipper (thisItem)

    tPath thisItem text value

    If tPath ends by ":" and then

    the value text delimiters oTid point

    the value point text delimiters {"": "}

    tPath the text value 1 through the text element - tPath 2

    the point text delimiters oTid value

    end if

    zip (tPath & ".zip") the value as a text file

    shell script "/ usr/bin/Ditto - c k - rsrc - keepParent" & (quoted in the form of tPath POSIX path) & "" & quoted form of POSIX zipFile path ".

    return the zip as an alias file

    end fileZipper


    This script create a new archive or overwrite an archive existing with the same name as the folder.

    The destination is the parent of the selected folder.

    If you want to move this archive to a specific folder, add "move Finder items" action after the action "Run the AppleScript.

  • Error file open/create/replace FPGA

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    I'm having a problem where, when I try to use reading worksheet VI in my RT Host Application, it returns error code 7 (can't find a file or folder does not exist) when it calls the function of file open/create/replace. The feature works very well when used in a standalone VI that is not part of the FPGA project and I made sure that my path is correct, but for some reason, it does not work in my FPGA application. I have placed sensors and ensured that the correct path to the file is linked to the input function but the error persists. The refnum output file returns 0, not "not A Refnum". Does anyone have an idea on why I get this error or if I'm the only one? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    I suggest following the link below and follow the steps:


    I hope that the above information is useful!

  • In the file open/create/replace bug

    I found this problem in LabVIEW 2009. The Boolean indicator doesn't seem to work properly in the first snippet. It returns TRUE even with a valid path. With some trial and error, I found a work around that will work correctly at the moment. I just wire an Out error after the file open/create/replace (excerpt of a second). Is this a bug? I'm doing something wrong?

    I had a lot of code that uses it to test to search for existing files, and then the output of wire to a statement box. I know there's also a check if the folder/file available Exists.vi. I wouldn't spend a lot of time to change all my code if there is a known bug and it will be corrected in the next update. If this isn't a bug to know, where can I submit it?

    This isn't a bug. You have the race condition between the indicator and close REF.

    Use it in this way:


  • How Windows to determine which file to run with some command line commands?

    I had someone ask me an interesting question, and I really didn't have a good answer for them.  We were talking about the command prompt.  I showed them how they could start some programs simply by typing a command at the command prompt.  Their question is how is it, some files require a full path to start?  Also how the Windows does not know which file to run when the 'explorer' simple as orders are entered?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi, Deedubbadoo,

    Their question is how is it, some files require a full path to start?

    You can have some files in the same directory that share the same file name but have different extensions. For example, you might have a file named compta.com can launch an accounting program and another called Accnt connects your system to the accounting system network.

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    Fragmented files are not bad! At worst, need another millisecond or two for the system read this file.  If the file is rarely or never accessed, so there no performance impact at all.  When you delete files from your machine, fragmentation does not fall within the decision-making process. If you don't remove them if they are not fragmented, then you should not remove them, period.  If you mind really that a file is fragmented after you run a standard defragmentation, there are programs out there as freeware "Contig" that defragment almost anything.

    Contig: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897428>


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    You can use File Undelete tools to see which files are recoverable without actually restoring courses.

    Recuva - free

    Recuva Forums - excellent help here

    Check the trash.

    I hope this helps. Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

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    In the backup on a DVD, the files are saved? They are system files, personal files created by the user, or both? Furthermore, how can you see which files have been backed up from the DVD?

    Open backup and restore, you will see: backup files, click it and it will show you what files you can back up.

    Don't worry you can press Cancel.

    See also: backup your computer, this backup everything on your computer.

    Backup the computer may take a lot of DVD or CD so you need to use an external drive or second if you have a.

    Open Help and Support, and then type backup and restore, there is a lot of info here on the subject.

  • Hi, manually remove some files in WINSXS, which files are safe to remove?

    Hi, manually remove some files in WINSXS, which files are safe to remove?

    No, really.


  • How can I find which files are missing in my video so that I can burn it to a DVD? Help!

    have made a video for my friends moving away party (his tmrw night, I need this burned on a DVD as soon as POSSIBLE!) So the film has mainly pictures, with a few songs mp3 in the background and some wmv files. OK, everything works correctly in Windows Movie Maker, and as soon as I click "publish on a DVD" I get a box saying that it saves and will be reopened in Windows DVD maker. This isn't so. Create DVD opens, I can't open my project, not to mention burn my DVD. I get a msg saying that he cannot locate one or more of my files... Help! How to determine WHICH files are missing so I can get this company to burning? I need this burned as soon as POSSIBLE, please help me!

    Are 'all' the original files that you have included in your project
    saved on your hard drive? This is important because
    Movie Maker does not archive copies of the files... it
    just saves the path to the original location. If these
    the files are no longer available Movie Maker cannot find

Maybe you are looking for

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