White lines now appear on photos scanned after many analyses of the quality. Problem?

Scanner large Format - Windows Vista - HP Officejet 7500 did good job with a lot of pictures but now 3 or 4 white lines appear in each of them.  Ideas?


It may be a small amount of residue on the glass and needs to be cleaned. Check the steps in the document found here to solve the problems of quality of scan.

Let me know how it goes.

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    Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.38.34 AM.png


    You can try to switch between GPU and CPU by pressing Ctrl / Cmd + E, or you try disabling GPU performance by clicking on the icon of the rocket in the bar of the App, or on the top of the menu bar, deselect the box Performance GPU. You may also uncheck performance GPU in your preferences.

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    Sorry, but we cannot see you then you will need to provide us with information - not only an abstract problem

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  • a white line has appeared in the middle of my screen of pavilion dv6.

    is it a hardware fault & is likely to be covered by the warranty? I had the computer since November

    shawmaggie wrote:
    Hi, thanks for the response. The line is not replicated on the TV screen. The product number is LS247EA #ABU, 5CH12613QM series dv6-6154ea name

    Thanks for the identification of the product.

    Ok.  Now we know with certainty. Your solution system of Board of Directors and the graphics are ok.

    Your display set must be replaced.

    Contact HP Total Care and get the warranty service for your laptop.

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    When I'm adding white text it does not appear as the background entrance sign is white, and I keep having to go in Live view mode to see the spacing of paragraph etc. Is there a way around this, other than to change the color of the text in CSS, for example, black and then to change it before I download page?

    What happens to your users if your background image does not load?  You know that some people turn off background images in their devices.  For this reason, the W3C recommends that you use in your CSS code.


    Background: url (your_BG_image.jpg) #000;


    Other options:

    • Turn off rendering Style.  In CS6, it's under view > Style made > uncheck display Styles.
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      Using Dreamweaver | Use design-TIME style sheets
    • You can temporarily change the background color to the darkness when editing and then change back before you upload.

    Nancy O.

  • Is it possible to scale of the Illustrator files in After Effects and maintain the quality of vector?

    I imported an Illustrator file in my project After Effects and scaling of the file have 200%, but noticed it's pixelated.  Is there a way to keep the vector file based within After Effects.

    Note: I tried to use the "create forms of vector layer" and all paths will be displayed, but the background and outline colors disappear?

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    I use CS6 creative cloud on a Windows 8 with 16 GB of ram

    Thank you


    Of course: select rasterize the layer switch continuously.  Looks a bit Sun with the Sun said on this subject.  If your layer is truly vector - not only a bitmap passed Illustrator - the edges will look great.

  • mystery, white line appears on the web model

    Hey there,

    I just started to customize a catalyst for business model. I put in an image background, but for some reason, that a mysterious white line horizontally appears Mid-page, and I can't understand what is the cause. Is there someone who could tell me what is the problem? I have a feeling it's a CSS problem.


    I appreciate any help I can get!

    Thank you

    I have

    You have a range with background-color: #ffffff; as a style inline, just after the section with the content of the class.

    This is however packaging other html elements. It's invalid markup because it is not a block level element. What do a div instead (ensuring the closing tag is also a div also)

  • There is a white line appearing on any new object I.


    For some reason, this white line appears on every object I create. I can't find a way to get rid of it. There is nothing unusual in the appearance of the window and the line is not affected by the change of colors or even to make the dotted line. It's also weird because the line appears above all. In the image as an attachment, the small gray square is located on the gray circle, but the white line of the circle is always visible. I restarted Illustrator and he was always there, but when I open another folder, the question was not present, so I guess there is a problem of setting... Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

    white outline issue.jpg

    Look at the Panel "appearance." It seems to be an appearance that is assigned to the layer 'Stars '. I guess it's a white line.

    Let's see if I can use the word "Appearance" once more in this post.

  • Want K204TX: HP wants to show me a white line on a white background

    Since I got this laptop, everything I've had there are problems, and HP has never been able to solve a simple problem. It's as if the guarantee is completely meaningless. They failed even to replace defective parts, and still less replace the entire notebook.

    I had problems with the hard drive and I was told that we cannot solve this problem, since it is a problem with every cell phone envy.

    I had a problem where dust accumulates inside the screen (between the screen and the external glass cover), and I was told that I have to send the phone to the service center (even if I have one "on-site, in-home service warranty" for 3 effing years).

    This time, an HP tech even told me 'computers LAPTOPS ENVY do not SUPPORT VLC PLAYER, YOU have TO PLAY MEDIA USING WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER ALONE'.

    NOW, I have a white line that appears in the upper corner of the screen, and HP said that I need to take a picture of the problem in the BIOS. The BIOS itself has a white background. How can I click on a picture of a white line on a white background? If I write in white ink on white paper, someone can he read? I explained that precisely and said "since the issue is not present in the BIOS, please check if it can be covered by the warranty. WELL, THE QUESTION IS NOT IN THE BIOS, IT IS JUST THAT IT CANNOT BE CONSIDERED AS IT IS WHITE ON WHITE, AND YOU WANT TO ENJOY IT AND NOT REPLACE MY LCD? The problem is present in linux live what USB sticks as well! All you need to reproduce is a DARK BACKGROUND.

    It's ridiculous, it's like HP does everything he can to its customers. "Show me a white line on a white background. If you can not, we will not honor warranty.

    Can a moderator (used HP) please look into it? At this point, I would like to exchange the system. I'm done with this computer. The problems are what I had with her, and HP has done nothing, does not replace a unique piece in the computer.

    They know that I need the computer, and so as a last resort, they ask me to return the computer to the service center.

    If I drop the computer to the Service Center, then what is the point of a 'guarantee on-site? This is blatant "advertising."


    I brought your question to the attention of a team within HP. They are likely to ask for information from you to get your information or product serial number. Please search for a private message from a contact HP identified. Also, remember not to publicly post information and series numbers.

    If you are unfamiliar with the operation of the function of private messages of the Forum, this post has instructions.

    Thank you.

  • Unexplained white lines in formats EPS and HAVE

    Thanks for taking a peek. I'm at my limit with this one.

    I have a book in InDesign CS4 with overall imported EPS pictures. The EPS files created with Illustrator CS1/CS4 (we have updated recently - ago, big jump!). When you test the exported PDF book we noticed that several images have what seems to be random white lines framing the areas of the work. I searched through the knowledge base on the seam, sought in Illustrator/InDesign forums on 'white lines' and various other key words, but so far I have not found a honest solution. I tested these corrections starting with settings display "Line Art/Smooth Image" PDF, InDesign "Aplatissements predefined transparencies Transarency" smooth, all the way back to the work of the Illustrator files.

    I must emphasize that these lines are only visible on the screen after a series of expansions in Acrobat or InDesign. The lines are not visible on the screen in the EPS formats / HAVE, however, when you print directly from Illustrator, they find themselves on the hard copy. There is at least a starting point?

    In one of the most obvious examples, we noticed framing around objects with drop shadow effects. The background of this image is a gradient. The foreground object has a shadow effect. We tested the removal of the shadow effect and the lines disappear. We then reapplied the shadow but removed the gradient of the background. Again, the lines are left. All this is fine I guess, if we need to go through each drawing and eliminate any shadow scope and/or degraded (rather annoying though and disappointing that some effects may be inevitable to represent a series of illustrations). But honestly, is it normal that these two effects of situations of conflict in this way? The biggest problem is that there are designs with these ghosts lines that have no background gradient shadow or drop. I have no idea where to solve this!

    From what I read and what I've seen with tests, there is a problem of transparency, supported by our experiences with shadows - possibly in the original format of EPS designs are created in. ' save under... ". ». I does not solve it. Backup to a flattened. TIFF or even. JPG is really not an option.

    With the help of shadows with gradients is a no-no? Maybe something in the transition from CS1 to CS4? I'm a clueless fool who just needs to stick with Photoshop? Laughing out loud. I do not know!! Someone please enlighten us on this one. I try to understand these things on my own, but Illustrator is my weaker demand. In any case, all tips are very much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.


    JulieGraphicDesigner wrote:

    I use Illustrator CS3 and had the same problem.  I finally got the white lines if go by saving my file .ai, flattening of the work (go to the layers palette, the pitcher, then "Flatten the work"), print to a .pdf file (or I guess you could save as), and then close the .ai file without saving (because I didn't want the flattened .ai file).

    It worked!  Woohoo!

    It is a good idea and makes me think that my reference to flattening is misleading. Flattening in the layers panel work can definitely have an effect on transparency, but this isn't a flattening of transparency in the strict sense of the term. Julie mentions printing in PDF format, or save as PDF. These are two totally different things. In the case of printing to PDF, the output is post script, which does not support transparency. The PostScript is converted to PDF. So it could be transparency in the document of the monolayer, but transparency has been flattened at the printing stage.

    This method can be effective, but only if the PDF output does not need to be placed in another application. In any case, Julie was correct does not back up after flattening the layers.

    kristeejo11 wrote:

    I spent hours trying to solve this problem.  I did as stated in this thread, and passed under the eps to AI file, but would really like to know why this is happening with this particular eps file.

    Maybe we can find a solution to this problem.

    Kristeejo you should display your illustrations drawn mode and see if you have pictures divided into sections. If Yes, then this is perhaps the result of some with object: flatten transparency. It's very embarrassing when someone does this. Sometimes, you can select the pieces of the image (see the links Panel, they are all integrated links), then use object: pixelation. Do not do this to vector elements. After rasterization is completed, the pieces become an entire image, and I hope that the seam lines will disappear.

    The other possibility - and the solution because it is much easier - is that someone has placed a Photoshop EPS, and it is interacting with transparency. You can re - register the Photoshop EPS as a native file to Photoshop and re - link. I've seen it eliminate the thin white lines in output.

  • Virus scan Avira would stop working and freeze the computer whenever an analysis was carried out. Tried to uninstall and reinstall, but still had the same problem. Impossible to uninstall now due CCPLG. XML error.

    Hello, I have been using Avira anti-virus on my computer for the past two years with no problems.  I run a scan on my computer every day and noticed problems with it a few days ago.  The analysis would be about 21% when he would stop scanning and freeze my computer.  The RAM would be also be maxed out at 100%, and I need to restart the computer manually.  When I ran the scan in safe mode, it worked fine, but then continued to not work when the computer is not in safe mode.  I would also get a security alert Windows telling me that Windows did not antivirus software on this computer.  I tried to do a system restore which goes back to the day before the problem started to happen with the scan, but I still have the same problem.  I tried to uninstall the program again, but I get the message: Setup could not determine feature control file, or was not able to read it properly the. I also received a message about CCPLG. XML. I don't know what to do at this point or what was wrong in the first place with my antivurus software, but I feel that I continue to do worse with everything I want to do about it.  If you can offer any help with this problem, it would be much appreciated.  I have to go to work now, so I'll check tomorrow and hope that someone decided to go back to me.  Thank you.

    There are similar problems listed in the Forums of Avira.

    Have a read of the info in them; who can help you:



    Both above the Avira Forum entries have the same problem, CCPLG. XML, like you with solutions provided.


    Avira has also a manual uninstall. read the link above.
    Try this: uninstall/reinstall Avira as it


    If the above does not work:http://www.avira.com/en/support/

    Contact the Avira Support on this problem with their anti-virus software.


    Also, try asking the security of Vista and the Privacy Forum.

    They know a little about the Avira software there.


    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Help! I have a white line around my spry menu drop-down links!


    Either in IE or Fx I see a white line around all my links drop-down list in my the spry menu bar. What I am doing wrong?

    Hover over the 'products' or 'videos' to see the problem.

    In your sections the document in the current folder Spry search:

    ul.MenuBarHorizontal ul
         border: 1px solid #CCC;
         background-image: none;
         background-repeat: repeat-x;

    Simply change the ' 1px solid #CCC; ' to '0' or 'none' and your problem will be solved.

  • Problem: video downgrades the quality after exporting

    Hello world!

    IM new and this is my first question on the forum.

    Now, I created 10 succesful videos with Adobe Premiere Pro, editing Gopro videos 1080 p 60 fps.

    My new video, I started using my phone Samsung Galaxy Neo S3 content.

    The problem: after exporting my video, the quality of Gopro videos is like 480 p, but I still want the quality as the original, 1080 p 60 fps.

    What I need to do / how can I solve this problem?

    Relevant information:

    Laptop specs: Windows 10 960 M from NVIDIA, Intel core i7.

    Export format: H.264.

    I tried already rendering in modes: Youtube, Vimeo 1080, Match source 1080HD high flow, I ticked the box "maximum render quality".

    But nothing is done, the quality of the videos Gopro changed as 480 p after the export of the video.

    Please help me.

    Although I have not any more wise, I found a solution on Youtube.

    In my calendar, there is a yellow bar. I had to click "sequence" and then "render outside". Then the bar turned green.

    Then I had to select the export mode: HD 1080 p 29.97 fps.

    Then, as in my first picture, you can see "basic video settings".

    You can scroll down here, and there is also a "fps rate" which was 30 (automatic).

    I had to change at 60 frames per second. It is also recommended to check the box "made to maximum depth" in the audio and video tab.

    The size of the file push double (200%), but the quality is good as it should.

    I want to thank you for your efforts and help.

  • hp photosmart 6515 software does not work after installation, click on the icons on the screen and nothing...

    I have a fairly (1 month) new HP Photosmart 6515e bought at Costco, replaced the ink installation cartridges with new ones at Costco and had to reinstall the software, but now it does not work. the icons are on the screen but when I click on the hand that resembles a printer, nothing happens, I have uninstalled/reinstalled several times nothing helps, have you tried the USB connection or Setup wireless, still no go, have an edition HP Pavilion p6267c running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, 8 GB of ram all drivers updated. Help!

    Windows is the problem, I did a ton of googling and many people have the same problem with different printers, etc. I'm wasting my time here, please delete my profile, thank you.

Maybe you are looking for