Why Apple does not have a backup battery for Apple devices?

Why Apple does not have a backup battery for Apple device? Recommended us that of our full when we are on the road, so they should do a backup battery for their devices instead of other companies do. The backup battery that I use for my iPhone 5 c don't let my phone screen timeout as he does when I'm with the regular wall charger. Can anyone help?


Consult the manual for your backup battery.  There should be a switch or a button to activate the phone load.  It should not be left in charge mode all the time because the phone thinks it has unlimited power when charging, so disabled several energy-saving features (like display sleep, closing a connection Wi - Fi when he sleeps).

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    I have all kinds of helmets that work very well.

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    In the United States, you can get them in many stores for less then $10 for Motorola is saving most of us who do not use wired headphones. I have a set that runs in my backpack as a backup, but I always forget it's there and use the phone without it.

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    If you want to install Windows 8.1 clean, but have only a product key Windows 8, you must install Windows 8.1 with a placeholder key - keys of the placeholder will be not - activate and change your product key for Windows 8 key.

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    Try an older driver installed in compatibility mode

    To run in compatibility mode do the following:

    Click with the right button on the installer > properties > compatibility > choose OS


  • I purchased Adobe Lightroom 5 who arrived on a disc.  My new computer does not have a D drive (for dvd or cd).  I'll be able to download my Lightroom 5 on my new system via an online connection?

    I purchased Adobe Lightroom 5 who arrived on a disc.  My new computer does not have a D drive (for dvd or cd).  I'll be able to download my Lightroom 5 on my new system via an online connection?


    Download it from

    Adobe - Lightroom: For Windows: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.1

    Adobe - Lightroom: For Macintosh: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.1

    Install and enter your serial number.

  • Why Canon does not have old adapters for my SLR camera lenses? I can get them with Sony, but not for Canon

    I have an old Canon Ftb with a goal of 1.4 fd. I'm getting into digital cameras now (just to have a 12 G for now, mainly used for underwater photography). I would like to stay with Canon, but I'm very annoyed that Canon doesn't have a way to continue to use their old lenses. Nikon, for all their flaws are much better at you can continue to use your old stuff.

    Then I find that if I'm going to Sony (Yes, really, Sony) can I use my lenses from Canon ol via an adapter. This my Canon, tell me it ain't so. You must have a way, I just have not yet discovered.

    There are many challenges with this and the "adapters" are to be considered with a certain scepticism.

    The FD lenses are mechanical - no electronics.  The case of the unit, on the other hand, has an electronic interface for the lens - nothing of mechanics.   This means that if you set the goal, you would have to manually set the aperture but also of manual focus of the lens.

    Your Canon DSLR had a split Prism focusing in the viewfinder to help.  A new camera does not work.  The reason why there is no help from the development is because most of the lenses are autofocus so it is simply not necessary.  This makes it particularly difficult to tell when you've worn exactly the goal.  Making it even more difficult is that any device with a sensor size of APS - C (most of them) have a small viewfinder that you had on your Canon SLR photography.

    In addition, the lenses are optimized for a specific back focus distance.  Canon's EOS cameras have a depth of 44 m from the mounting flange of lens at the front of the body at the level of development within the body.  When you use an adapter, it modifies that distance.  If you change too much, the lens behaves as if it is mounted with extension tubes, the entire range of focus is moved closer to the camera, and it can be is no longer able to focus to infinity.

    There are 3 parties that make these lenses... conversion kits but they do them for a few drinks (not all) and that they require a bit of surgery on the goal (e.g. this level which protrudes beyond the rear of the lens used to set the aperture value should go).

    But... the modern lenses are just so much better than the old FD lenses.   Requires really quite the dozen FD lens to make it interesting this fuss.  Also, I own a Canon SLR (AE-1) and a few glasses of FD... but have no interest in trying to use one of these lenses on my EOS DSLR cameras.

    I think that this question almost as Ford asking why they do not wheel adapters let wheels it T model mount on a Mustang of 2015.  The new wheels are so much better than the old wheels, you want to continue to use the old wheels.

    Leave your old lenses in the past.  Mine are on the shelf alongside my AE-1... body as a conversation piece.  I don't actually use them.

  • File.upload ActionScript does not work on Air SDK for iOS devices

    I try to use the ActionScript File.upload to transfer a file on Air SDK for iOS environment, but the File.upload does not work properly. No event on the file upload handler is executed after File.upload is called, and no exception is caught. When I check the side network traffic server, I found no application http even didn't hit the server after execution of File.upload. The code is below.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------

    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"? >

    " < = xmlns:fx s:View ' http://ns.Adobe.com/MXML/2009 "xmlns:s ="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark"title ="HomeView"> "

    < fx:Declarations >

    <! - Place non-visual elements (e.g., services, items of value) here - >

    < / fx:Declarations >

    < fx:Script >

    <! [CDATA]

    private var file:File;

    private var dir:File;

    This method is executed to create a file and download it when you press the download button.

    protected void OnUploadButtonPressed(event: MouseEvent): void {}

    trace ("upload button clicked");

    var urlReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest ("");

    urlReq.method = URLRequestMethod.POST;

    var str:String = "this is test";

    var imageBytes:ByteArray = new ByteArray();

    for (var i: int = 0; i < str.length; i ++) {}

    imageBytes.writeByte (str.charCodeAt (i));


    trace ("size =" + imageBytes.length);

    try {}

    dir = File.applicationStorageDirectory

    I also tested in several different directories

    dir = File.createTempDirectory ();

    dir = File.documentsDirectory;

    var today: Date = new Date();

    var filename:String = 'IMG' + now.fullYear + now.month + now.day + now.hours + now.minutes + now.seconds + now.milliseconds + ".txt";

    file = dir.resolvePath (filename);

    var stream: FileStream = new FileStream();

    Stream.Open (file, FileMode.WRITE);

    stream.writeBytes (imageBytes);

    Stream.Close ();

    Review the content of the file to check if the file is written successfully.

    var readStream:FileStream = new FileStream();

    readStream.open (file, FileMode.READ);

    var: string result = readStream.readUTFBytes (readStream.bytesAvailable);

    trace ("rear read result =" + result); The result is shown here as planned.

    file.addEventListener (Event.COMPLETE, uploadComplete);

    file.addEventListener (IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, ioError);

    file.addEventListener (SecurityErrorEvent.SECURITY_ERROR, securityError);

    file.addEventListener (ErrorEvent.ERROR, someError);

    file.addEventListener (ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, onProgress);

    file.upload (urlReq); This line does not work. No handler is executed. No http request struck the coast server.

    trace ("after file upload test");

    } catch (error) {}

    trace (e);



    Complete Manager

    private function uploadComplete (event: Event): void


    trace ("Upload successful.");


    IOError handler

    private void ioError (error: IOErrorEvent): void


    trace ("Upload failed:"+ error.text ");


    Manager SecurityError

    private void securityError(error:SecurityErrorEvent):void {}

    trace ("security error:" + error.text);


    Another Manager

    private void someError(error:ErrorEvent):void {}

    trace ("an error" + error.text);


    Progress Manager

    private void onProgress(event:ProgressEvent):void {}

    trace ("progressHandler");


    This method is executed to call the URLLoader.load when the delicate touch.

    protected void OnTrickyButtonPressed(event: MouseEvent): void {}

    var urlReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest (""); This points to a server not - exist

    urlReq.method = URLRequestMethod.POST;

    urlReq.data = new ByteArray();

    var loader: URLLoader = new URLLoader();

    try {}

    Loader.Load (urlReq); This line is very important in iOS7. He decides if the latter file.upload may work.

    But in iOS8, file.upload does not work even if that line is executed.

    trace ("after urlloader load");

    } catch (error) {}

    trace (e);



    []] >

    < / fx:Script >

    < s:Button = "200" x = "200" width = "400" height = "200" label = "Upload" click = "OnUploadButtonPressed (event)" / > "

    < s:Button = "200" x = "500" width = "400" height = "200" label = "Tricky" click = "OnTrickyButtonPressed (event)" / > "

    < / s:View >

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------

    When it is run on the simulator of the Air, it works very well as expectedand the file is successfully downloaded to the server. But when run on iOS devices (in my case, iPad), as I explained at the beginning, no event on the file upload handler is executed and not the http request has even hit the server. So I think that the problem may come from the client side.

    During my attempt to solve the problem, I found something complicated about this problem on iOS7. In other words, if you call the URLLoader.load method (although the URLLoader.load points to an address non-existed) before calling the File.upload method, the File.upload will work as expected on iOS7. Specifically, when the above OnTrickyButtonPressed method is run before the OnUploadButtonPressedmethod, File.upload will succeed on iOS7. But this only happens on iOS7. On iOS8, File.upload still refuses to work, regardless of knowing if the URLLoader.load is executed before.

    I think in my case, the problem is not the problem of sandbox or a session of Firefox problem described in the two links below, because not even a http request hit the side server. It seems that the Air SDK for iOS comes to fail send the http reason request any.


    http://StackOverflow.com/questions/351258/how-do-i-make-Flex-file-upload-work-on-Firefox-a nd-safari

    To make my problem clear, I list my environment below:

    • Development environment: Windows7 (64-bit) / Mac os 10.9.4 (tested on both OS platforms.)
    • IDE: Flash Builder 4.7
    • Air SDK: 3.8 / 16.0.0 (after that I have updated to the latest Air SDK 16.0.0, problem persists.)
    • Application server: Tomcat7 + spring

    Finally, I want to mention that download the file using URLLoader.load isn't an option in my case because I want to download large files in the future, which cannot be addressed with the URLLoader.load.

    I struggled with this for days. If I really appreciate it if anyone has an idea about this.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi KA RYU.

    We have reproduced the issue successfully, our team would work on it.


  • Why Firefox does not have a video, but Chrome is?

    I tried to watch a video using Firefox, but the window where the video should play never loaded. It remained just a black image. So, I tried the same page using Chrome, just to make sure that the site was good and the video played using the Chrome browser.

    The site, I tried to display in Forefox, but would not play the video, was:


    I have flash player 11.9.900.700 installed and activated plugin (add-o) n.

    I don't know what else to try to verify, or even if this video is a flash video.

  • Why Lightroom does not have "save under"?

    Often, when you change a single image, "save under" would be more useful, instead of export, which is much more complex to use you have to change the destination one other things.

    Thank you

    Not sure if I understand what you want to do, but...

    The changes you make in LR are automatically saved in the catalog, and you can close the program, start it again and continue where you left off.

    You can then see your previous changes in the history panel. There is therefore no need (or ability) to save the image.

    If you need an image for a spesific purpose, use of export.

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    I installed CS6 on a stand-alone computer.  I went through the process of activating offline, but the access code that was generated will not produce an activation code.  I tried several times and even tried another after 7 days without success.  When I enter the code and serial number, he told me that the two are not valid.

    Since this is an open forum, not Adobe support... you must contact Adobe personnel to help

    Chat/phone: Mon - Fri 05:00-19:00 (US Pacific time) <===> NOTE DAYS AND TIME

    Don't forget to stay signed with your Adobe ID before accessing the link below

    Serial number and activation support (non - CC)


  • HP 8600 printer range does not have the correct password for the wireless access

    OK, it's frustrating. New HP 8600 printer will not check the password to my wireless internet. I am sure that the passrod as I type this IS 100% correct. I am trying to connect to a router from Apple. I used this password for a period of fuse, and have several Mac laptop and a new LG TV connected wirelessly. Any ideas before taking the machine back? Thank you

    Set the printer back to the default settings and try again.  In no joy, hard reset the router, reconfigure your settings and try again.

  • Acer does not have any spare part for the B326HK monitor.

    I bought on 11.06.2014 in the monitor of Belgium a B326HK 4 K and it was after 2 days already broken. The monitor has been sent to the Acer service center, but it seems that they have no spare parts. I've had better service expected of Acer. Their explanation is that it is a fairly new monitor and they can get difficult spare parts. Are there people who are facing this problem?

    @ Cory. Today I finally received news of Acer with the message that the motherboard of the monitor showed an error. Because apparently these motherboards are currently difficult to obtain, Acer will send me a new monitor. When I read here on the forum about problems that have other owners of this Acer B326HK, I think they could actually sit with the same faulty motherboard in their monitor.

  • Why HCL does not list the conditions required for the 4.1?

    I tried the last document HCL (July 1) to determine if our current hardware (IBM x 3650) is supported for the 4.1.

    The last entry is 4.0U2, but nowhere in the document see when SOMETHING is listed for 4.1.

    Can we get up a new HCL which includes 4.1?  I am planning an upgrade and suppose that x 3650 will work with 4.1.  The hinky given matrices requirements I see in other parts of the whole package (my eye is on you, SQL database matrix...), it seems that VMWare needs to devote a lot of resources to update the doco and explaining why they need increase their db requirements!

    > if a 4.1 update will be at high risk or low risk

    4.1 update IMHO the risk is low. And you can reinstall 4.0u2 anyway, if something goes wrong. Should be hmmm... about 20 minutes.


    MCSA, MCTS Hyper-V, VCP 3/4, VMware vExpert


  • This computer does not have an enough space to the temperory files: error Code 0 x 80004005: upgrade of Vista


    I am trying to upgrade to Vista home premium, Vista ultimate, but get the error continues on the execution of the installation program. Here is the error msg:

    This computer does not have a sufficient space for temporary files. Windows installation needs at least 445 MB of space on any partition for temporary files

    Error code: 0 x 800004005

    I want to just point out that I have 4 partition and each partition have at least 5 GB of free space on the disk with one of them having 35 GB of free space.

    Would be grateful if someone can help me solve this problem



    Hello Vik.in,

    If you upgrade your Windows Vista,

    1. Open Control Panel by clicking the Start button, and then click Control Panel.
    2. Click on system and security.
    3. Click on Administrative Tools.
    4. Double-click computer management. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    5. In the navigation pane, click on disk management under storage.
    6. Select the volume that contains the existing installation of Windows Vista. In general, it is the C drive.
    7. Right-click on the volume and select Mark Partition as Active.
    8. Click Yes to confirm the action

      Note At this point, the existing Windows installation will not be able to start until the remaining steps are complete.

    9. Close computer management.
    10. Insert the Windows Vista DVD.
    11. Restart the computer.
    12. Use the Windows Vista DVD to start the computer.
    13. Choose the desired language and keyboard settings and then click Next.
    14. Click repair your computer at the bottom left of the screen.
    15. When you are prompted to repar startup data, click repair and restart.
    16. After the computer restarts, repeat steps 12 through 14.
    17. If your computer has only one installation of Windows, click Next. Otherwise, choose the correct installation of WIndows, and then click Next.
    18. Click on the link of the Startup Repair tool .
    19. Click Finish once the repair is complete. The computer should reboot to Windows Vista.
    20. Start the upgrade using the Windows Vista DVD

    Here is a link to the article that talks about it:


    Hope it would work, answer back if it does not work.

    See you soon
    Syed Irfan

  • Why my iPhone 4 does not have my last backup?

    Why my iPhone 4 does not have my last backup? My 6 has been stolen so I try everything set up on my old iPhone 4.  When I tried to restore from iCloud not found my last backup. I backed up my phone stolen defiantly

    The backup of the iPhone 6 is not compatible with the iPhone 4.  Just a guess.

Maybe you are looking for