White spots on the screen

IAM having white spots on the screen.

It therefore appears as a white light spot when the screen has a light background. On a screen darker it disappears completely. The spot is a few millimetres in size. My system is lenovo Z50-70.

should I have to replace the screen?


as long as you don't have more than three dead pixels, lenovo warranty covers the replacement if they do not change the conditions.

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  • white spots on the screen of the touchpad

    I just got a 32 GB touchpad. I noticed that there are some white spots on the screen. One of them near the top left of the screen is very notciable but only on a clear background as white and light gray. The special white spot appears brighter than the background (slightly bluish). It is about 2-3mm in the Center and extends the region approximately 10 mm. Also, anyone notice the same thing?

    I would not bother to repair unless the white spots get more over time. I wonder if this is a sign of failure. Thank you.

    P.S. shapes of white spots appear similar to these well-known yellow spots on ipad 2.

    OK, answered my own question. After some Internet research, I am convinced the white spots (or stains specifically) are "pressure damage. It could have happened during the Assembly process. Some have said that this kind of problem could get worse with time (as one of my LCD monitors). In any case, I discuss with CS and they will repair screen touchpad for me.

  • Small white spots on the screen (no pixels dead) of RMB

    This week, when I opened my MacBook on the screen, I saw on the white spots screen 12 ". At first, I thought maybe would it be a beat on the screen but a quick wipe down and a thorough inspection of different angles confirmed that it was something else. I closed and turned back RMB. The small bright white spots were persistent, although only perceptible in the middle of a dark background, or when the Sun is reflected on the screen.

    Everyone has the same problem or knows what is the best solution for this problem? I don't have a case at Apple yet, because I am in doubt if Apple repair this under warranty on the other I need to get in touch with my insurance company.

    It reminds me of all the problems with the Retina on the MacBook Pro screens (you can search "Staingate" in Google). If the MacBook is under warranty, you must make a backup of your data and take it to an Apple Store or dealer, so that you can get your MacBook repaired.

  • Black and white spots on the screen

    We have a model 1510 X projector.  Recently white and black spots appear on the projected screen.  They are now more and more people.

    What is a sign that the world must be replaced or another problem altogether.

    Hello, this is the same problem that I have on my other projectors, bad chip DLP from Texas instruments. The models are 1209 s and 1610HD, in Total, three with the question. They are not guaranteed bought towards the end of 2009 and dell will not extend the warranty nor will they provide a chip DLP replacement through TI through their 5 year warranty on the chip, if you contact TI they will send you to Dell, I am frustrated by this, because there is no resolution. The repair depot wants more than 600.00 to fix all of them. They have less than 500 hours on each and original lamps. I think that Dell needs to get by with the TI to cover this issue. I won't buy an another brand projector Dell, and I will make sure everyone I know will never buy one. I am fortunate opportunity staring the unit, but they will not even an exchange of pieces. These DLP chips make defective on any brand, it's just how the manufacturer will take care of the case. Samsung will replace free problem specific models and stands behind the TI warranty even if the units are out of warranty of manufacturing. Unless you have purchased an extended warranty through dell that you're SOL, unless there is a class action to solve the problem. DO NOT BUY DELL PROJECTORS! Jerry

  • White spot on the screen

    Hi all

    I have a screen with the background image that has 7 to 8 buttons and labelfield added to them horizontally... To get a visible look, I added a few spaces between the items vertically so that they are also looking at spaced. All items are added to dynalically. Now the problem appears

    When I select / Create the event on the last button, white space appears I think the background moves horizontally to the top (30 pixels).

    Im not able to produce the solution on this scenario,

    Everyone comes through this?

    Try to create a new VertificalFieldManager that act as mainManager and add the Manager of VF ealier.

    This would work out. try to do this...

  • White/clear spots on the screen

    My Z5 started having white/clear spots on the screen, he especially visible on a white background. Does anyone know if it covered by the warranty

    Hi @Adamb1,

    Sorry to hear that.

    Your phone must be examined by an authorized technician before we can determine if it is something that is covered by our warranty. For this reason your phone must be sent to our authorized service center through your local ownership as Uliwooly said.

  • White stain on the screen of the Satellite P20

    For some time I have a white spot at the bottom of my screen (they are not broken pixel) and they are to expand gradually.
    Please see the photos:


    I already changed the screen and the problem is still there. Anyone know this problem and a way to solve it. What is heat? I won't buy another screen to find myself in the same situation. Thank you


    And what happens if you connect the external monitor? Y at - it the same problem?

  • Is it possible to have an iPhone all nine 6s with spots on the screen changed?


    I bought an iPhone 6s a few days ago, of the Finland via a wireless carrier (Elisa). Right after I remove the screen protector, I realized there are a few spots on the screen that would return a moment after them wiping. Next day I took the phone to the operator and asked them if they could replace it because I had just bought it. (I did not ask a refund.)

    The clerk denied the right for my defective phone replacement and instead offered to send it to the service center to fix it. I insisted on the fact that in the interest of customer satisfaction, the devices usually receive a certain time to return where they do not meet expectations. The clerk said there was no other way, but having repaired. I wasn't happy, but since there is no other solution I had to restore my phone after two days of buying it.

    Now, given that I bought from an operator and not an Apple store, I wanted to make sure the conditions of Apple in these cases. I find it very unlikely that Apple services do not immediately replace a defective product when it turns therefore upon purchase.

    Can I do right now to make them replace my phone instead of repair?

    Thank you.


    You should get a replacement iPhone, but that they must check first for any liquid.

    In the meantime use SIM card in another phone if you have one.

    It will take a few days to sort out.

    See you soon


  • Qosmio G30 - white lines on the screen and BSOD

    1. I have a Qosmio G30
    2 operating system Windows XP MCE
    and I have problem "white lines on the screen ' when windows start to load after that I got the"blue screen of death"and restart the computer.
    I try to get back, but unfortunately came with the laptop recovery CD doesn't seem to work...

    Whenever I finished to recover I have "windows loading files" and once this is done, it shows me the so-called "blue screen of death"...


    I m afraid. I have bad news for you ;(
    I think you ve you have a problem with the hardware in my eyes, there might be something wrong with the GPU chip.
    The white lines on the screen could be related to a faulty graphics card and get the BSOD error due to a hardware malfunction or software serious questions

    I m sure that the recovery CD does not contain software problems and therefore only the fault of hardware could be the reason for the lines on the screen and the BSOD.

    In my opinion, you should contact the ASP in your country for assistance if all goes well you guarantee is valid.

    Good luck

  • white background of the screen of my HP dv9700 turns blue powder when open completely, but returns to normal when I close to halfway...

    white background of the screen of my HP dv9700 turns blue powder when open completely, but returns to normal when I close to halfway...


    You did changes to the computer before the show?

    There seems to be a known problem with DV 9700 model; I suggest you to contact the HP support team for assistance.


  • Get rid of white spots on the old photo


    What would be the best way to get rid of white spots on the attached picture?

    Thank you!


    Most of them can be fixed with the Checker task tool. The brush can create problems you may need to use the clone tool. If the task is small blur can also be used. Which is kind of how works the filter spot and scratch.

  • Bubble like spots on the screen LCD T410

    Just noticed this a few minutes ago on my T410 (2516-CTO), there are three major tasks and three small spots on the centre-left of my screen. I tried to wipe the screen with a clean Microfiber cloth and a gentle jet of glasses cleaner on the cloth. All the dust was released, but the tasks remain. They appear only when I inspect the screen with a flashlight on dead. These tasks similar to white reflecting film-y areas, like the surface of the screen LCD is peeled off with very thin air bubbles. They seem to resemble defects under the surface - is my LCD delamination or anything else bad past?

    Doesn't look like it, they think that his 'damage' I have to pay for. I've only had this T410 for a week.

    Good news! After a long out of stock, the technician on-site, finally, came and succeeded him. Less than 15 minutes so I was looking at.

  • Was a change made? : before the jpeg photo showed up at the upper-left corner of my screen, with a white background for the screen. The image now appears in the center of the screen, and the rest of the screen is completely black.

    By the way, when I put the url in Safari, it's the same as before, namely the image appears in the upper left corner, and the bottom of the screen/monitor full is white.

    You can try it with this URL to jpeg:

    Yes, it is a new feature in Firefox 11, which was designed to improve the readability of images. You can install the https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/old-default-image-style/, which restores the change if you don't like it.

  • Horizontal white line on the screen of the Satellite has


    My white horizontal computer screen line recently appeared across the screen. Computer works normal, but I don't know how to solve this problem?
    What could be the reason?

    I'm afraid it's because of the defective m display.
    You can connect your laptop to an external display to see if the same thing will happen. If this isn't the case, it is the best evidence for my theory.

  • Satellite A200 - 10 X - the white lines on the screen


    I have a problem with my laptop, it's a Satellite A200-10 X, with Vista Home Premium and in recent weeks, my monitor has taken a turn for the worse.
    Well, there are these white lines from one side to the other, at the bottom of the screen and they keep up... rampant thanks to that O had to change my taskbar to the top as well.

    There, anyone have any idea what this is, and how it can be removed?

    I'm not a person tech-savy but I use my computer a lot for general purposes and I'm in the middle of a crisis, so if anyone can help, I'd be really grateful.



    Have you plugged an external monitor to the laptop?
    I ask this question because at the moment it is not easy to tell if the monitor internal or the graphics card is causing this problem.

    If you can see the same question on an external monitor, it s the graphics card. If this isn't the case, you need to replace the internal display.

    An authorized service provider can help you get new spare parts and they can replace it for you.

    Good bye

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