Why an amplification of the RAM does not change the index performnance of windows vista?

Why an amplification of the RAM does not change the index performnance of windows Vista?


I m not very well, but maybe you have more than 3 GB of RAM and Vista 32 bit.
Usually the 32 bit OS is capable to manage and send only 3.2 GB.
The more than 3.2 GB RAM will not operating system used and therefore would not increase the index
In addition the laptop will be not really faster after upgrading RAM. You will notice better performance using applications at the same time, but this does not affect the index of Vista.
But this is only my personal hypothesis.

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    I suggest you do a system restore from a command prompt or from the Windows recovery environment. Check if you are able to connect. Follow step 1.

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    Yes... adding or removing items from the timeline should change the duration of the project.
    The files in your component collections have no effect on the duration of the project.

    I suggested that you publish in the movie .wmv format to see if the version with clips
    removed would still last for 02:42.

    As I have said from the beginning... creating several small projects may be your solution.

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  • Satellite Pro P300 - Fn + f5 combination does not change the monitor

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    Thank you, best regards,.



    In my opinion the previous action (installation of the catalyst hotkeys and reinstalled the hotkey driver) is the reason why the FN + F5 does not work properly.

    In my opinion, you should clean the registry first.
    Use CCleaner. It s free and cleans up the registry.
    In addition, you must remove the catalyst shortcut keys because this may affect the Toshiba FN Hotkey feature.
    Finally, install the Toshiba drivers from the Toshiba page
    More info (right on the Toshiba driver page), you will find details on the tools simple and drivers and what are they for...

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    It is impossible to install the new drivers or update a firmware somehow
    (pilot: after rebooting, the old drivers are loaded again (but I uninstalled them))
    (firmware update: I still got the message: invalid drive to update f/w)

    I hope that someone of you can help me ;)


    What did you mean with the work of t car doesn?
    You are not able to burn or read the media?

    The error message says it all. I think you re not able to update the firmware because the firmware is not supported on this drive.

    Try to remove the drive from Device Manager, and then shut down the laptop.
    Usually after restarting again the operating system should recognize the drive again.
    If this does not help, you can try to remove the drive from the laptop. Turn on the unit, then go into windows. The reader should disappear. Then stop and reset the drive in the notebook. After this procedure the laptop must load the firmware again.

    It will be useful.

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    My laptop (Toshiba Satellite L30 PSL33E) provided with Windows Vista but it is very slow with this OS and one of my friends downgrade my OS XP.
    But now my DVD-RAM does not burn!

    Install the driver DVD - RAM Toshiba v the European driver Toshiba page

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    If you asked for examples:

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    -l' 'position' indicator belongs outside the case statement, any write on this indicator ("unnecessary local"!)

    -Why is there an additional wait inside the case? Do you really need that as you expect in the while loop?

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    Then you say: "my plan is to have ten independent loops like the top.

    This is the reason for using subvis. You can have as many loops as you want, but only need to code once the algorithm ("duplicate code").

    More comments on why I recommend some "realignment"?

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    So many entries of URL blocker, Adobe, this is the reason why you are unable to activate the CC apps.

    Follow the procedure below:

    • Remove all entries that has name of adobe. Then close the Textedit, it will Autosave.
    • Make sure that there is no entry of Adobe on the inside.
    • Then copy and paste the Hosts file in folder etc.
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  • Dreamweaver CS4: change/rename a .flv - does not change the script code

    Hi all

    I do some changes to a site that does everything at the time using CS3.  The site has many, many pages that have embedded .flv files.  All these files have been updated with new videos, so now that I have to go back and change the links for them all.  I'm used to be able to click on the placeholder of the flash on the page and then edit the file link in the Properties window.  Now, it seems that in CS4 when you change the name of the file in this window it only changes the file name in the section object of noscript code but it does not change in the AC_FL_RunContent in the code section.  Me missing something, there was a preference setting in DW I missed somewhere that would make two references to a multimedia file will change when it changes in the Properties window?

    Thank you


    CS4 uses different code to insert flv as CS3, which is probably why it does not recognize and replace the old code.

    This means that you probably need to re - insert the FLV into your pages using the insert in CS4 for this option Update automatically on rename.


  • iPad smart keyboard does not change the language after updating iOS 10

    Smart keyboard on the iPad (in English) does not change after updating to iOS 10, put in language. He's stuck in English. Pressing on the globe (change language button) displays the language menu, but after selecting the language, the keyboard is still in English.

    I have reset all settings. Erase all keyboards, adding them again.

    Any ideas? Does anyone have the same problem?

    Howdy, rapretzan! Thank you for using the Apple support community!

    Great work to solve your problem until now! Apparently to reset all the settings and erasing/re-adding keyboards for iPad Pro still isn't allowing you to change the language since the upgrade to iOS 10. I'll be happy to help you.

    How to back up your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - in order to get your keyboard working properly, I'll have reinstall you the iOS. Please backup your personal data to keep it safe.

    Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore the iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings - you will need to use iTunes on a computer to clear completely your iPad you can install a new copy.

    The first time, select "Set up as new iPad" and ignore connecting them to iTunes and App Store and iCloud. See if you are able to get back with your Smart keyboard languages. If you are, go to the next step.

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