White screen on startup (Vista)

Whenever I try to turn on my old computer (not too old, I built it myself a few years ago) it goes to a white screen and sits there. The mouse does nothing, but if I hit the keys on the keyboard, the screen will become grey and start flashing vertical lines, scratched. And if I tap ctrl + alt + del screen becomes black. I can't in the BIOS to boot from a Disc... so, what can I do?


If you can't get to the BIOS, you have a hardware problem.

"start flashing lines vertical, scratched.

At the very least. It seems that you have a problem of graphic material.

See you soon.

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  • White screen on Windows Vista Start-cannot open all programs, even the Task Manager

    Original title: white screen on startup of Windows Vista


    I tried tirelessly fix my Sony Vaio computer that is running Windows Vista. After that I entered my password by logging into my account, the screen charge nothing; It is empty. I'm unable to open all programs, even the Task Manager.

    I AM able to start safe mode. I tried MSCONFIG, removing all the programs of cleaning, power off start up programs, but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help? Thank you.


    See if that helps you.

    Do a Safe Mode system restore to before the problem started.



    If it doesn't, try a startup repair and / or a system restore using a DVD of Vista from Microsoft

    Manufacturers recovery disks normally do not have Service Options; they are normally a relocation to the factory only settings option.

    Here is the guide to repair Options using a Vista DVD from Microsoft.

    If a friend or a work acquantance of yours has one, you can borrow and use it for repairs.


    Table of contents

    1. Overview of Windows Vista repair options
    2. How to perform an automatic repair of Windows Vista using Startup Repair
    3. Advanced Tools Overview
    4. Conclusion

    If you do not or can not borrow a Microsoft DVD there is a download of a file ISO of Vista Startup Repair available that you can put on a Bootable floppy to make the above startup repair and that the method is recommended by a large number of posters in these Forums.

    Unfortunately, you have to buy it.

    Here is a link to it:


    See you soon.

  • HP Jet 11: White screen at startup

    My 11 HP workflow starts with a white screen on startup. Sometimes responds with a hard reset but still does not work. Have changed the settings to do nothing when the lid is open or start button / stop is pressed, but still problems.


    Thanks for posting in the Forum from HP Support. Welcome!

    Looks like a problem of driver for me.

    Please, use HP Support Assistant = > http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03467905

    Make sure that you have applied all the latest drivers and updates from HP.

    Please, use Windows Update and check if you have installed all the latest patches.

    I would like to know if it works for you.

  • Satellite A85-s107 - white screen at startup by using the power of the battery

    Satellite A85-s107 white screen at startup by using the power of the battery

    When I boot A85-s107 in battery power, it is get booted up in the background, but my screen is empty.
    After that if I connect it to AC power and switch deactivation/activation of the laptop power button, the screen comes back to life.

    There is no problem when I start upward when it is connected to an electrical outlet.
    Battery is fully charged and computer will work off the battery voltage if I remove AC after boootup

    Any suggestions?


    also note that when I remove AC and then reconnect I start the computer on two occasions that it does not start the 1st time?

    Don t need to recharge the battery if the AC adapter is plugged ;)
    Try the tips posted by Alex otherwise it of a hardware problem, in my view, there seems to be something wrong with the motherboard...
    In this case, only the replacement could help and it could be a costly affair

  • Computer laptop white screen at startup

    A few days before, at a bend on a laptop, the screen remains blank (was not lit at all) but the computer sounded as if it was put into service. What are the possible causes for this problem?

    Hello Pierre,.

    Thank you for using Microsoft Community.

    1. does the computer boot to the desktop, or you see the white screen on startup of the computer?
    2 did you change on your computer?
    3. What is the brand and model of the laptop?
    4. as you mentioned, "when you turn on your laptop, the screen remains blank (was not lit at all) but the computer sounded as if it was put into service ', what exactly happens when you start the computer?

    If you get white screen SAT after the start of the desktop, then I suggest you follow this article and check.

    Why my screen is black when I start Windows 7?

    Important notes:
    When you use system restore to restore the computer to a previous state, the programs and updates that you have installed are removed.

    Serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    Please answer with results so that we can help you further.

    Thank you

  • PavilionDV4T-1400 white screen at startup

    I have a Pavilion DV4T-1400 , who immediately becomes a white screen on startup. I have no options. This happened out of nowhere.

    Here is some information:

    -Locks caps/scroll/num doesn't turn on when I press on the

    -It has a slight smell of burn on it when I turn it on

    -J' tried a hard reset (power off, then press on and hold power)

    -J' I tried to delete the memory, that I get no beeps, just a black screen and the scrolling/caps lock lights will Flash 4 times

    -J' had the computer almost 2 years warranty for 1 year.

    -J' have the knowledge/skills to remove and replace the maps system etc.

    I'm looking for some advice, or what someone might think the problem is, so I know what to replace.

    Any ideas? It is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Anything it is displayed on an external monitor? If so, it's the screen or the cable and not the mother/gpu card. If this isn't the case, the new, it's worse. According the description, of course looks a catastrophic failure of the motherboard. The slight burning smell is really a bad sign.

    Here's a motherboard on ebay:


    The price is a little high but lower than HP would be. Go down you $ 20 for a Exchange. There are also several services advertised on ebay that will repair your device for about the same price or a little less.

    Here is the manual if you choose to DIY:


  • White screen after login (Vista)

    After updating my computer this morning, the screen now becomes white after I connect. I looked around for finding bugs, but so far I can't make anything of them because my screen does not return to normal. I tried to put it to sleep, hit escape and using the Windows key on my keyboard but I get no response from either of them. CTRL + Alt + Delete displays the usual screen, but none of the available options help to solve the problem.

    Translates into a safe mode black screen after log in and the same problems.

    I would try to do a system restore, but I don't have a disk for Vista.


    A white screen may have the same root cause as a blackscreen and be too difficult to treat. Try
    This generic troubleshooting remember black and white the same fix would work. See following message
    If you can't at least win a minimum level of access work.

    You can access Mode safe? Repeatedly press F8 as you start? If yes you can try Control Panel - device
    Manager - graphics card - Double click on - driver tab - click on UPDATE driver - then right click
    on devices and UNINSTALL - REBOOT.

    Another method to try to get to the desktop (try in normal Windows Mode without failure)
    CTRL + ALT + DELETE and on the tab process EXPLORER.exe and COMPLETE the PROCESS on this subject - then
    on the Applications tab - lower right - new task - type in EXPLORER.exe. Safe mode is reached
    by tapping F8 as you start several times.

    First check this thread in case it is simple and if not to come back to this thread.


    Black screen problems are extremely difficult to repair and all patch is usually on a base hit or miss.
    That there is no information on a black screen as it is on a blue screen just adds to the
    Difficulty. Often using a restore point or Startup Repair will have no effect. You can try a
    Google to see the proposed repairs, whom some have worked however these cover a wide
    field efforts.

    Here's a video of one of them.


    Here's another fix

    You have a Vista disk? You can try restoring the system to it. If you do not have your system disks
    manufacturer will sell them at low prices. Or try in safe mode if you can get there.

    How to make a Vista system restore

    You can create a recovery disc or use someone even version (to do the system restore there only to)
    being bootable).

    How to create a Vista recovery disk


    These require the correct Vista discs since you can not start safe mode.

    Try the Startup Repair tool-

    This tells you how to access the System Recovery Options and/or with a Vista disk

    Try recovery options Startup Repair

    How to do a startup repair


    Here are a few Google searches where many have found different solutions:

    Vista black screen - check that a 1st

    Vista black screen Solution

    Vista black screen Fix


    If necessary and you can access all ordinary Windows.

    You can try an In-Place Upgrade (hopefully save programs and data) or a repair installation (if all goes well
    saves the data, and you need to reinstall the programs). Be sure to do a good backup or three.

    You can use another DVD that are not protected but you will need to copy you have the product key.

    On-site upgrade

    If nothing works, you can make a repair facility that must save the data but you will need to
    Reinstall the programs. This also requires correct Vista disks especially for OEM versions. You will be
    need to know your product Code.

    This tells you how to access the System Recovery Options and/or a Vista DVD

    How to perform a repair for Vista Installation


    Another method that works sometimes: at the command prompt, type of Vista startup disk:
    (type in a single line or copy / paste a line at a time and then press enter - type no parenthesis)
    or "BOLD"



    CD c:\Windows\System32\winevt (there is a space between cd and C :)

    Ren LogsOLD Logs (there are spaces between ren and newspapers and Logsold)

    RESTART Windows

    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Cannot access a white screen at Startup - Mode safe

    I have a HP Pavillion laptop dx4 under Vista Home Premium.  I can't give a lot more in the way of care because all the thing will give me is a blank screen and I don't have the stored information.  This is what happened:

    My computer was working fine last time I used it with success, that 24 hours ago.  (I should point out that I do not use Incredimail, since this seems to be the root of the problem in a lot of posts I've read looking for help with similar problems).  Today, I opened the laptop, and when the screen is turned on, it was white Uni.  Tried the CTRL + ALT + DELETE, touch Windows, etc. but the computer did not respond.  A hold down the power button to restart - screen went straight to white when he turned his back.  Tried to go to Mode safe mode by restarting again by pressing F8, no luck.  Tried to let the computer just sit with the white screen, nothing happened.  I don't have a Vista installation CD, because the software was preinstalled when you buy.  Honestly, I don't know what could have caused this.  No error messages, no upgrades to facilities, or recent day etc.

    Any suggestions?

    If your laptop has been provided with recovery discs, there is a hidden restore partition that you would have access to the recovery disks. Probably too late now, although if you call HP support, they can offer a recovery disc for a small fee.

    It seems your display has no, or less connection to the motherboard, time to visit the HP repair shop

  • Computer hangs on a white screen on startup with the keyboard is plugged.

    Original title: I have a problem starting

    I have a problem when I start my pc with my internet stick plugged and it hangs on a white screen. I have to get the key out and close my pc and reboot to get to the screen to login manually.

    This also happens randomly - some days it just starts with the key and the other days he dislikes the key and goes to blank screen.

    Why is this randomly - this is my question? If the settings are the same so why did happen randomly instead of blocking me or just start every time? Why is it random?

    Equipped with Vista

    Hi donga65,

    • To go through the other advice?

    Try Method 1 to downstairs, go to the method 2 If this does not resolve the issue.

    Method 1: You can update the drivers for the computer to check the issue. Log on to the manufacturer's Web site and install all the device driver updates including the chipset. See if it helps.

    Method 2: Make sure that the BIOS (Basic Input\Output System) is not altered. Check the boot sequence and make sure that the hard drive is the first boot device. Check with the manufacturer for more details.

    Important: Change (CMOS) BIOS/complementary metal oxide semiconductor settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    I hope this helps.

  • white screen after that vista went on mode 'sleep'


    My laptop started to have problems after going sleep mode hibernation recently. I run a Dell Vostro under Vista 32 bit. My big problem is that I can't test one of the solutions I found on the internet so far because even with a forced shutdown the laptop never start back. White screen. Nothing is ever displayed.
    Last time I went out that holding the key FN holding power. Then released. The screen came blue and memory tests and drive hard started. I let it run and no problem was found on the hardware side. After the tests were performed, the computer restarts and I press F8 to boot into safe mode. Everything went well for a week after this episode. I tried the "sleep mode" once again and it was as if nothing ever happens. Everything worked well.
    And now, it's happening once again. This time, the combination FN-power supply does not work. Nothing appears on the screen ever. The power button not blink or change color. The hard drive light turns on for 3 seconds only when I try to start. Then it's screen white and everything that I hear the laptop fan...
    Any idea of someone from the combination of keys to force start the laptop into a kind of safe mode?
    Thank you very much!!!

    So it seems that I have to respond to me :) Just in case someone goes nuts facing the same issue, find multiple options on the web 2007 update you this, change the configuration that say, start in SafeMode etc., here is what I found to get out of the black screen after a watch on my laptop. I hope this might help someone else:

    1. Open the housing by unscrewing all to access the battery (not easy, go slowly and carefully do not damage the fragile covers). I hope that your battery is more accessible than mine.
    2. Disconnect the battery cable (if you have my laptop Dell Vostro: first - raise the head end of the connector so you can exit the orange cable gently)
    3. At this point, the rear of the laptop is completely "naked".
    4. Unplug the power cable
    5. Press and hold the power button to laptop for 30 sec.
    6. Plug the power cable back (battery is always not connected)
    7. Press the FN key + power button for 1 second and release them both at the same time
    8. The DELL logo is displayed, and finally the screen is not black more! I need the pre-boot system assessment tests. I hope that you will have this screen also. I suggest that you run the tests. In my case, nothing was wrong with the hardware. This is a Windows problem.

    After this step, I was able to start in safe mode and play with the features of windows. Since I'm a busy mom and small business owner, I don't have time to assess what is wrong or even think to completely replace Windows on an old computer laptop 1 year part-time, so far. So I just canceled the sleep function for now.

    Good luck.
  • (Redirected) Precision M6500-white screen on startup and black screen on reboot

    Hello my Precision M6500 has recently begun to behave badly and has following symptoms.

    1 display a white screen on market and a black screen on reboot, the OS boots aand, one that can discern by the jingle of windows at the end of the startup procedure.

    2. the unit turns to the insertion of the battery.

    In order to isolate the root cause of these issues, I tried the following without success.

    1. replacement memory

    2. new display motherboard cable assembly

    3 start with on the SSD on the system, and even at the bios level that the symptoms remain.

    Anyone knows similar symptoms with their unit and if what was then the final fix deployed to solve these problems.

    The system is running an ATI graphics card I read a little about the black screens in booting with Nvidia cards, can anyone confirm if all the info out there has any application for ATI cards.

    Thank you


    As you have a laptop, better make this laptop in the computer Forum post here:



  • Apple MacBook Pro with a white screen on startup, help!

    Hello world

    I was the creation of a powerpoint for an AE conference is next week and while running my Mac screen is temporarily deformed and then turned to white. I left for a while and then held down the power button to restart. On this operation, he got successfully to the stage where I enter my password, then displays the bar loading. At mid-way through charging it cut to white again and reworded. I then repeated several times, same result.

    Solve by looking at the options online, I tried following technical success:

    Command-R power on: goes to the white screen after the chime.

    Command-option-R-p: goes to the white screen after the chime and apple logo.

    Command-shift: enter the stage newspaper but then white screen.

    Command + S and fsck - fy: mac says is 'OK', rebooted and got the white screen after the chime and apple logo.

    Connected to the mac to work with cable Thunderbolt: mode target open successfully, but the drive does not appear on the mac to work.

    What can I do else?

    There is no apple in my store.

    This is a 17 "Mac Book Pro with El Captain OS X (don't know which) no history of problems...

    I hope someone can help.


    Try resetting the SMC

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

    If you try a safe boot, just hold SHIFT when the computer comes on, not Command-Shift.

    In addition, if you can get to the login screen, try to hold SHIFT while you connect to your account (not while you type, but when you have finished your password and immediately after pressing enter/return).

  • Portege Z930 - white screen at startup

    My Z930 screen is empty at the start. The cursor can be seen when is moved around the screen, but there is no
    background a screen empty. stop holding the Start button / stop does not seem to work and the DSS led flashes slowly. When you open the lid of that unit starts automaticlly displays white screen and the cursor.

    I'm a computer completely illiterate, but if anyone can help me in words laymans terms, it will be a great help

    > now the button stop / stop does not seem to work

    That s is really bad.
    Due to Toshiba power button on document - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/FAQ3500560002R01.htm - should have the double function.
    Unplug the power plug and press and hold the power button / stop. I think the laptop must be turned off after a few seconds.

    Are you able to turn off your laptop somehow?
    Can you please elaborate on this subject? Since when did you notice this?
    Have you done something before your laptop started acting in this way?

  • White screen on startup of the satellite C850

    I bought a Toshiba Satellite C850 PSCBWA-05E001 so 18 months out of warranty now.
    I bought it for a few friends, I gave him to who are in the Philippines, so it is difficult for me to check and repair. My friends lack the funds to get it checked if any help would be appreciated.

    Some days he started to initiate a white screen. You can see the mouse, but that's all. They are unable to get the computer display anything. I read on several forums that it could be a video cable however I got them to hooked to an external monitor to work through the laptop's VGA output & restarted the laptop & the external monitor goes to white screen which are also seems to exclude a faulty video cable as this would affect the monitor to the laptop only I think.

    I'm concerned that does not the video card is a graphics chip of integregrated I guess that means to replace the whole motherboard I guess.

    Very disappointed for my friends since the machine is just out of warranty.
    Someone at - it ideas?

    > I am afraid that does not the video card is a graphics chip of integregrated I guess that means to replace the whole motherboard I guess.

    Yes, I have fear of the motherboard must be replaced in case of malfunction of the graphics card of m.
    It would be the worst cases because the new motherboard is very expensive and in most cases it s not worth buying a new motherboard if isn t valid warranty more.

    I have no many solutions for you; It looks like a hardware problem and to resolve this problem, replace the defective part. But of course, it of a just a question of money :(

  • Satellite L450D - white screen at startup


    my laptop shows a blank totally black screen on startup of the hard drive light is not blinking but I can hear the fan.

    Suggestions welcomed

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what the problem is here.
    Did you do something that might be responsible for such behavior of s to laptop? Update the BIOS maybe?

Maybe you are looking for