Why can I not move objects to the bottom of the timeline in the video?


Why can't I move the new object I inserted (this is a PNG image) all down the timeline just above the video/audio? That's where I need?

I edit the video with stripes, zooms and slices. I really hope that I can move it to the bottom of the timeline.

Thank you


This a cpvc of the project, right? Several chronologies are open when necessary, and it is indeed not possible (as in cptx projects) to change the stacking order. However, this could be a workaround: move the timeline you want to down horizontally until you have an empty space: you can then move it to the bottom. You'll go up the other deadlines in the location where you want to have this object at the bottom... Then, you will have to move again. Very heavy, I think it's much easier to think before you add objects and add them in the right order. CPVC-feature did not get much attention, after it was introduced, it is probably not that popular?

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    Thank you


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    Thank you


    Your second video suggests a video driver issue. Try to update the driver and if that helps.

    The next thing to do is to reset the preferences.

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    Hi Johan,.

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    - Abhishek Maurya

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    Thank you


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    Kind regards


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    > But it's as if there is a vacuum of cells it take up space. Page
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    > Thank you!

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