Why can I not use Skype with Firefox

Firefox, I cannot use Skype. He had problems with Add ons in 2010 and I know that Skype Skype blacklisted for a time, but I assumed that these issues have been resolved now?


It should work. Are you talking about Skype Click-to-Call? I see only activated in your addons of Firefox.

Can you explain more in detail where Skype does not work on Firefox? As phone numbers are not highlighted on the pages?

I see that Firefox 40 broke something in the appeal of Skype to Click addon. But Skype has set on their side because it was a code change made on purpose.

Discover the solution step by step of fixing Skype Jscher yourself:

If that is too complicated for you, I'd wait for Skype to fix. Let me know if this helped

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