Why Customize tab open at startup

Customize tab opens at startup to the top - it is set as my homepage my homepage


Do you mean the subject: Customizing page?

You can check the setting of the homepage:

  • Tools > Options > general > startup: Homepage

Firefox supports several home pages separated by ' |' symbol (pipe).

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  • Why libraries folder opens at startup?

    Why libraries folder opens at startup? I don't want this opening folder at startup. So please help and give me a solution to my problem.

    And if it continues, here are all the other places to check:


  • Why another tab opens whenever I click "Home"?

    Eacg time I click on the "HOME" icon a new (empty) tab opens. This will continue to happen, no matter how many tabs are open already in the same way.


    Please check if this happens in Safe Mode.

    Extensions of the issues

    Troubleshooting Extensions and themes

    Uninstalling the modules

    Uninstalling toolbars

    Safe mode disables the installed Extensionsand themes (appearance) in (Alt + T) Tools > Add-ons. Hardware acceleration is also temporarily disabled - manual setting is Tools > Options > Advanced > general > use hardware acceleration when available. Options > Advanced. All these parameters/additional custom modules can also be individually or collectively disabled/enabled/changed to normal mode of Firefox to check if an extension, theme or hardware acceleration is causing issues.


    If the problem persists, you can also try of reset all preferences default Firefox user: and the splash screen to make changes and restart Mode without failure. Please note that this would also reset all the options of Firefox for the default values of the installation.

  • Why my tabs open up as the site of Amazon instead of the Firefox start page?

    Hi all
    Since this morning my Firefox tabs started opening as cover page from Amazon rather than the 'top sites' page standard that normally appears.
    I checked both extensions and modules on Firefox and found nothing, I changed the settings of the homepage through my internet and firefox options and not had any luck. I also run Spybot, AVG and removed all programs not recognized from my list to add/remove in Control Panel still with no luck. I had a problem with the toolbar 'incredibar' a long time ago, but who had been kidnapped a few months ago and everything has been fine since.
    On the advice to read another question, I removed the file user.js and cleared cache etc. on restart Firefox unfortunately it is still doing the same thing.
    Any ideas?

    Hello, try to install the addon from reset search - it will also be the new tab page in firefox by default: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/searchreset/

  • After an automatic update of Windows and stop, Firefox does not remember my tabs open at startup. Better Privacy does interfere with Crash Recovery somehow?

    Better Privacy does interfere with Crash Recovery somehow? My computer is automatically installed a Windows Update at 03:00 and switch off. When I started out, I had to restart Firefox. Firefox came without any of the tabs that were open when the PC went to bed the previous night. I spent an hour looking for what happened to my tabs, without success.

    This has happened

    Just once or twice

    == Automatic update of Windows shut down my computer in the middle of the night.


    It is possible that it was by force the windows closed so your firefox which makes you forget... Have you tried to crash your Firefox to see if the session is not restored?

    To plant your Firefox, simply there open, press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC and then, on the process tab in the window that appears, complete the process firefox.exe. That will force Firefox to close at this moment. Do start again. If it works, ok, so it may have been a case isolate. My recommendation is to configure your windows does not install updates without your intervention. Choose something like 'ask me what to do' or something like that.

  • on the opening and every time I click on the Home icon, a second tab opens titled "Customizing firefoxx with modules."

    I tried to uninstall and reinstall Firefox, but the annoying tab still opens whenever I click on the Home icon. To make it worse I get a new tab each time which means I can have several customization tabs opening during a single session. How can I stop this happening?

    In Options/general, you must have more than one home page selected.
    More info on Options here. Startup, homepage, tabs and download settings

  • Why you put "Open a new tab" on the right side of the browser, when you close a tab on the left and you type a new URL in the browser on the left?

    I changed my computer from XP to Windows 7 and migrated my FF browsers. But... now the tabs at the top of the page are all right (they were upper-front left - where I loved her)

    The most important is the "open a new tab" + - is on the right. But that is not sensible. Why you put "Open a new tab" on the extreme right of the browser, when you close a tab on the left and you type a new URL in the browser on the left?

    How can I put my "open a new tab" immediately to the right of 'Close tab' - as if it was before?

    Please advise?

    Try clicking on "Restore default settings" in the palette to customize to reset the toolbar customization.

    • Firefox '3-bar' menu button > customize
    • View > toolbars > customize

    You can attach a screenshot?

    • Use a type of compressed as PNG or JPG image to save the screenshot
    • Make sure you do not exceed the maximum size of 1 MB
  • Why it save open tabs as it uses not to?

    When I close Firefox with several tabs open that it records is no longer for me, it was there a change?

    Firefox 4 saves the previous session automatically, so it is no longer necessary for the dialog box asking if you want to save the current session.

    You can use "Firefox > history > restore previous Session" for the previous session.

    There is also a button 'Restore previous Session' on the default on: Home home page.

    Another possibility is to use:

  • Why when I open my firefor it automatically opens 2 tabs?

    Why when I open my Firefox automatically open two tabs?

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    == I open Firefox

    Check your home page settings. Firefox can open multiple home pages. They are separated by the ' | ' symbol.
    See: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/How+to+set+the+home+page

    The following items you added would have something to do with your problem: hotvideobar or gamieplay? Look at the 'User Agent' at the bottom of your message.

  • Why a unwanted ads tab load at startup?

    I use two homepages - BBC News and weather from the Met Office. These used to be the only two tabs that loading at the beginning: now a third tab opens, which is pure advertising. The first announcement on the additional tab is currently bookmakers William Hill.

    I ran a complete virus check (Windows Defender), but nothing showed up. My system is Windows 8.1.

    Any help received with gratitude, thank you!


    Check the home page options to ensure that nothing of herself added at the end of your home pages:

    • Tools (or

      ) > Options > general

    Also check your list of extensions to make sure nothing suspicious is here:

    • Tools (or

      ) > Addons > Extensions

    It can also be a good idea to scan with other anti-malware as tools each have their own algorithms to find applications and malicious files. Free tools that can run with Windows Defender without any problem (as long as you are not their real time protection, which is in the paid version only in any case) are the following:

  • Why can't the next tab open when I select the following link?

    I use several browsers, not just Firefox. One of them automatically opens a new tab when I click on the next site that I want to transfer, that is, I don't have to click to open a new tab first. Note, it also keeps the active tab open.

    I love this feature and want in Firefox, at least as an option.

    In Firefox you can middle-click on a link with the wheel on the mouse to open the link in a new tab.
    Only links that specify a target window open in a new tab.
    All others open in the same tab.
    If it isn't on by clicking on the links on the Google results page and then you can change it in the Google search parameters (where the research open) (gear in the top right corner icon).

  • Why most of the tabs open empty with the label "New tab" and "topic: vacuum ' in the address line to the restart of Firefox since installing Firefox 28?"

    I have a system dual-bootable Windows Vista SP2 and Firefox updated to 28 on both systems. Since the update of the tabs more reopen empty with the label "New tab" and "topic: vacuum" in the address line of Firefox is restarted. The tabs that open correctly seem to be those who in fact, I was at the session of prefious. I can recover the missing tabs using the Session Manager to pick up a previous session, but of course it does not pick up the tabs open in future sessions. It seems that the tabs that I go to the session recovered are saved correctly, as indicated above, but which are not revisited in the context of the use of the session retrieved will drop the URL next time that I open Firefox it again.


    I don't have the time to do it. However, 29 is just around the corner and we will put in the channel of exit 29, then hope that the issue is not you.

    P.S. I had originally chosen your last answer as the solution that you have migrated more to 29 but it seems that you have taken off. I'll be marking your last answer as the solution so that we can get out of the queue.

  • Why tabs open when broswer reopens? Worked fine in previous versions, but given that "Refresh" does not work. Never.

    Version 25.0.1 when I close the browser, all my previous tabs have disappeared when I open it again and it goes to the home page of firefox. I have my options set to reopen the previous tabs and I reset it at least 10 times and he won't stay. When I reopen it the browser, I get the firefox homepage, and option has been reset to their default value. This is NOT a function, it is a bug. One of my favorite features of firefox has been that I can have 3 or 4 tabs open, and whenever I restart, I get these exact same tabs without having to click or hunt.

    I'm not the only one having this problem, I checked with a few people I know who updated their system to 25.0.1 and they get the same thing.

    Ideas? Please?

    Hello, remember that in private life on the wall > conservation rules: is defined on don't forget history or use the custom settings for history

    also if the conservation rules: is set to use custom settings for history then make sure that the Permanent private browsing mode is not selected


    If the conservation rules: is set to use custom settings for historical history clear when closing Firefox is selected, then click the settings button and make sure that the navigation history is not selected

    In addition, in the details of your system, it seems that you have a User.js file in your profile folder . The user.js file does not exist by default. If you create the file, forget it, if you do not create the file, then try to remove the User.js file, to see if the problem goes away (some programs of also create the file).

    Thank you

  • When there are several tabs open, why the search always take place on the 2nd tab (first tab seems never to change the homepage) despite my selection of a different tab where to do a search on google?

    I have Mozilla Firefox 10.0. When I open it, it opens properly on the homepage in the first tab. Once I have another, or several, tabs opened, any tab is active, your google searches, I immediately takes place at the No. 2. Do not count how many times I go to the tab for example 4 to search (because I would compare with the page Web open in a tab 2), but it does still today the Search tab 2. It's very irritating. It must be a setting that went pear-shaped, but where / who? Any suggestions? Thank you.

    Try Firefox SafeMode to see how it works there.

    A way of solving problems, which disables most of the modules.

    (If you use it, switch to the default theme).

    • You can open the mode without failure of Firefox 4.0 + by pressing the SHIFT key when you use the desktop Firefox or shortcut in the start menu.
    • Or use the Help menu option, click restart with the disabled... modules while Firefox is running.

    Do not choose anything at the moment, just use 'continue in safe mode.

    To exit safe mode of Firefox, simply close Firefox and wait a few seconds before using the shortcut of Firefox (without the Shift key) to open it again.

    If it's good in Firefox Safe mode, your problem is probably caused by an extension, and you need to understand that one.


    When find you what is causing that, please let us know. It might help others who have this problem.

  • Why not a new tab opens?

    I've recently updated to Firefox 10. I often go on the website called BayCrazy which has many links to Ebay. Before the update, when I clicked on a link of BayCrazy, a new tab open with the article on Ebay, now when I click on a link on BayCrazy, the page I'm on Ebay changes. His cos very embarrassing, I'll have to keep clicking on the 'back' button to return to BayCrazy, especially if I take a detailed look at the Ebay item... I might have to click back 4 or 5 times. How can I go back to how it was?

    Try to click the link to open the link in a new tab.

    The site may have changed the code if the links to open in a new tab.

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