Why all the emails had been deleted from my Inbox?

I installed Thunderbird on my new computer laptop 2 days, used Windows mail on my previous laptop, had both synced but the emails were "gites deletion" since then. I use the IMAP service.



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  • How findout if all the partitions have been deleted and now a laptop that has Windows 8 operating system using Windows Vista with a shell IE 9?

    I bought a laptop broken at a friend's House. It is not used for the operating system windows 8 and wanted to use the Windows Vista operating system. Son of friends put in place this laptop for it, which was new when she bought in a retail store. Is there a way I can find out whether all the partitions have been deleted during the installation of Vista? I still see window 8 logo that I sign as an administrator user on this laptop.

    When I log on this computer, the previous owner of the screen name is the only one that appears. I go in Control Panel, click Add another account, then I see the screen name I posted. I could use the WiFi from my PC at home that Win 7 OS.

    When I started working with the laptop, I was able to bring control of the camera. Now I thought that the version that I use does not allow this operation. Be happy with any Positive help with my problems.

    Thank you

    Phil W.


    Start > type CMD

    Right click on CMD and select run as administrator

    Type diskmgmt.msc

    Press enter

    This opens where you can view the partitions on the disk management system

    Who has installed Windows Vista, your son or friend?  Fact that they create a dual boot environment or reformat?


    Multibooting requires separate partitions on the hard drive of your computer for each operating system.  To create and format a partition, see create and format a hard disk partition.

    To check if a dual boot system in place, start > Type msconfig

    Click on the Startup tab

    You see two operating systems listed?  Windows 8, Windows Vista


    I think that Windows 8 has the following partitions

    400 MB Partition Recovery (contains recovery information dated from before my upgrade)

    • 300 MB EFI System Partition
    • 350 MB Partition Recovery (contains information for recovery of my upgrade)
    • 17 GB Partition Recovery
    • 220 GB of Partition primary

    Windows Vista has drive C and drive D

    Done reformatting refers to a hard disk or partition that already has been formatted or that contains data on it. Reformatting a disk deletes all the data on the disk.

  • How to import bookmarks Firefox to a hard drive in another PC Firefox browser? The hard drive containing the bookmark has been deleted from a computer whose mother is dead, but the hard drive can be recognized outside on the new computer.

    How to import bookmarks Firefox to a hard drive in another PC Firefox browser? The hard drive containing the bookmark has been deleted from a computer whose mother is dead, but the hard drive can be recognized outside on the new computer.

    See this support article:


  • Why all the emails Outlook express opens at the far right of the screen?

    Why all the emails Outlook express opens at the far right of the screen? I have to take the cursor to the top right of the computer screen, then click to maximize the file so that it opens to the normal size and location. Does not try to 'change' the file to the normal position. Thank you

    Any window that you want to resize all the time must be the last closed window.

    Take the corners of the window and drag it to the format full screen. Do not use to expand. Close all other windows first via the taskbar and the latter. Windows will remember the size of the last closed window the next time that you open the program.

  • Can Hi, please someone confirm to me why all my songs have been deleted?

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    Yes maybe Apple Music Deleted All Non-Purchased Music

  • All the drivers have been removed from my pc.

    Device Manager is a blank slate, no data at all.   Have Dell with Windows XP GX289. Don't know how it happened, but there is music and photo files I want.  Any suggestions?


    1. you get any error message?

    2 have had any changes made to the computer before the show?

    Please follow the methods.

    Method 1:

    Follow the steps in the link.

    None of the items appear in the device list manager when you open

    Method 2:

    Follow the steps in the link.

    Important: This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

    Device Manager and network connections may be blank after you install Windows XP Service Pack 3

  • Why all the account folders are created inside my Inbox instead of on the same plane?

    Adding 2 accounts in Thunderbird it will only create the folders, trash, Junk, sent, Archive and models inside the Inbox. I want that they all on the same level as the Inbox as in my other 3 accounts.

    This is usually defined by the IMAP server, that some have so on one level, others insist that they hang out of the Inbox.

    Take a look in the menu (alt + T) tools > account settings > server settings > advanced

    Under the personal namespace, try inserting "Inbox" but make sure that you enable allow the server to roll over. If this is the Inbox, change to «» Sometimes these work, sometimes they do not. Really depends on the server.

  • You will need to select the rows that have been deleted from the table.

    Please help me with this query

    I'm trying to find the records has been deleted from a table.

    I know recovery flash but I want to check with the request.

    Please help me with this...

    You can see the folders by using the flashback feature, if it is available in the undo data

    SQL> delete from tbl_x;
    3 rows deleted.
    SQL> commit;
    Commit complete.
    SQL> select * from tbl_x;
    no rows selected
    SQL> select * from tbl_x as of timestamp to_timestamp(sysdate-5/24/60);
    ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- --------- ---------
             1         20         10          5          5 01-JAN-01 01-JAN-02
             1         10          5          5          0 11-MAY-01 11-MAY-03
             2          4          4          0          0 15-FEB-02 15-FEB-03
  • Why all my emails are coming as spam in my Inbox skymail

    Why all my emails come as spamin my skymail Inbox

    Ask skymail support.

  • My main computer crashed and the data has been retrieved from the hard drive, including all of my Outlook Express dbx files

    I'll provide too much information because those of us who are computer knuckleheads think that everything is important since it is a mystery to us.

    My main computer crashed and the data has been retrieved from the hard drive, including all of my Outlook Express dbx files. There are four years of e-mails in these files and critical that I be able to open them.

    My only working computer running XP. It has Outlook Express is installed on it and was once used for e-mail, but not more and not implemented with my ISP to send or receive if it matters at all. Other that the sending and receiving of all the other functions of the OE program appear to be operational.

    I have read many explanations on how to open the files dbx on different sites - all is completely different and most seem well beyond my skill level.

    There is a fairly painless way to open these files? I don't want to try anything that could damage them. Please... any solution please guide me through in its simplest form - I am 64 but pretend you are explaining the process to a 7 year old. Yes, I'm that lame!

    Sorry for writing a novel and thank you to all who take their time to help the ignorant!

    I advise you to immediately copies of your DBX files restored. Save the duplicates in a place safe, and don't mess with them.
    Then try using one of the various tutorials that you have found on the Internet by using a copy of your DBX files restored.
    I did it a few times, but years ago and I DBX http://www.techrepublic.com/forums/questions/how-i-open-corrupted-dbx-files-in-oe/ visualization tool
    You just continue to make attempts, using a tutorial after another.
    As long as you have these unchanged copies of backup of your DBX files, you should survive it - other than frustration. Email PC remains a mess.

  • How to restore pictures that have been deleted from Lightroom, but not removed from the 'drive '?

    How to restore pictures that have been deleted from Lightroom, but not removed from the 'drive '? Also, how can I restore photos after saving Lightroom. I started to remove some files and it removed ALL of them! I chose the option "cancel delete files" and them brought back, she says they are all "missing or offline. I tried to 'find' a different folder and it deleted the folder all together and now I don't know where he is. Help, please!

    How to restore pictures that have been deleted from Lightroom, but not removed from the 'drive '?

    You need a backup of your Lightroom catalog file before deleting the photos made. You have such a backup? If so, find the backup catalog, open it (double click on it) and then search for the photos you want and select them and then file-> export catalogue; Then go to your original catalog file, open it and select file-> import from another catalog and points to the catalog that you just exported.

    If you do not have a backup of your catalog file, then the only thing you can do is to import the photos again, and Lightroom will treat them as totally new photos with no editing and no metadata provided by the user.

    Moreover, the idea of importing photos into Lightroom and then later removing them to Lightroom should is limited to photos you will EVER want such a photos that are so overexposed or underexposed or blurred that they are essentially useless. The photos that you care enough to run a task on (including editing) should never be removed from Lightroom.

    Also, how can I restore photos after saving Lightroom.

    Is this the same problem as above, or another?

    I chose the option "cancel delete files" and them brought back, she says they are all "missing or offline.

    Is it possible that you actually deleted pictures from the hard disk, as well as from Lightroom? Anyway, Lightroom cannot find the photos and you first need to find photos on your hard drives and then direct Lightroom to the location of the photo on your hard drive, using these instructions Adobe Lightroom - find folders and files moved or missing

  • What I have to delete all the emails by hand or I can delete them all at the same time?

    How do delet all the emails at once?

    You can delete several at once. Press the button "Edit" in the mailbox, select e-mail then press on "trash".

    they must be selected one by one, there is no "select all" I remember

    If you have a lot to remove you may wish to do so outside the mail application. If your email provider has a web interface, use it. For example, I have yahoo mail, I use safari to go to yahoo.com and connect to my mail. then I will be able to select many emails at once (or maybe if your email provider supply)

    Can be faster if you have dozens, hundreds of delete

  • How can I delete all the email our except one

    How to delet all the email our except one

    Try the tools | Accounts show the accounts and then you can delete what you want.  If this does not help, then check out the suggestions of Fazil.


  • Problems to access emails due to the area of security of Windows and all the emails have disappeared from the Inbox

    I have a HP with Windows Vista computer.  For the last few days whenever I try to access my email using Windows Mail, a Windows security box appears you request for my user name and password that are not accepted when I type in and to "allow" with a lock symbol appears low to the right of the screen, where "incoming mail" would normally appear. I get the occasional batch of e-mails through but only once per day.  Two days ago, all of my original emails (about 1,000) have disappeared from my Inbox.  I rang my phone co co/email, microsoft and the manufacturers of my coomputer, but everyone tells me problem of is the other company.  Meanwhile, I am really concerned about all the emails that I lost.  Can anyone suggest how to get rid of this security box and restore all my lost emails?  Help!


    1. Since when are you facing this problem?

    2 did you changes to Windows Mail settings?

    I suggest you follow these methods and check.

    Method 1:  Windows message store can be damaged or corrupted.  You can try to rebuild the message store.

    Rebuild the Windows Mail message store

    Note: Follow the method 1 first, which is mentioned in the link above.  If rebuilding the message store does not help, follow method 2 to rebuild the Windows Mail folder.

    Method 2: Solve problems with Windows Mail




    I also suggest you to update the virus for your anti-virus definitions. In addition, make sure you have all the windows security updates installed on your computer.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you.

  • Why do a '? ' at the beginning of all the emails I send? for example? Hello

    Why do a '? ' at the beginning of all the emails I send?  for example? Hello

    Usually it is a question that is perceived by users of Windows Live Mail and these doubts must be addressed to www.windowslivehelp.com

    But if it's a question of Windows Mail, then check which fonts you use and maybe it's a police problem, or if use you paper, it could be related to that (attempt to dial with no stationery).  See also www.oehelp.com/OETips.aspx#15 to see if its related to IE9.  You can also try compacting and repairing the database (see www.oehelp.com/WMUtil/), although I doubt that this would affect the display.


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