Why address book to 'Write' by default to all addresses?

Before when I clicked on "Write" the sidebar showed my address book.
Now it shows 'All address books' - I don't want that.
How can I get this back to show my address book?

This forum is pretty well endowed, if that's the word, by volunteers. If you're unlucky, your message is not seen and gets moved down in the list. However, this is the recommended place to ask questions. Feel free to if you feel that your message has been overlooked.

All address books is a change to TB38 and I think that the loss of the ability to remember what address book you were using is an involuntary change. I know this is under development, and I expect to be corrected in the next version. Looks like an easy thing to fix, but the discussion between developers reveals the complications arising from the management of the new columns in the Contacts Sidebar and also the support of remote or external address books.

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