Why a snap to grid stopped working on my desktop?

I am running Windows Vista and after various problems, decided to restore my computer to factory settings. Since doing so, align the grid function has stopped working on my desk, leaving my icons in a shambles. Reorganization of the automatic still work which suits my icons in an order chosen by Vista, but the attribute align to the grid function does not work if I select it or not. If someone has experienced this problem and more importantly, anyone can offer a solution to my problem?



Try to update your video driver and check if there is any difference.


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  • Why Photoshop CC 2015 suddenly stop working?

    Why Photoshop CC 2015 suddenly stop working?

    Go first, install the updates. You should be on 16.1.2.

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    Can some tell me why my USB keyboard stopped working after I upgraded my mac OS X EL Capitan 10.11.4?

    Seems that Apple had broken the old apple keyboard wired usb on OS X 10.11.4. New Apple wireless keyboard worked fine.

    Was not working at boot time and didn't work with windows bootcamp and did not work when started from the recovery partition, so it must be a problem with boot loader.

    Reseting EPRAM and SMC has failed.

    Time Machine restore to old 10.11.3, 10.11 install USB appears to only way to solve the problem.

    With old 10.11 usb install, because the keyboard did not work at boot time and restoring from Time Machine backup starting 10.11.4 recovery partition broke my fusion disk partition tables. I had to manually destroy disc fusion and remove partitions on the hard drive and ssd of command-line diskutil and create new logical volume of fusion in the car and after that he restore backup from Time Machine.

    Very well of the keyboard now work but lost 1 day and Windows 10/bootcamp partition in the process.

    I have iMac 27 "5 k end of 2015, but I like to use wired keyboard numpad because.

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    I use the addon 'Open with Photoshop' first of all, it has become available, but it has now stopped working since the last update of FF. I tried reinstalling etc, but makes no difference.

    Having the same problem with "view source in Dreamweaver.

    I use these features a lot of so any help would be appreciated

    Go to their site for support and updates. Ask questions.

  • Why my 8 Adobe has stopped working and I am unable to download the latest updates?

    My 8 Adobe has stop working and now I am unable to open everything about Adobe. I tried to update to the latest cersion, but don't succeed.

    The most recent version is Adobe reader X (10)

    I do as suggested by Azam and uninstall the previous version. Have you tried a system restore to an earlier date and then tried to uninstall. If you click on "help" in the toolbar of the Adobe Reader there may be an option "repair Adobe installation".

    You could also try to reinstall Reader 8 and try once again an uninstall.

    If all else fails I try and install Reader X in any case if you have a corrupted version of the 8

  • Why 'More PC Settings' continuously stop working?

    When I go to the bar of charms, click settings, and then click additional settings PC, the blue screen "gear" comes to show that its opening. After a few seconds, it closes and returns to the start screen. In the reliability monitor, it shows whenever I try to launch more PC settings, the summary indicates "Stopped Working." That's what the details of the problem:

    Path of the Application of vulnerabilities: C:\Windows\ImmersiveControlPanel\SystemSettings.exe
    Signature of the problem
    Problem event name: MoBEX
    Package name: windows.immersivecontrolpanel_6.2.0.0_neutral_neutral_cw5n1h2txyewy
    Application name: praid:microsoft.windows.immersivecontrolpanel
    Application version: 6.2.9200.16420
    Application timestamp: 505a 9467
    Fault Module name: StackHash_55bd
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
    Exception Offset: PCH_BD_FROM_ntdll + 0 x 00016954
    Exception code: c0000005
    Exception data: 00000008
    OS version: 6.2.9200.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional information 1: 55bd
    More information 2: 55bdb125e5f5eebba32ff4470f6d6db1
    3 more information: d8e7
    Additional information 4: d8e728cfa3b4627b86f2920172200c49
    Additional information about the problem
    Bucket ID: d3f0d3e98318da68c049fe0ae2903651 (-938047892)

    Glad to know it started working. If you have additional questions about Windows, please post your questions in this forum.

  • Photoshop CS6 recently why Marquee and Lasso tools stop working correctly?

    I purchased Production Premium CS6 several years.  Recently, my marquee selection tool and lasso will not bring a selection once.  In order to reuse them, I have to restart Photoshop, but can only use the tools once. I can't use the shortcut (Ctrl Alt Shift) when opening Photoshop to reset the default preferences because Photoshop does not open when Ctrl Alt Shift are pressed and held.  I tried the manual technique to reset the preferences by removing the preferences of psp file.  But the end result is the same - the tools work only once.  It's happening now with the type tool as well.  I tried to see if my graphics card is causing the problem, but it's not.  In fact, the selection tools work not at all when I 'use the graphics processor' unchecked.  I have the latest update for Photoshop: 13.0.1 x 64 what do I do now?

    Well, the problem has been resolved.  I recently installed the software synergy to share my keyboard and mouse between two computers.  As soon as I stopped synergy, the selection tools in Photoshop worked properly.  Synergy also caused selection problems in Microsoft Word.  Thanks to all those who responded so quickly to my question.

  • Why my reading of mercury stop working with graphics Nvidia GeForce GTX580?

    Hi, anyone experienced a malfunction like this:

    My stop playback of mercury with a Nvidia GeForce GTX580 graphics card,

    It worked perfectly well, after 2 months doesn't work is not on the system (windows 7 ultimate 64-bit) 16 GB ram Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9950 @ 2.83 GHz)

    reading of mercury is not avaiable more even after system update and graphics card?

    Thanks for help


    OK, got it!

    with the help of found old notes:

    to resolve this problem, you need to update your graphics card compatibility list:

    After updateing graphics card driver:

    Add your name to the map on cuda_supported_cards.txt in adobe 5.0 first file!

    looks like this:

    GeForce GTX 285

    GeForce GTX 470

    GeForce GTX 580

    Quadro CX

    Quadro FX 3800

    Quadro FX 4800

    Quadro FX 5800

    Quadro 4000

    Quadro 5000

    Quadro 5000M

    and everything works well again

    Thank you

  • Why the Touch i.d. stops working?

    I.d. Touch will work for a day or two, but then it does not recognize the fingerprint. I understand that surfectants capable of affecting reading, but even if he is no lotion involved, it is not yet read the footprint. Any suggestions?

    Pwocmom wrote:

    I.d. Touch will work for a day or two, but then it does not recognize the fingerprint. I understand that surfectants capable of affecting reading, but even if he is no lotion involved, it is not yet read the footprint. Any suggestions?

    Use the ID Touch on iPhone and iPad - Apple Support

  • Why have my headphones have stopped working on my Vista machine?

    I checked in Control Panel and he repeats to me he works, but he does not cut the external speakers and only works in test mode.  Also, somewhere along the line while I was trying to fix the headphone setting completely gone.

    Hi TrafficGuy,

    1. you remember to make changes to the computer, after which the issue started?

    I suggest to try the steps from the link to the following article and check to see if it helps:

    No sound in Windows

    I hope this helps.

  • Why my wireless adapter has stop working on my brand new hp pavilion g7-1338dx.

    I ran the wizard network without success and reset my router several times. When I get it to connect, it will stay connected until I stopped. Then when I turn on the computer the next time it doesn, t want yo connect.

    It, s a new brand Paviloion HP g7-1338dx running Windows 7 Premium Home Edition.

    If you need more information, let me know!

    I appreciate all your advice, but I've had a lot a more simple solution. Got a new router from AT & T and Walla, no more problems.

    The only thing I can think to problems with my old router that supported 8032.11 a, b and the new router that supports 802. 11A, through 802.11 g

    Maybe it was the difference in the Protocol of security between the two and try to pass between the two.

  • Why my Adobe Encore has stopped working since I upgraded to Windows 10?

    When I try to launch again through the dynamic link in Adobe Premier, I get an error message "failed to initialize the Quicktime. Please try reinstalling Quicktime. "I follow this teaching, but the error just return. Does anyone else have this problem? And, an easy solution, I hope! Kind regards.

    To the question in your title... Still is 2012, WELL before Win10, if you're lucky, it works in all the

    An idea that MAY work to install or run some programs in Windows old 10

    -http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/15523-compatibility-mode-settings-apps-change-windows-1 0 - a.html

    For your problem of dynamic links, simply export it to Premiere Pro using a preset that is appropriate, such as MPEG2-DVD for DVD creation and import the files again (MPEG2-DVD preset creates two files, audio & videos, that is, still takes to creating DVDs)

  • Why suddenly first Elements 10 stop working after complaining about needing an update of the player

    First Elements 10 worked fine two days ago. Now he complains that the video card GEForce 220 required an update to the driver. But I have the latest version of the driver. Other users have the same problem, what I see on the GeForce support community. Adobe can fix?

    cjrenson wrote:

    I have the latest version of the driver.

    According to Windows, or http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx ?

  • Why not Bridge CS3 just stops working?


    As of today, I started having trouble with Bridge CS3. Out of the blue, just bridge cannot be launched more. I'm running 10.6.2 and it worked well, I changed nothing and like it, whenever I try to start the application - nothing. Just an error notification asking me if I want to report the accident or ignore it. The madman it is that everything works fine, only Bridge does not want to play with me.

    I have uninstalled all CS3 Design Standard, did a reboot, installed the whole package again - without any changes. Bridge just crashes at startup.

    Does anyone else have this problem a little bit? EC which could I / try?

    If you already have the discount cache files here is a workaround for a

    fresh start (but not guaranteed as it does in a new user, it can)

    also mean that corruption in your current user account).

    First launch apple disk utility and check and fix permissions

    If you already have not done. (you must do this anyway or use one)

    maintenance like Cocktail application to automate this process on a daily basis).

    Exit the bridge and in your username by default (the one with problems) go to the

    Manual and library user delete the Bridge2.plist preference file

    folder to the trash.

    In the same library, go to Caches Adobe Bridge CS3 and inherent grab the two files

    and drag them to the trash (or back up to a folder outside the library).

    Plist and cache files will renew it self rebooted after Bridge.

    Also hold down the option key while restarting the bridge after you remove the

    mentioned in the files, and then select Reset Preferences.

    All bridge prefs and interface to your own wishes and try again.

    Should I try copying all the files in a library to mine? Or is a

    full (I already tried as a first proposal of witch) to reinstall the only solution?

    Once again, thank you for your patience and your help!

  • Why my firefox toolbar button stop working when I update?

    I update to version 22.0 and my Firefox toolbar button no longer starts the browser.
    This also happens after that microsoft upgrades a new security update.
    I think microsoft is trying to trap the use of your browser...

    Please update for Firefox 22, then reset Firefox Firefox Refresh - discount to zero and settings modules

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  • Top of the tabs of the browser show strange anomaly

    See attached picture that some of the best of the tabs look like. Any ideas why this happens? Thank you!

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    I did not know that whenever I have move and update the Skype To Go number, I get a new access number. I have now 3 from different States. I'm in the United States. Any way I can delete the other access numbers while I only have 1?

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  • Office went Horizontal on me

    Suddenly my entire desktop computer went horizontal.  I don't know how to rotate 90 degrees.  I hope someone can help.  My neck pain.

  • Blue screen Memory Dump error - Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

    Hello I got the blue screen three times a week, the brand of my computer is Alienware M14X Signature of the problem:Problem event name: BlueScreenOS version: 6.1.7601. ID: 1033 More information about the problem:BCCode: 1aBCP1: 0000