White screen on startup of the satellite C850

I bought a Toshiba Satellite C850 PSCBWA-05E001 so 18 months out of warranty now.
I bought it for a few friends, I gave him to who are in the Philippines, so it is difficult for me to check and repair. My friends lack the funds to get it checked if any help would be appreciated.

Some days he started to initiate a white screen. You can see the mouse, but that's all. They are unable to get the computer display anything. I read on several forums that it could be a video cable however I got them to hooked to an external monitor to work through the laptop's VGA output & restarted the laptop & the external monitor goes to white screen which are also seems to exclude a faulty video cable as this would affect the monitor to the laptop only I think.

I'm concerned that does not the video card is a graphics chip of integregrated I guess that means to replace the whole motherboard I guess.

Very disappointed for my friends since the machine is just out of warranty.
Someone at - it ideas?

> I am afraid that does not the video card is a graphics chip of integregrated I guess that means to replace the whole motherboard I guess.

Yes, I have fear of the motherboard must be replaced in case of malfunction of the graphics card of m.
It would be the worst cases because the new motherboard is very expensive and in most cases it s not worth buying a new motherboard if isn t valid warranty more.

I have no many solutions for you; It looks like a hardware problem and to resolve this problem, replace the defective part. But of course, it of a just a question of money :(

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    Hi donga65,

    • To go through the other advice?

    Try Method 1 to downstairs, go to the method 2 If this does not resolve the issue.

    Method 1: You can update the drivers for the computer to check the issue. Log on to the manufacturer's Web site and install all the device driver updates including the chipset. See if it helps.

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    I hope this helps.

  • Black screen on startup of the Satellite NB10-A-10V


    I just bought a new computer toshiba laptop satellite NB10-A-10V but I hate windows 8.1 and I tried to install ubuntu 14.04.

    Now when I start my laptop replaced black screen toshiba logo and any key worked (F12, delete, escape)
    So, how can I manage this problem? Why, toshiba does not or blocked an OS other than windows 8.1?
    I called support and they told me that it is 70 euros for it. It's almost a flight!

    So I think it's a good laptop and I just want to use it with ubuntu, I don't see where is the problem.

    Otherwise I'll fix it in a store of this kind of question, and I will never buy another toshiba in my future.

    So, if you can find a solution (for free, 300 euros already for the laptop 4 days ago only.) it will be very cool

    Thank you


    Usually after the purchase of a new product, new owner should read paper textbooks s user initially. It is described that original preinstalled recovery image (original version of Windows) is saved on the HARD drive, and each new owner, before you start to do some experiments or install anything else should create recovery media. It can be DVD or USB, depending on the model of the machine.
    You created the recovery media?

    Very important, is that Toshiba does not support Linux, but in general, you can do with your machine all you want. No you don't have to use the version preinstalled Windows. Many people use Win7 or Linux on various models of Toshiba. Due to this Toshiba has created the separate category of Linux on this forum where you can exchange information and experience with other users of the forum.

    I must also say that you are mistaken if you think that Toshiba is blocking something. That s certainly wrong. When you stop preinstalled Win8 completely, you will be able to enter the BIOS settings and change the MODE to BOOT. After doing this, you can install anything you want.

    More info on what you can read on http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB2C03F80002R01.htm

    For more questions on Linux on Toshiba laptops I recommend you to visit category Linux SOFTWARE and OPERATING SYSTEM.

    Good luck

  • Black screen on startup of the satellite Pro M30


    Sometimes, I have the problem that my laptop starts up with a black screen. What will happen is that the Red Toshiba logo comes up first, but before you get the loading Windows screen screen will turn black and will cease any activity hard drive and cdrom. The laptop will then just stay there until I have manually turn it works again.

    I was not yet able to determine exactly in what circumstances sometimes, when starting, sometimes when you restart it.

    After that I restart the Windows laptop then tell me he could not start properly and ask me for the etc SafeMode. That's why I first concluded that it could be a Windows problem, but after using the recovery dvd twice I think I can exclude.

    One of my colleagues noticed something on what may be a problem with the video card do not load or commissioning, which doesn't seem likely?

    Any ideas?

    Hi robc,.

    very good and detailed describtion!

    In my opinion the graphics card work properly because otherwise the Toshiba logo have not been shown.

    So I think that failure is perhaps a bad connection of the IDE cable, but to know definitely you should bring a short verification to a Toshiba Service partner!

    I think that your M30 Satellite Pro is still under warranty

    Antoni Bye

  • Intermittent failure to detect the screen on startup on the Satellite X 200

    For awhile now, my X 200 suffered intermittent problems with the screen. When turn he will deliver a long and two short beeps and then proceed to start but without the screen.

    I normally feed the cycle several times and find that it sorts itself, but tonight he would not cooperate so I dug a cable for my TV and used as a monitor and of course the machine starts very well and after POST went immediately to the embedded poster again. Does anyone have an idea what is happening and why?

    A little more background.
    This is slot and turned off for about a month now.
    I used a variety of drivers the two latest WHQL and LV2G releases, but they all have the same problem.

    Right now I'm on the default of most drivers, and I'm going through the process of sprinkled updates having rebuilt just clean the machine because of other problems (in a separate thread), but immediately before reconstruction, the problem has been all too obvious and all the drivers were later so I don't think this is a driver related issue or at least not one that seems be resolved by any of the releases.

    Seems rather strange. Did you check your BIOS options? Maybe you should set this back to the default settings.
    Or try and install the latest version of the BIOS.
    If that's not enough, and I read that you already have a clean reinstall the latest drivers, I would say that contact local ASP, as a beep sounds are not normal.

    They can tell you what mean these sounds.

  • White screen after switching on the satellite A210-171

    Today when I turn on my laptop, the screen remained blank?
    I checked used - Sockets and connections etc but still nothing has changed.

    I even closed my laptop to give him a chance to cool, even if I new that this was not the case because it had not been used since yesterday...

    I was confused, so I phone my granddaughter who said * ' update turned off the laptop, unplug it and remove the battery then replace again - this should put it right! *

    What I did and IT WORKED!

    Question - what could have caused this make * and * I made the right choice?

    Hi Grandma Sue

    Yes, you did everything right!
    I have no idea why the display didn't come in the first step, but it seems that your granddaughter has some experience with laptops.

    It would also be my advice to the remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter from the laptop. After a short period of time, you could connect the two parties and could power the laptop.

    What you did and it helped

    That s OK

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    Hello Pierre,.

    Thank you for using Microsoft Community.

    1. does the computer boot to the desktop, or you see the white screen on startup of the computer?
    2 did you change on your computer?
    3. What is the brand and model of the laptop?
    4. as you mentioned, "when you turn on your laptop, the screen remains blank (was not lit at all) but the computer sounded as if it was put into service ', what exactly happens when you start the computer?

    If you get white screen SAT after the start of the desktop, then I suggest you follow this article and check.

    Why my screen is black when I start Windows 7?

    Important notes:
    When you use system restore to restore the computer to a previous state, the programs and updates that you have installed are removed.

    Serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    Please answer with results so that we can help you further.

    Thank you

  • Satellite A85-s107 - white screen at startup by using the power of the battery

    Satellite A85-s107 white screen at startup by using the power of the battery

    When I boot A85-s107 in battery power, it is get booted up in the background, but my screen is empty.
    After that if I connect it to AC power and switch deactivation/activation of the laptop power button, the screen comes back to life.

    There is no problem when I start upward when it is connected to an electrical outlet.
    Battery is fully charged and computer will work off the battery voltage if I remove AC after boootup

    Any suggestions?


    also note that when I remove AC and then reconnect I start the computer on two occasions that it does not start the 1st time?

    Don t need to recharge the battery if the AC adapter is plugged ;)
    Try the tips posted by Alex otherwise it of a hardware problem, in my view, there seems to be something wrong with the motherboard...
    In this case, only the replacement could help and it could be a costly affair

  • Satellite L450D - white screen at startup


    my laptop shows a blank totally black screen on startup of the hard drive light is not blinking but I can hear the fan.

    Suggestions welcomed

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what the problem is here.
    Did you do something that might be responsible for such behavior of s to laptop? Update the BIOS maybe?

  • HP Jet 11: White screen at startup

    My 11 HP workflow starts with a white screen on startup. Sometimes responds with a hard reset but still does not work. Have changed the settings to do nothing when the lid is open or start button / stop is pressed, but still problems.


    Thanks for posting in the Forum from HP Support. Welcome!

    Looks like a problem of driver for me.

    Please, use HP Support Assistant = > http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03467905

    Make sure that you have applied all the latest drivers and updates from HP.

    Please, use Windows Update and check if you have installed all the latest patches.

    I would like to know if it works for you.

  • PavilionDV4T-1400 white screen at startup

    I have a Pavilion DV4T-1400 , who immediately becomes a white screen on startup. I have no options. This happened out of nowhere.

    Here is some information:

    -Locks caps/scroll/num doesn't turn on when I press on the

    -It has a slight smell of burn on it when I turn it on

    -J' tried a hard reset (power off, then press on and hold power)

    -J' I tried to delete the memory, that I get no beeps, just a black screen and the scrolling/caps lock lights will Flash 4 times

    -J' had the computer almost 2 years warranty for 1 year.

    -J' have the knowledge/skills to remove and replace the maps system etc.

    I'm looking for some advice, or what someone might think the problem is, so I know what to replace.

    Any ideas? It is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Anything it is displayed on an external monitor? If so, it's the screen or the cable and not the mother/gpu card. If this isn't the case, the new, it's worse. According the description, of course looks a catastrophic failure of the motherboard. The slight burning smell is really a bad sign.

    Here's a motherboard on ebay:


    The price is a little high but lower than HP would be. Go down you $ 20 for a Exchange. There are also several services advertised on ebay that will repair your device for about the same price or a little less.

    Here is the manual if you choose to DIY:


  • Hello - ideas as to the "cloud" icon why opens as a blank white screen - I can see the craft, but is not useful, cannot open apps - see if there are dates, add to my plan (to acquire more apps)-

    Hello - ideas as to the "cloud" icon why opens as a blank white screen - I can see the craft, but is not useful, cannot open apps - see if there are dates, add to my plan (to acquire more apps)-

    White screen


  • Hi, after that I tried to load either a new or existing project into Adobe first Elements 9 I just get a grey white screen with any of the timeline, boxes etc. on the view. It happened suddenly, one day OK then not! At the top of the screen, I get normal

    Hi, after that I tried to load either a new or existing project into Adobe first Elements 9 I just get a grey white screen with any of the timeline, boxes etc. on the view. It happened suddenly, one day OK then not! At the top of the screen, I get the normal icon of pre, File, Edit, Clip, etc..

    I intend to have bought the first 13 items, it would be better if I bought a new program instead of downloading an upgrade, just in case the upgrade does not correctly load because of the error with my current program?

    If I have the deleted first Elements 9 on my PC would I lose all my existing videos that have been produced using Prime Elements 9 or would they be registered so that they can still be worked in first 13 items?

    First elements 13 works with Windows 7?

    Thank you


    First 13 elements absolutely works with Windows 7!

    In fact, I highly recommend you download the free trial version and give it a test run.

    In the meantime, go to Windows Update and make sure you have all the updates of Windows, including those who do not automatically install it. Then go to the website of ATI / nVidia and ensure that you have the latest driver for your graphics card and go to Apple.com and ensure you have the latest version of Quicktime, by the requirements of the program.

  • Satellite A20 - white screen at startup

    Someone help my old A20 Satellite re start? It is under XP SP3, but to start all I get is a white screen.

    Worked very well four days ago. I tried all the options key of F I know, assuming that some display glitch. I hear Windows Start, I can hear the HARD drive running, but it never gets rolling enough to power the fan. Have you tried to insert several CDs including the recovery disk, but all I get is a white screen. When I turn off it disappears instantly and the CPU seems to immediately turn off the power.

    Any ideas out there?
    Would not matter given his age but has a lot of family saved photos!


    You mean the white screen still appears? Even you d╬śmarrez from a bootable disk?
    You see the Toshiba splash screen that appears at the beginning?

    I think it s a hardware related issue
    You can try to connect the laptop to external monitor to check if the same white screen would be visible on the second screen.

    The point is that this could be a GPU problem is only a display problem internal.
    The GPU issue would affect the monitors and if it would be a mobile number, then you should see something on the second monitor.

    However, it looks like a hardware problem

  • Lenovo Y510P does not start, the white screen at startup

    Hello world

    I got a Lenovo Y510P with SLI 750 m for about 1 year and 3 months now. 2 weeks (at the time, that I've upgraded to Windows 10). My laptop is suddenly unable to boot most of the time.

    When I press the power, it hangs on the initial empty screen with no logo pop up. I managed to get it started before, simply by restarting again and again, but it's been 3 days and no luck. He simply stays on a blank screen (no), although the keyboard button and the power light.

    Here are the steps I took to solve problems:
    -> Battery removed, disconnected ca, played "suppression of ephemeral power" now the power button for 60 seconds (did it this several times)

    -> RAM removed, changed slots etc. When there is no RAM, the computer continuously restarts
    -> Deleted HARD drive, reinstalled

    -> Removed 2 GPU. When the 2nd GPU is plugged in, the fan will try and turn from time to time

    -> Connectors disconnected to the wi - fi module

    -> Restarted several times

    -> Press the NOVO button, he just brings him to the white screen

    Any advice would be much appreciated. The laptop itself is in good condition and has little physical ware. Unfortunately, is no longer under warranty, and I don't know the cost to send it is quite high.

Maybe you are looking for