Why did I receive a "authors you trust" warning (author not verified in the dialog box) so that he was trying to install add-on?

by downloading the plugin add-on, firefox has generated a dialog box "install add-ons only from authors trust you". I guess there is a good reason, that the browser displays this warning, at the time of issue, and I am not inclined to ignore it. I have a screenshot if necessary.

I would like to know: if I should ignore this warning?

Thank you!!


Hello mrclaude, this is the default dialog that will be displayed during each installation of any extension. of course, there is a good reason to display this message if addons can be very powerful and very convenient, they could also do much harm. However, please note that all extensions hosted on addons.mozilla.org to get reviewed and approved before they become available to the public, so they can be generally considered as safe, especially those developed by mozilla itself of course.

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    This could be a problem with cookies.

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    Adobe staff has tried to help me, asking me to "Run as Administrator". This does not solve the problem, and my post has since been ignored...

    Any help would be apprciated. Thank you

    Problem addressed and solved on this post:

    Re: Why Adobe PDF opens the dialog box "Save as" when you simply save a file

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    It is unfortunate that Adobe does not add a plugin to display a preview of any Adobe source file in Windows Explorer (I mean, except for the PDF but I think that Microsoft did this).

    But I think it's ridiculous that I can't preview the source .indd inside the dialog box to open InDesign files. He says just, "no preview available". I am sure that this failure is related to what Windows can preview... again, not a good excuse!

    It is also the same problem in Illustrator and Photoshop... or program Adobe can get a glimpse of their own file format!

    WHY?  OR how can I fix this?

    [UPDATE: SageThumbs |] [SourceForge.net seems to partially work on several Photoshop files (works reasonably well as long as I limit the file size to 70 mb), it doesn't seem to work with Illustrator files (despite the claim), and it does not work on InDesign.]

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    var idUsng = charIDToTypeID ("Usng");

    var idFlCn = charIDToTypeID ("FlCn");

    var idFrgC = charIDToTypeID ("FrgC");

    desc18.putEnumerated (idUsng, idFlCn, idFrgC);

    var idOpct = charIDToTypeID ("PCT");

    var idPrc = charIDToTypeID ("#Prc");

    desc18.putUnitDouble (idOpct, idPrc, 100.000000);

    TSM var = charIDToTypeID ("Md");

    var idBlnM = charIDToTypeID ("BlnM");

    var idNrml = charIDToTypeID ("Nrml");

    desc18.putEnumerated (TSM, idBlnM, idNrml);

    var idPrsT = charIDToTypeID ("PrsT");

    desc18.putBoolean (idPrsT, true);

    executeAction (idFl, desc18, DialogModes.NO);

  • problem in the operation of disconnection when you click Yes in the dialog box

    Hi experts jdev,.

    use jdev11.1.1... version 5.0 - adfbc-oracledb10g-mozilla ffx10. model dynamicTabShell.
     <af:pageTemplate viewId="/oracle/ui/pattern/dynamicShell/dynamicTabShell.jspx"
                             value="#{bindings.pageTemplateBinding}" id="pt1">
    Summarized what I did:

    use af:tree in the left side of the model and hit the link to tree leaf is a region (.jsff) dynamic opens to the right. all in utilzing the
    dynamicTabShell model obiviously above right have a close button in open dynamic region.


    during a test of my application.

    I discovered a problem.

    When I type sheet customer tree link means a customer.jsff returns on the right side.

    customer jsff has some af:table that contains column required fields. while I hit createinsert average operation he provide a line for me. ok.

    When my cursor on the University designates required fields are error throw. It also has ok.

    When I suddenly hit close button.

    made dynamic close region with the error.

    and I suddenly want hits logout link appears in index.jspx. When I hit ways to disconnect

    After the code snippet works perfectly.
        public void OnDialogAction(DialogEvent dialogEvent) {
            DialogEvent.Outcome outcome = dialogEvent.getOutcome();
           here code is removed . due to pasted wrongly.
          correct  code is pasted ,after two post.
    but my problem is : means DialogEvent.Outcome.yes (when hit the Yes button in the dialog box). This mandatory are only alow does ' t throw me to perform the disconnect.

    Similarly, I run some tests in my application.

    I perform some duplicated in af:table and try to save it comes up an error pk. and I suddenly click Close. and I make means of disconnection from functioning.

    get the pk error.

    likethis, ah lot.

    How to fix or ignore all errors. During disconnected operation is it possible?

    Note: is rarely occur. If it happens, I did mean:

    This url.

    9 ADF.CTRL - State = mogzrfk8t* I'm going to go out this half of the browser and perform the operation of disconnection.

    First thing, I want to emphasize is you are actually not disconnect, you redirect to the login page.

    Also try to immediately assign = true on the commandlink to avoid shooting validations.

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    I used to be able to click on MP3 files, the way back when, and Firefox asks where I wanted to save. Nowadays, it opens a new tab with a flash drive.
    By clicking on the "unknown" files, like .sid, .prg, .zip, .rar is ' this is a BIN file. [Cancel] [Save] ». It does not give me a check box for "always do this".
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    Googling led me to delete my file mimeTypes.rdf and since file extensions can even "well known", such as .zip, are treated as BIN files and I get the box Cancel-or-Save for those too - again without the choice of "always save the BIN files.

    These files are send as Content-Type: application/octet-stream and Content-Disposition: attachment;
    To send files in this way, you cannot save an automatic action.
    You can see that in network monitor.

    Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="TURRICAN_AMIGA_PORT.sid";
    Content-Type: application/octet-stream
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    Except by running Mac OS X Server 10.6 inside a product such as VirtualBox or Parallels Desktop or decommissioning the BONE if possible on the Mac, no.


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