Why can't I turn on windows Defender

I can't activate my windows Defender. Window pops up saying: it's the start and click 'here' to turn it on, but it seems like a mistake.

I can't activate my windows Defender. Window pops up saying: it's the start and click 'here' to turn it on, but it seems like a mistake.

If you have the following AV, antivirus, programs installed, close your Windows Defender. Purpose of these AVs have their own advocates. 2 defenders on the same machine will create conflicts.
In other words, you don't need Windows defender if you have AVS below installed.

List of AVs which will stop Windows Defender:
Microsoft Security Essentials


If you don't have AV programs above, here's how to restart Windows Defender:

Start button > in the search box, typeServices > press the Enter key > scroll to find Windows Defender, click on it >...
topic status , it must be said... Has begun
under Startup Type, it must be said... Automatic
If it does not say that, right click on Windows Defender > click Properties >
in Startup Type, click on the pointer to the right and select automatic
to the service status, click Start
Click OK when finished.

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