Why can't print photos from my iPhone 4 to my Photosmart 7520?

I can print web pages and other documents wireless from my iPhone 4 for my Photosmart 7520 new, but when I try to print photos from my phone, blank photo paper out of the printer with an error message.  Also, when I try to print through my camera memory card, I'm not able to select a paper size correctly.  If I choose 5 x 7 with this photo paper in the tray photo, print photos 5 x 7, but on paper 8.5 x 11 from the lower drawer.  Is that what I'm missing somewhere along the line of the measures on these two problems?  I look forward to your response.  Thank you for your time!

Thank you for your quick response and for sending a very useful article. I was surprised to read that, although the photo tray can handle 4 x 6 and x 7, e-printing 5 photo paper is taken in charge only the 4 x 6. It's no wonder that came out white 5 x 7 with an error message. I missed this piece of info to set up Air Print, or it was not mentioned in the specifications. Thank you for your help - I am now able to print photos, although confused and disappointed by the inability to print 5 x 7 of my phone.

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    Hi Byron R.

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    R uma - Microsoft technical support.

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    If the photos you want to delete are synchronized from a computer using iTunes albums you can remove them by an another sync. Connect your iPhone to the computer that you synced, select your iPhone in iTunes, select the Photos tab, deselect the unwanted albums and click Sync. The deselected albums will be deleted from your iPhone, but they will remain on your computer.

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    Thanks 8lives, I'll check the links you have provided.  I am using HP Premium 4 x 6 paper.  I have not been able to print on plain paper before, but it will try again today.

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    Too confusing...

    iCloud is a synchronization service, not off of storage of the unit. That means that it is not designed to "free space" on your phone by moving your photos and videos to iCloud. All photos will remain synchronized between your phone and iCloud.

    You can select the feature to OPTIMIZE, significantly reduce the space that take your photos on your phone.

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    iCloud library does not work with iPhoto. It syncs photos of Yosemite OS X 10.10.3 or later version.

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    Hi jimotto

    I forgot to mention that mobile Lightroom will only work with Creative cloud based Lightroom CC/5. just checked some devices run iOS9 and run Lightroom mobile as it should.

    When you connect your phone to Computer.Is Finder can detect your phone?

    There must be a connectivity issue

    ~ Assani

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    I have an iPhone 6 and I'm constantly short of room because of my photos.  When I go to delete a picture from my pictures it says "this photo will be deleted from iCloud photo library on all your devices" and I have NO IDEA how to disable this dang thing.  So when I delete a photo that it clears too my computer then I constantly tries to free up space on my phone in other respects.

    I wish I could take a picture, saved it on my computer and iCloud and then remove it from my phone without losing.  Any ideas?  Thank you!

    You can go to settings > Photos & camera on your phone and do the following:

    1. turn off iCloud photo library

    2 turn on my photo stream

    Then on your Mac, you can open pictures and under preferences, perform the following steps:

    1. on the general tab, make sure that "Copy items to the photo library" is checked

    2. by virtue of iCloud, make sure 'My Photo Stream' is checked (you can also have shared Photo also controlled flow)

    This should cause all photos of photo stream to be shared between devices as well as to import into your photo library.

    See you soon,.


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    Hi all

    The camera on my iPhone now has 2000 + photos on it which have already been imported. photos (not iPhoto). At least I am sure that I imported the. Photos knows that they have been imported, but I see no easy way to just delete the photos that have already been imported. What should do?

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    You can selectively remove from your phone with the Image Capture (in the Applications folder).

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