Why can't I enter my upgrade key after Windows Anytime Upgrade on Vista?

I bought the software update Window 7 Ultimate. I followed the instructions on the box:

Click the Start button

In the search box, type Windows Anytime Upgrade

Click Windows Anytime Upgrade and clide enter an upgrade key.

Yet, there is no link that says enter an upgrade key. There is only a link to the site Web microsoft talks Windows 7.

I downloaded the Windows Upgrade Advisor. I did everyting that he told me to do. He checked that the computer was eligible for an upgrade (Toshiba Satellite running Vista).  I tried again with the Windows Anytime Upgrade again. There is still no link to enter the upgrade key.

What should I do to get to the place to enter the upgrad key?

Please note that there are no Windows Anytime Upgrade (WAU) for Windows Vista to Windows 7. There is only Windows Upgrade (WU) in which you need to buy a Windows 7 disc and upgrade of the key. You can refer to the link below for more information about upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 7.


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