Why am I getting errors on the updates of windows I have vista and receive updates for xp with 0000057e erros

Windows Update error

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Follow these steps to solve the problem.

-->> Go to Windows Update and search for an update marked "Failed".
-->> Click on "View Update History".
-->> When you see the update history, click the link as if you were going to download the update.
-->> Do not download, but instead, click 'Run' and run the update.
-->> During the update, you will get errors - JUST click ON 'Ignore' and go through the errors.
-->> The update complete, although history will show always 'Impossible' for once.
-->> Next time Windows Update is run, she sees that the update takes place and mark the update given as a 'success'

That should solve the problem for you.
Thank you.

UDAY $012 please let me know that whether the solution worked or not, I thank you and appreciate your comments. URGO

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