White background - no Photos of Photo - Bug?

Hi, as you can see below I meet this weird bug in Photos app on my Mac OS X El Capitan.

Some of my old photo in my collection appear like this (even if they are present in my iPad and my 2 iPhone). What is going on?

How can I solve this?

Thank you


Using iCloud photo library on all your devices?

If so, has the last sync and upload finished?  If you open the Photos > Preferences > iCloud on your Mac, you still see a progress bar, or should I say "updated earlier?"

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    engle catalog  July 31 201568295.jpgI'm making a picture of the product of a product of pale whitish color on a white background without sewing (quite complex detail).  I need to make the background transparent for the web and the production of catalogs, I've always used the pen tool to create a clipping path.  Is there an easier way?

    According to the image that you have to work with, you could try an initial with the Quick Selection tool and refine edges.  Save the new output layer with layer mask.


    Nancy O.

  • Issue - separate from white background symbol, but now it has bits to the left. How to clean?

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    Thank you


    Thank you very much. I was so frustrated.


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    Although it seems to be a white border when you first fill the snip, after saving it shouldn't be present more.

    If the border remains you can remove by using the crop tool on a photo editing programs such as integrated Windows Paint program.

  • Cropping of the Photo on white background

    I take several pictures of the product. I would like to have the same pure white uniform background for ALL the photos. How to create a pure white background that I am able to cut my product and stick on a white model?

    S salvation.

    Well, sketch by default, a kind background white so what I do when I want a specific color is to bring a nuance as a layer in the Image:

    1. I usually do a Google search for the color I want and put the sample in the creative Cloud Files folder on my desktop. (If you are working on your device you can also save the color chart for your Photos).

    2. When you open a new work of sketch plan, you will see a layer draw in front of Toolbox.

    3. tap on the + just above him to open a dropdown menu with the choice of the drawing layer and Image layer.

    4. tap on the Image layer

    5. next, choose where you want to import the image (if it is in your photos choose on my iPad; if it has in your CC folder choose CC my files.)

    6. press on hold - drag this layer to bring it to the bottom of your layer stack.

    Once the sketch has a fill tool (we are working on that). It will be easier to change the background color. In fact, we also work to make it easier to change the background color of too.

    Let me know if you have trouble.


  • Print photos with a white background in indesign to

    I have been searching for an answer to this simple question on the web, but couldn't find an answer. Help would be appreciated.

    I designed a page in indesign CS5 for publication in a magazine. I have a photo with a white background. The picture is a photoshop image. I put it in indesign as a psd.

    On the screen, the white background merges with the indesign default color of white paper. No problem.

    I wonder if I have to worry when the page will be published in the magazine: if not perfectly white, the color of the magazines pages will show the edges of the images in the magazine? What I have to work in photoshop to make the background of my photo transparent so that the edges of the image do not appear?

    On the screen: no problem

    Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.21.58 AM.png

    On paper:

    I'm afraid that the page will look like this with the edges of the photo showing if the paper is not perfectly white. Here, I changed the color of the paper in indesign in gray (color on the left). You can see the edge of the image with a white background:

    Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.25.29 AM.png

    Cheers, Remi

    White is the absence of color and, consequently, ink. Make sure the background is perfectly white and you should have no problem because nothing will be printed.

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    How to take a black and white photo and transform the white background to a color of my choice? I know that I can change the foreground (black) with monotonous, but I want to change the white (inversion of the image would just reverse the problem, is no help). The text is too complex to mask or fill little by little. There must be a simple way to convert another color to white, but I am at a loss. I'd be happy to include a file if someone is willing to hold my hand through the process.

    Layer > new adjustment layer > gradient map. Click on the black and white gradient in this dialog box. Another gradient dialog box appears. Click on the slider on the left, at the bottom, which is color (that of the top is transparent). In the field of color below, click the black swatch. Select the color you need. Repeat for the right cursor down.

  • How to make a white sticker in Photos?

    How to make a white sticker in Photos?

    The strength of the tile has a negative value. Then the tile will turn into a White halo instead of a dark vignette.

    With an elasticity of-1,00:

  • Why Photoshop CS5 print in black and white when the photo is in color?

    Why Photoshop CS5 print in black and white when the photo is in color?   This has just begun.

    @ !

    Please save your Presets and Photoshop settings (if any). See how Photoshop like a Pro backup settings: at the Pro Photo Show

    Reset then Photoshop Preferences.Follow the steps mentioned in the thread FAQ: how to reset my preferences?

    Kind regards


  • get rid of the bright white background on web pages

    I need to change the background color behind the text other than bright white to reduce eye fatigue, I have am experiencing. While I can change the color in Windows 7, when I'm online web pages always have this white background, and for older eyes, this is a problem.

    non-strabisme is better colours then customized Firefox, but it still a few buttons (hidden in the background color that can be read by hovering by balloons), it also lacks disabled photos on Facebook albums (see single color background instead of the photo, for a few Tags pictures it shows dark square what part of picture boxes in the label box).

  • Hello :) I'm new to illustrator, I am trying to create a picture of coverage of facebook, when I save it in JPEG OR PNG format, it is show a white background behind my project, how can I remove it?

    Hello I'm new to illustrator, I'm trying to create a picture of coverage of facebook, when I save it in JPEG OR PNG format, it is show a white background behind my project, how can I remove it? Thank you Erin


    With PNG (preferably PNG24), you can check transparency and get rid of the background.

    The clear format of artwork no photo would be PNG24. It is important to create the exact size that it should be used, or it will be blurred. You can create it at this size, using points/pixel as the unit and save for Web. You can check the size of the window the size of the Image where you can also check Art Optimized.

    I fear, however, you may be out of luck: maybe the format will be changed to JPEG, and size will also change by Facebook software.

  • Can you take on a white background in a logo image?

    Can you take on white background in a logo image in Lightroom to add/insert on a photo?

    Hi taras,

    LIghtroom is not able to do this kind of pixel level editing. You will need Photoshop for this.


  • Help, launches an online store. I need pictures of my products to independent, no background or a white background.   I don't know where to start!


    I run an online store for a local company and I need photos of the product to display only the product, no background or a white background.  I have no experience with Photoshop and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

    Very appreciated


    Hi, Jeff.  What version of Photoshop are you using?  If CC, you will find exactly what you're asking here:

    Learn Photoshop CC | Adobe TV

    Watch 'Remove a person from the background with masking', but there are other tutorials that will describe the process for you.

    [EDIT]  I should have mentioned that want to save with a transparent background, then after removing the BG, save as a GIFF or PNG.  Note you will need to see the grid located behind the object and non-white, to do this.

  • Change the white background? Am I asking too much?


    I have a client where we shot more than 600 images on pink backgrounds; the client loves and however wants to keep this format, they have now been asked if it is possible to have white backgrounds, for use on ebay etc.  The problem is that the background is, as you can see not a constant plate, colour, as we used a halo of light to create separation and in addition it is very close to the skin tones, so traditional selection methods either do not work or are extremely laborious, unless I'm missing something... fingers crossed!

    My question is, this is easily achievable with the existing images and how?  Or am that I better tell the customer it takes re-shoot on a white background?

    I have attached lo_res samples, please note there are also blonde and redhead models.


    I had a go at the first image and took about five to ten minutes, but it didn't fix skin tones that will be affected by all this flying around your studio light pink.  But the second image looks more challenging and 600 images to deal with...

    You can see how pink skin tones are against white.  The translucent clothing and reflective black shoes, are fixed quite easily by taking all the Red of the image with a layer masked H/s, but get these skin tones on room for 600 photos... Well I would not work.

  • Real white background

    Hoping a PSE guru can help out me. In the attached picture, I am trying to achieve a real white background to post-secondary studies. I put a real white box in the picture appears the gray background, which is located in the original shot. (I understand that it would be better if I could achieve true white with the camera in the original photo, but this seems to be the best I can do with the camera. I set the white balance and over-exposed as I could without washing on the subject. Still a gray background).

    The problem I have is that each tool PSE that I use to try to adjust the background image washes out the hairs of the grain. Ideally, I would like to be able to create a perfect mask so that I can kockout just the background. In this way, I can adjust the tones of the subject without affecting the surrounding area.

    Someone at - it advice?

    Thank you.


    I came with a luminance mask. You may be able to do better with a higher resolution image file.

    1. Copy the image to the Clipboard (select >, then edit > copy)
    2. Add a levels adjustment layer
    3. ALT + left click on the mask of the adjustment layer to display the mask in the edit box
    4. Paste (Edition > paste) the image in the editing area. It will come as an image in grayscale (luminance mask)
    5. Go to menu Enhance > adjust lighting > levels to open the levels for the luminance mask settings. Move the sliders to the pixels you want affected become white and the other black pixels (or as close as you can get).
    6. Click on the layer of the image to display the full color image in the editing area
    7. Return the layer with the sliders and levels adjustment, adjust the brightest pixels again.
    8. This technique has left some grey spots.
    9. Open an empty layer above, press CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + E to make a visible layer of timbre (it includes all the underlying layers)
    10. Open another layer of vacuum upstairs and paint stains with a white brush.

    Note: Step #2 refers to the levels adjustment layer. Step #5 refers to adjustments of levels not on a separate layer.

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