Why can I not see the tabs that are on my other computer?

I have synced with another computer and it is said that it is connected and I can see my favorites, but why can't I see the tabs that I frequently use on another computer?

History > 'tabs on other computers.

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  • Why can I not see the Images that I just uploaded?

    Hi all! I recently installed Lightroom 3 on another computer and am unable to see the images that are imported.  Any suggestions?  Currently I am them see as gray boxes with no displayable picture.  They do not display a broken image or missing link.  Any reason why this is happenning?

    You can see all the images in this catalogue on the new machine? If you can not see my second point.


  • Why can I not see the tab in my dashboard of BC?

    DEVELOP the tab is not visible, where there should be (black top next to preview, edit, manage toolbar).

    I've attached a screenshot of my dashboard for CHANGESSB.COM (the site I ask) and a screenshot from another site of BC I confess, BIRTHDAYMONTAGE.COM, where the tab develop * fact * appear as it is supposed to. I have the same billing for sites and the same permissions admin plan.

    Help, please!

    -max oswald

    [email protected]

    Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.55.57 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.57.24 PM.png

    You are not a partner of the other site, so you don't see it.

  • Why can I not see the Middle East feature on my verion on Indesign CS6?

    Why can I not see the Middle East feature on my verion on Indesign CS6?

    To see what features of the Middle East, you need to uninstall your current language, and then install the Middle Eastern English version.

    To do this:

    1. On Windows, uninstall from the Control Panel. On Mac OS X, use the Uninstall Adobe InDesign CS6 link under Applications > utilities > Adobe Installers.
    2. Launch the Adobe Application Manager and click on your name on the left, and on the shortcut menu, choose Preferences.
    3. Change the field of the English- language Middle Eastern.
    4. Reinstall InDesign.

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    Thanks for that - now I see my original question, which remains unanswered (except someone telling me to use another browser!). You are also able to help with this one please?

    (I can send screenshots to illustrate the problem, if it helps...)

    Soon, K

  • IM using Skype on a samsung galexy s5 why can I not see the other videos of people who uses a laptop?

    Why can't I see the other video of people on my samsung galexy s5 if they are on a laptop?

    Theybsay they can see me, but all I see is myself. I just downloaded Skype 3 days ago so id assume that it is the most recent version.

  • Why can I not see the button reload default, at the end of the toolbar, no matter what I do?

    I use XP SP2, the first download of FF4, it won't save (it shows that the default button, but then not see the/save! I downloaded another very similar PC with FF4, and it shows allright!) Please can you help me?

    Try to reset the toolbars and controls as shown in the last section of this article to support - https://support.mozilla.com/kb/Back+and+forward+or+other+toolbar+items+are+missing

  • Why can I not see the left most tab in a window with FF6?

    My problem is that when I upgraded to FF6 and started firefox in some left windows that most tab is hidden, what should I do to be able to see all my tabs? I don't have this problem with FF4 as the latest version of FF5 and FF6. I started to FF4, and was reluctant to upgrade because of this problem. Can I access the tab to the tab group, but I see it as an unnecessary step. Maybe you should stop having lunch with your neighbors of microsoft.

    I've seen that a few times myself in Firefox 6.

    Close this tab (Ctrl + W) and the restoration of the tab (Shift + Ctrl + T) to make the tab appear on the tab bar.

  • Why can I not see the files in my Windows Explorer document library?

    I saved several PDF files in a folder in my library of documents, but I can't seen from Windows Explorer.  When I go to save another file, I can see the previous ones I saved from the browser to 'Rescue', but I don't see them anywhere else.  Why not?

    The padlock icon means that the files are not shared with others.  If you right click on the folder and choose "Share with" menu, you can remove the lock (but doing so allows anyone on your network to see your files).

    Regarding files jpeg appears not, have you tried pressing F5 to force the file to refresh?
    If this does not work, please respond and let me know.  It could be that the files are not saved to your documents, but in fact a system such as "C:\Program Files\Ancentry\" folder.
  • Why can I not see the rule even if it is enabled?

    I hate to ask what seems like such a repair question, but having recently spent CS4 to cc2014 I have difficulties with many changes. The most recent is the reason why I can't see the rule or guide? No they are not greyed out choices on the view menu, and yes they are 'checked '. It must be something very simple, but with a lot of frustration I can't understand it. and in case it is important, I am trying Windows 7.

    Right.  Live View is your only option in these layouts.  But if you use FGLayouts, chances are that you have not need leaders, since everything is built on widths of %.

    Nancy O.

  • Why can I not use the tab key to highlight the links on a Web page?

    In previous versions of FF and in other browsers, I use the tab key to navigate through all the links on a Web page - I can't do this with FF5, the tab key will highlight only the address bar, search bar, and any form of fields on a Web page.

    Using the button tab to navigate through the links on a page is an accessibility feature, and I use it often to display links to jump hidden at the top of a Web page for users who prefer the keyboard on a mouse and assistive technologies.

    Is this something that can be turned on in the preferences? Or is there a reason why it has been removed from this version?

    It can be fixed in Mac OS X Tiger preferences (keyboard-> "all controls") or try a ctr - F7

  • Why can I not see the files I back up by using the backup and restore of Vista

    Can someone help me?  I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 and implemented backup and restore feature Vista so that every Sunday he automatically backs up my computer to my external drive.  I was on the computer when he said it starts up and that upward was completed successfully.  I assummed everything was fine until today when I show my father my drive external and noticed that none of the backup of files were there... or at least I did not see them.  The only files on the disk were the ones I put manually on here from my old computer.  I then ran a manual upward using Vista and again it says backup successfully completed.  I then watched the external hard drive and once again no new files.  The strange thing is the back up and restore program shows all the dates he has saved and also allows me to restore files from the back to the top.  To do this, I deleted a file I didn't really need out of my hard drive and then is gone to restore program and found the file and restored.  Problem is that the program does not say where he makes the file from.  What is going on?  Are backup files of certain types of hidden file I don't see unless I use the backup and restore program under vista?  I am currently running Vista Home Premium on a 32 bit system and the external hard drive I have is a Western Digital My Book Essential Edition.

    Windows backup is stored in a folder with the same name as your computer.  Open a command prompt and type echo %ComputerName% or startup, right-click on computer, properties.  You should see that % ComputerName % folder on your external drive, and in this context, a backup set. Steve Hebert - MVP Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Why can I not see the outline of the entire brush? (CS5)

    When you use a broad brush, the brush outline preview is get truncated to a square about 64 x 64 (did not measure exactly).

    How can I see the whole outline?

    Thank you


    This could indicate that you are using very old nVidia display drivers with limitations inherent cursor.

    Usually, it is corrected by visiting the web site of the manufacturer of your video card and download/install from their most recent album of driver for your hardware and your BONES.


  • When I see a list of playlists on my iPhone, why can I not see the art of the playlist icon in iOS10?

    When I go into the app music, then choose a folder to synchronize playlists, I see a list of playlists, but the art of icon playlist just displays like this kind of gear purplish in a square. If I select a specific playlist, then I see the art of the playlist at the top of the page and that's fine - but I also want to see in the previous list.

    This behavior is expected today, or is there something in the settings I'm missing? I spent a good part of the time to learn these selection icons implemented, and I wish I could continue to see when I look at a list of selection.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello there, lost in Asia!

    Thank you for joining the communities Support from Apple! Looks like you see the gear icon when you look at your playlists. I know how it is important to be able to see the icons correctly as well. It is actually planned and you can see this thread here for more information: smart playlists

    See you soon!

  • Why can I not see the nickname in recent calls or missed calls?

    I have configured the nicknames for my contacts in the address book and they show as expected in messages and messaging app, but why do they not appear in my recent calls list? I bet that most people use this list more frequently than email - why the nickname is not displayed here?

    Submit your Apple asking this feature here:


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