Why can I see my other computers on the same LAN after typing netstat b in same cmd if I didn't make any connection?

Why can I see my other computers on the same LAN after typing netstat b in same cmd if I didn't make any connection?  owner of result [svchost.exe] TCP - PC:5357 ESTABLISHED


Thanks for asking!

This is because the network discovery is turned on.

If you want, I suggest try tuning off the COAST of the discovery of the network and check if it helps.

Enable or disable network discovery


Reply back with the results. I'd be happy to help you further.

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    Hello Willard,

    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    I would like to know some information about the problem so that we can help you better.

    1. what happens when you try to connect to other computers? you receive an error message or code?
    2 update you installed before the show?

    Thank you to provide detailed information on the issue and your efforts to resolve.

    This problem can occur for the following reasons:

    -Network discovery may be turned off.
    -Password-protected sharing is turned on.

    I would suggest trying the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1:
    Run the network troubleshooting and check.
    Using the troubleshooter from network in Windows 7

    If this does not help, use method 2.

    Method 2:
    Please use the suggestions contained in this Microsoft support article and check the issue.
    Why can't I connect to other computers?

    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

  • Why can I get two different results from the same coefficients?

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    Please attach a VI instead of an image...

  • In XP, why can't see a hard drive in the list of workstation?

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    Hi Heenanjc,

    • It is an external hard drive or an extra hard drive connected to the computer internally?
    • What is the drive letter assigned to the drive in disk management?

    I would say lets you assign a new drive letter of the drive or change the drive letter of your disk management drive and check if it helps you to solve the problem and if you view it in the window of the computer.

    To assign or change the drive letter in disk management follow the steps below:

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    (b) in the left pane, click Disk Management.

    c. click on the drive you want to change and then click on change drive letter and paths.

    d. do one of the following:

    ·        To assign a drive letter if it has not already received, click Add, click the letter you want to use, and then click OK.

    ·        To change a drive letter, click on edit, clickAssign the following drive letter, click the letter you want to use, and then click OK.

    ·        To remove a drive letter, click on remove and then clickYes to confirm that you want to delete.

    Access the link below to learn more about changing the drive letter.


    I hope this helps. Let us know the results.

    Thank you and best regards,


    Srinivas R

    Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Hi Disuhall,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    From your description, it seems that you want to know if you can register in two other computer using the same account existing Microsoft at a time in your operating system to Windows 8.

    I'll be happy to help you.

    You can register in both computers using the same account to Microsoft and you have to sign on the account to be used in another computer.

    For all windows questions do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

  • network printer shows off line but printsf by other computers on the network

    my brother mfc-7840w printer displayed offliine when I try to print from a computer on a network, but works fine on other computers on the same network. I remove and reinstalled printer. Works for a short time but when computer turned off and rebooted the printer go offline. a stop printer, etc.


    Follow the steps in the link below and check if it solves the problem.

    Kind regards
    Afzal Taher
    Microsoft technical support engineer

  • Only browsers and AVAST cannot connect to internet via ethernet. Computers on the same router via WiFi, MS update, ping cmd - all access

    Help! I'm about to commit the homicide of the computer!

    I have been troubleshooting for weeks and am now bald from ripping my hair!

    Computer: Dell Inspiron 537 s Slim Desktop  w / Pentium Dual - Core CPU E5200 @250 GHz

    Network card: Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller (checked several times, through Windows, it works correctly)

    System: Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit with Service Pack 1

    Router: Netgear N600 model #: WNDR3400v2

    Cable router: SBV5220 Surfboard Motorola

    Now several months ago this desktop computer once more had SOME programs lose the ability to access the internet via an Ethernet cable.

    Affected programs:

    MS Internet Explorer

    Mozilla Firefox

    Avast! Security Suite

    Work of MS Security Update

    Ping works sites (Yahoo, etc.)

    Other computers connected to this network via WiFi - no problem getting on the internet.

    Run the network troubleshooter advises all is working properly, no suggestion.

    Attempted fixes:

    Turn off all extensions on IE (but don't forget Firefox and Avast! are also unable to access.)

    Disabled all start-ups and the package process

    Restarted in Safe Mode - still not able to access.

    Ran check complete virus, then check virus run start. Minor ad-ware 'virus' not found, all corrected automatically.

    Rebooted the router and the computer to infinity and beyond! s

    Tried other computers using the same ethernet cable connected to this wireless routers cable, no problem accessing the internet.

    Disabled functions package

    Off MS Firewall

    IP Reset configuration (memory: netsh ip net reset c:\resetlog.txt - without DOUBT NOT EXACT - OF THE MEMORY.) Command worked)

    As I said, this had happened before and then miraculously fixed itself after a short period (less than 1 week). This time, no joy.

    Of course, it's one of two things:

    (1) a configuration problem I just can't find/understand.

    (2) the problem of equipment more strange, more selective, in the universe.

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

    Thank you more can I possibly Express for assistance.

    You could win the lottery and have a lot of beautiful children!

    (M.) Kel

    Hello team zig - zag,

    I wanted to thank you for your help. I finally broke down and reached out to our friends at Microsoft directly for assistance. They had me a role through all the things that you suggested (again). And finally (after many hours of phone and chat discussions) came up with an answer: "* shrug * we don't know what is the problem - choose a restore point and come back to that.» What I did. This has solved the problem of internet access, but created other problems I'm trying (nothing that I have to post here, they are specific to a particular program package).

    Still, I wanted to thank you for your time and effort on my behalf. I'm very, very happy!

    All my best,


  • WRT160N - can't see other computers on the network

    I installed a new WRT160N and now I can't see other computers on my local network, but I can access the internet on each of them.

    Y at - it a setting that I need to change or what I need to use static IP instead of DHCP addresses?

    If you cannot ping the other computers on the network, then check your firewall settings or any other security software blocking the connection.

  • Network management problem, computer laptop Windows 7 will not find other computers on any network, however all other computers on the network can access Windows 7 laptop.

    Basically, the issue I'm having is that my laptop does not connect to any other computer to access the actions or other files.  Other computers on the network can access my computer laptop shares and files without any problems.  Operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium x 64.

    What I tried:

    uninstalling and reinstalling the files and printers, sharing maps and restart after completion
    all disabled firewall
    tried with IPv6 enabled and disabled without change, so it is currently enabled
    tried on a Wi - Fi and the differences are listed below in the section work (work is wireless)
    able to ping other comptuers
    access to other computers is permitted by other computers

    problem extends over several networks, IE I noticed it at home last night and the followed problem my laptop at work this morning.
    The problem is slightly different on the two sites.

    At home:
    I can see the other computers on the network, but I am unable to access it, even if I have permission, but other computers can access to my laptop.

    At work:
    Cannot even find other computers on the network but they can find and access my laptop.

    I have worked on this problem of non stop for several hours and did much more than what is said, but I am unable to remember everything.  I should have been taking notes: P

    Here are the results of the ipconfig/all command (I removed the physical addresses for security reasons):

    Windows IP configuration

    Name of the host...: Radiation-G72
    Primary Dns suffix...:
    Node... type: hybrid
    Active... IP routing: No.
    Active... proxy WINS: No.

    Wireless Network Connection 2 wireless LAN adapter:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected
    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :
    ... Description: Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport adapt
    Physical address.... :  **
    DHCP active...: Yes
    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    Ethernet connection to the Local network card:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected
    The connection-specific DNS suffix. : hsd1.ga.comcast.net.
    Description...: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
    Physical address.... :  **
    DHCP active...: Yes
    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    Wireless network connection Wireless LAN adapter:

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :
    ... Description: Atheros AR928X Wireless Network adapt
    Physical address.... :  **
    DHCP active...: Yes
    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes
    Address IPv6 local link...: fe80::f4e3:cd1c:6952:eb4d % 11 (Preferred)
    IPv4 address: (Preferred)
    ... Subnet mask:
    Lease obtained...: Thursday, February 4, 2010 10:50:32
    End of the lease...: Friday, February 5, 2010 08:29:36
    ... Default gateway. :
    DHCP server...:
    DHCPv6 IOOKING...: 234890707
    DHCPv6 DUID customer...: 00-01-00-01-12-4C-6E-91-00-25-D3-3D-FC-9A
    DNS servers...:
    NetBIOS over TCP/IP...: enabled

    Tunnel adapter isatap. {1797D168-6FC8-4DDF-8338-4E214119C26D}:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected
    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :
    ... Description: Microsoft ISATAP adapter
    Physical address.... : 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0
    DHCP active...: No.
    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    Card tunnel Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface:

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :
    ... Description: Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface
    Physical address.... : 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0
    DHCP active...: No.
    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes
    IPv6 address: 2001:0:4137:9e74:4ea:2920:b81a:cdc5 (Preferred)
    Address IPv6 local link...: fe80::4ea:2920:b81a:cdc5% 13 (Preferred)
    ... Default gateway. : ::
    NetBIOS over TCP/IP...: disabled

    Card adapt 6TO4 tunnel:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected
    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :
    ... Description: Microsoft 6to4 card
    Physical address.... : 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0
    DHCP active...: No.
    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    Asked this question in the Windows 7 forum also because the problem was between windows 7 and Vista.


    If it has started, you can try a system restore - an update "might" have caused the problem.

    1. try a system restore back to a point before that happened. And immediately thereafter enter
    Control Panel - Windows updates - top left settings and set it to download and informs you instead
    Automatic. Leave it until you are sure that everything is OK and then you can add them one at a time
    to troubleshoot BUT click right on and HIDE all the driver updates. Also stop at day of drivers like below
    and let this value - manually search for drivers when you think you need. (See how and why to)
    stop day of drivers below.)

    How to make a Vista system restore

    To uninstall an update if you determine that there are problems - Panel - updated Windows - down left-
    Updates installed - uninstall

    I had completely forgotten the system restore!  While looking into the system restore, I found that when I moved into my new House and has cable Internet installed, the cable technology installed a program of comcast on my computer.  This caused me to not be able to connect with other computers.  After rolling back to install it before it works!   Thank you.

  • Cannot see other computers on the network

    Am on XP SP3.
    When I go to network connections,
    Right-click on local area network
    Click Properties under the general tab,
    Click on install and click Service
    .. all I see is a list for a McAfee driver but nothing for Microsoft. I removed my computer some time ago with McAfee & he must have created problems that I can't see other computers on the network. Is there a Microsoft driver, I need to install and which will help to solve the problem of not seeing other computers on the network.

    On the general tab of the properties of your network connection to the LAN card, you should see a box under the heading "this connection uses the following items."  Most Windows XP configurations for home use have 4 entries in this box: Client for Microsoft Networks, QoS Packet Scheduler, file sharing and printers for Microsoft Networks, and Internet (TCP/IP) Protocol.

    If you don't have these, you need to install, even if you really need not the Scheduler of QoS packages.

    You seem to have got almost to the right place, but be aware that when you click on the button 'Install' in the box, you are given 3 choices: customer, Service and Protocol.  The "Client for Microsoft networks" is obviously a "customer." 'Internet (TCP/IP) Protocol' is a 'Protocol' and the other two are "Services".

    What elements you have installed?

  • Address IPCONFIG auto cannot locate my Ip address. Other computers on the WIFI at home have problems of "IP address conflict address" How can I fix

    Auto IPCONFIG can find 169. addresses. My IP BigPond do not answer to 169. I force the IP to get internet now. I'm trying to return to power enable all desktop computers 3 and 5 laptops (all windows) to use WIFI that we used to be able to 2 months ago. BigPond advise me to get in touch with Microsoft on 132058 and I can only do this Mon - Fri 9.00 - 5.00 which is extremely difficult so that an employee who works 12 hours. After hours of contact would be much more preferable. How can I have my computer 'automatically' identify my IP without forcing the numbers. When I force the IP on the other computers on the home WIFI network they can not access the internet due to a "conflict with an IP address. They should automatically be able to identify and define the same IP address as the primary computer without problem. How can I fix?

    It seems much more likely that the fault is in your TG782T on Windows.

    Either way, a 'normal' router will work with many more than 4 Ethernet ports (though most only have a maximum of 4 physical Ethernet Sockets) and more than 5 wireless connections.  It is therefore likely that your ISP has "customized" your device in a way that limits the number of connections - and it is probably this "customization" that gives you your current problems.  It will be a little difficult to do this via an Internet forum (rather than sitting in front of your computer), but it should be possible.

    Please specify the following sentence: "disconnect this computer and try a new computer is always the same problem as the gateway must always have this setting, this computer in IP."  What is "this setting of intellectual property?

    In the area of local connections > Internet protocols (TCP/IP), how is the 'work' computer configured?  Normally, it would set on "Obtain an IP address automatically."  What was the setting of 'alternative' that your ISP you are trying?

    The first thing to do is to get information on your work computer.  Follow these steps:

    1. click on start, and then type the three letters cmd in the run box, and then click OK.
    2. Enter the following command and press ENTER:
    ipconfig/all > "% UserProfile%\Desktop\ip.txt" {Enter}
    3. open the IP.txt file to your desktop
    4. copy and paste the text into your response.

    One of the lines in IP.txt will be something like the following:

    ... Default gateway. :

    This number is the IP address of your router.  Open a web browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer) and enter the IP address of your default gateway in the address box.

    At this point, it is possible that it will ask you a user name and password.  If you did not one, use admin as username and leave the password empty box.  If this does not work, there is a way around this, but it involves several phone calls from your ISP.

    Unfortunately, the only manual for the TG782 I could find is terribly incomplete. http://www.thomsonbroadbandpartner.com/GetFile.php?id=6978

    After login, you should see a page with a menu on the left (see p. 26 of the pdf above thomsonbroadbandpartner).  Click on the entry for "Home Network."  Unfortunately, the manual does not show the screen that appears when you enter this part of the configuration utility.  What you are looking for are the settings for the DHCP server on the router, which assigns IP addresses to computers connected to the router (no matter if they are connected by wire or wireless).

    Because the manual for your TG782T is not describe it, take a look at this, which is a part of the Linksys WRT54G Router configuration utility:http://cid-18b259158254905b.office.live.com/self.aspx/.Public/router%20setup.jpg

    Under the Network Configuration, the local IP address is set to  On your router, the default value for this entry is  Just under which are entered for "DHCP Server" "" starting IP address"and"Maximum number of DHCP users."  Here are the settings that you want to search.  The two critical parameters, as regards your current problem is are (1) the server DHCP must be "enabled" and "(2) the number of DHCP users Maximum" must be equal to or greater than the total number of computers that you want to connect (wired and wireless).

    Sorry I can't give you more specific instructions.  Usually, the user guide for the router will display all the available screens in the router configuration utility... but not this one.

  • CAN´t find other computers on the home network Windows.

    I have a home network windows already defined with two desktop with Windows XP and a laptop with Windows 2000. The computers are connected to a router with ethernet cables and the lap top wireless (WiFi) to the same router. Now, I'm trying to connect a fourth computer (a desk top) with Windows Vista. It works fine to connect to Internet, but I can't reach the other computers on the network. On other computers, I can see a 'new', but I don't see the others of a "new". Can someone help me with the configuration of the computer "Vista"?  Thanks in advance.  / Thomas

    To home network computers running different versions of Windows, we need to make sure that what follows.
    a. ensure that all computers are in the same workgroup.
    (b) the value of the private network location type.
    c. open ports in your firewall to allow file and printer sharing.
    d. turn on additional file and printer sharing options.
    e. consider using password protected sharing.
    5 using the network card.
    The NIC in the network and sharing Center is a graphical view of the computers and devices on your network, showing how they are connected and including problem areas. A computer running Windows XP can be detected and appear on the network map, you may need to install the Protocol Link-Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) on this computer.
    To install LLTD, visit the following link and download: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/922120
    For more information on the "networking running different versions of Windows' computers, visit the following link:
    I hope this helps.
    Kind regards
    Syed V
    Answers from Microsoft supports the engineer.

  • Cannot see other computers on the network of the office.

    I can't see other computers on the network from my office, but if I type in \\xxxxxxxxxxx I'm able to get on the other computers on the network. How can I have them automatically appear?

    I'm terribly sorry for wasting your time.

    I realized what the problem was. I've implemented the new computer exactly as the old, same name and everything. Come and find the computer name of the computer being the same as the old conflict and did not again see what was on the network.

    So the trick was unplug the old computer from the network.
  • Hi I would like th different creative cloud buy 2, only photoshop/lightroom one and the other with all pack.is it is possible because I saw that we can only install on 2 different computers at the same time

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    Creative desktop cloud applications can be downloaded and installed on multiple computers, regardless of the operating system. However, the activation is limited to two machines per individual related to the composition, and you may not use the software on these devices simultaneously.

    You can also see:

    FAQ: Can I install Creative Cloud on several computers?

    You can either sign of Creative cloud on a computer to connect to another, or as you said, buy a membership second using an AdobeID different so that you can leave, signed at on 4 computers.

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