Why can't more editing in iMovie?

I did not use iMovie in a few months, but I am at a total loss. When I start a new project, I import my video. When it it is important at the top as usual, it shows only as a small place. Not long with yellow borders where I can cut and paste and drag clips down more! What I am doing wrong? Please help before I pull all my hair haha!

You can zoom out your clips in the case where pane using the gear and sliding Zoom icon to the right:

This could be the reason?


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    Hello Jonathan New Zealand,.

    Addition information of Santosh, please let me explain further.
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    I have CS5.  I just changed to CS.  I remember this work on CS.

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    Screen Shot 2011-11-21 at 9.45.40 PM.png

    Is that what you want to do, cloning & healing etc?

    Whatever it is, you need not to do it again. Here are some non-destructive options:

    1) there is usually a place in the the layer stack (IE, above the pixelated layers and adjustment layers below. In this case probably between the Local contrast and Compression of the range of layers) where you can insert a blank layer and clone it with the tool set "current & below".

    2) click on the background layer, then CMD + J (mac) to duplicate it and clone of the strike. (This may not be fully the effect according to the mode of these layers above it pixelated belnd, and what you're trying to do below.)

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    Open the document in Adobe Acrobat format, not Acrobat Reader.

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    Hi mr_ed1943,

    Please uncheck the 'Use graphics processor' in Lightroom preferences and restart Lightroom

    Please let us know if it helps.



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