Why did I receive this script error? chrome://global/content/bindings/browser.XML:187

A lot of times when I tried to load Firefox, I get the message
"A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding." You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script ends.

"Script: chrome://global/content/bindings/browser.xml:187.
I am running version 3.6.8


Response function of disease on what looks like a Chrome add the origin of the problem. Lately, it seems Chrome became problematic and I heard about browsers causing problems for other browsers. I recommend disabling modules from Chrome to see if that helps.

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    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, I understand that you are facing problems with Windows.

    I would like to know some information.

    1. Are you facing the question on chrome or internet explore?
    2. You get the error message?

    If you use internet explore then I suggest you to refer to the article and check.


    Hope this information helps. Please let us know if you need any other help with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

  • Why did I get this result when I use split

    Hello guys

    I created a script that are looking for the active path,

    var myPath = (File($.fileName).parent.parent.parent.fullName);

    I get "/ xxxxx/xxxx/xxxx/341542 '

    the only thing I'm interested in this information, it is the number

    so I added the code

    var myPath = (File($.fileName).parent.parent.parent.fullName).split("xxxx/xxxx/xxxx/");

    the problem is

    I get ', 341542'

    Why did I receive a comma before the number?

    There is no comma. in the path.


    Using the split() method, you receive a table - not a string ==> myPath is an array of 2 elements.

    If you are alert a result - he is seen like this, couse of elements of the array are ',' delimited.

    To call a number part use myPath [1]


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    If you receive an email saying that your subscription is about to run out please ignore. Your subscription and the subscription status will not be affected. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working on a fix for this problem.

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    Hi sassi49,

    What are you trying to do when you get the error?

    What version of Windows are you using?

    If this is in reference to Windows Update, see the following article:


    I hope this helps!

  • Why did you do it so ridiculously difficult to empty the browser cache?

    Why did you do it so ridiculously difficult to empty the browser cache? Instead of being able to press a button and empty select items, I have to go to the preferences and choose empty whenever I close Firefox?

    Seriously, please give back us easy cache buttons compensation. Thank you.

    Hello, you can press command + shift + delete to open the dialog box to remove various types of user data.

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  • I am still getting script errors, it says inside you still want to run this script error page yes or not I click No.

    I always get script errors on the bottom it says you want to keep running on this page scripts Yes or not I click No.


    1 how long have you been faced with this problem?
    2 did you recent hardware or software changes to your computer before this problem?
    3. What is the accurate and complete error message the script?

    If you get the script at startup error then try to perform the clean boot on the computer.

    From your computer by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs so that you can determine if a background program is interfering with your game or program. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot".

    Follow the steps provide in the article below to perform the clean boot. http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/929135

    Please refer to the below link mentioned before asking your question so that you can provide all the relevant information for us to help you:

  • Why do I get a script error whenever I try to open Firefox 4?

    Since the recent Firefox 4 download, I get this message while trying to open my browser:

    A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script ends.

    Script: chrome://tavgp/content/libs/include.js:595'

    It gives me options to continue or to stop the script. When I choose to continue, nothing happens. When I select the stop script, Firefox opens. The thing that annoys me the most, is that there is a checkbox "don't ask me" which doesn't seem to work because I was clicking that every time.

    It's the first time that this has happened for any version of Firefox.

    Looks like one of your addons (possibly the AVG Security Toolbar addon) may be incompatible with Firefox 4. Try disabling the addon. You may need to open Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to do this.

  • Help with Internet Script errors: that means this script error

    When I leave my pc for about 7 hours of sleep and return to starting my PC off mode 'sleep' sometimes I see something that says internet script error.

    It says: error client sightspeed is null or not an object

    Vista https://app.sightspeed.com/Current/sightspeed_login.php?version=6551&Language=en_US&Platform=Windows & platformsub = Service Pack 2 & partner = dell

    Is this telling me that there is a problem? What does that mean?

    Start here, I guess: http://www.sightspeed.com/support/ ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Why the habit of this script work?


    I've used this script to make a portrait scroll bar that works perfectly, however I modified the script to work in a landscape scroll bar by altering the x and the y axis and switching on the height to the width. However a portion of it will not work... The left and right arrows are working properly but the bar scroll do not move and I for the life of me understand why.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what ive missed or done wrong?

    Thanks in advance

    scrolling = function () {}

    var scrollWidth:Number = scrollTrack._width;

    var contentWidth:Number = contentMain._width;

    var scrollFaceWidth:Number = scrollFace._width;

    var maskWidth:Number = maskedView._width;

    var initPosition:Number = scrollFace._x = scrollTrack._x;

    var initContentPos:Number = contentMain._x;

    var finalContentPos:Number = maskWidth-contentWidth + initContentPos;

    var left: Number = scrollTrack._y;

    var top: Number = scrollTrack._x;

    var right: Number = scrollTrack._y;

    lower var: Number = scrollTrack._width - scrollFaceWidth + scrollTrack._x;

    var dy:Number = 0;

    var speed: Number = 10;

    var moveVal:Number = (contentWidth-maskWidth) /(scrollWidth-scrollFaceWidth);

    scrollFace.onPress = function() {}

    var currPos:Number = this ._x;

    startDrag (this, false, left, top, right, bottom);

    this.onMouseMove = function() {}

    DY = Math.abs(initPosition-this._x);

    contentMain._x = Math.round(dy*-1*moveVal+initContentPos);



    scrollFace.onMouseUp = function() {}


    delete this.onMouseMove;


    btnUp.onPress = function() {}

    this.onEnterFrame = function() {}

    If (contentMain._x + speed < maskedView._x) {}

    If (scrollFace._x < = high) {}

    scrollFace._x = top;

    } else {}

    scrollFace._x = speed/moveVal;


    contentMain._x += speed;

    } else {}

    scrollFace._x = top;

    contentMain._x = maskedView._x;

    delete this.onEnterFrame;




    btnUp.onDragOut = function() {}

    delete this.onEnterFrame;


    btnUp.onRelease = function() {}

    delete this.onEnterFrame;


    btnDown.onPress = function() {}

    this.onEnterFrame = function() {}

    If (contentMain._x - speed > finalContentPos) {}

    If (scrollFace._x > = bottom) {}

    scrollFace._x = low;

    } else {}

    moveVal/scrollFace._x += speed;


    contentMain._x = speed;

    } else {}

    scrollFace._x = low;

    contentMain._x = finalContentPos;

    delete this.onEnterFrame;




    btnDown.onRelease = function() {}

    delete this.onEnterFrame;


    btnDown.onDragOut = function() {}

    delete this.onEnterFrame;


    If (contentWidth < maskWidth) {}

    scrollFace._visible = false;

    btnUp.enabled = false;

    btnDown.enabled = false;

    } else {}

    scrollFace._visible = true;

    btnUp.enabled = true;

    btnDown.enabled = true;




    Even with this reduction, it is at best a tangle of code to try to reason with him.  I think I see you have nested functions at least two levels deep, possibly further because I do not see where the original ends, and the nesting of functions is prevented best, and most often unnecessary...

    scrolling = function () {}

       scrollFace.onPress = function() {}

    this.onMouseMove = function() {}




    Since you're telling the problem is that the scroll bar does not move, it does not move in relation to press the keys or does not move relative to slide.

  • Why did I get this message "internal error" everytime I open Lightroom?

    This is the error message:

    An internal error has occurred:

    MCPublishCache.lua:349: MCGDrive.lua:206: {}

    message = ' search file . https://www.googleapis.com/drive/v2/files?q=%270B2a7zH11arLUbk9BS1FNR1Q3RnM%27+in+parents+ and + title + % 3D + % 27Ireland % 27 + and + trash + % 3D + fake: 403 --- {\

    \"error\ ': {------}.

    \"errors\': []


    \"domain\': \"usageLimits\",\

    \"reason\': \"userRateLimitExceeded\",\

    \"message\ ': \"User rate limit Exceeded\------.



    \"code\': 403, the.

    \"message\ ': \"User rate limit Exceeded\------.




    errorCode = "serverError";


    See this thread: soon as lightroom has this notice of failure; MCPublishCache.lua:349: MCGDrive.lua:206: {message = "find file https://www.googleapis.com/drive/v2/files?q=%270BwUJu-5_YhaKeHFubFZ0U2dvcjA%27+in+parents + and + title + % 3D + % 27Saang + Mt + lunch + with + friends % 27 + one."}

  • Why did I get this error message


    Hi superflash26,

    Please uninstall the drive using this cleanup tool Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat cleaning - Adobe Labs tool, reboot your system & reinstall it using this link Adobe - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Distribution.

    Let me know if it solves your problem.

    Kind regards

  • Why did I receive a notice of "temporary profile" when I connect to my computer

    make a "temporary profile" notice when I connect to my computer while I log out of nothing is saved in the Favorites bar


    You can try to fix it with Safe Mode - repeatedly press F8 as you bootup. The ADMIN account in trunk
    Mode has no default password (unless someone has changed the password so it should be available).

    These problems and similar bugs can help:

    Error message when you log on a Windows Vista-based or Windows 7 using computer a
    Temporary profile: "the user profile Service has no logon. Unable to load the user profile.

    A temporary profile is loaded after you connect to a Windows Vista-based system

    How to fix error "your user profile was not loaded correctly! You have been connected with a
    temporary profile. "in Vista

    Some programs such as the updated Google (if you added the toolbar Google, Chrome or Google Earth)
    has been known to cause this problem.

    How to fix error "the user profile Service has no logon. User profile cannot be loaded. »


    Try these to erase corruption in the case where it plays a role.

    1. run DiskCleanup - start - all programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup

    2. start - type in the search - box COMMAND find top - RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN


    How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program
    generates in Windows Vista cbs.log

    3. then run checkdisk - schedule it to run at next boot, then apply OK your way out, then restart.

    How to run the check disk at startup in Vista


    Other methods:

    Use the hidden administrator account to lower your user account (to the lowest level) APPLY/OK then
    go back and reset it to the Admin APPLY/OK - this clearly allows corruption. Do this several times. Do
    Ditto for the other accounts that may be difficult. Then if necessary you can also reset your
    Passwords in the accounts. Do not forget to leave your Admin account and the other to the
    desired level.

    Make another Admin account with your password and use it to fix the others if necessary. (a little
    to repair with, do not to use regular account, a safety valve) always keep a spare ADMIN account.

    DO NOT LEAVE THE ENABLED LSA OR USE DAILY. If it corrupts you are toast!

    How to enable or disable the real built-in Administrator account in Vista

    You can run the Admin account hidden from the prompt by if necessary.

    This tells you how to access the System Recovery Options and/or a Vista DVD

    If you cannot access your old account, you can still use an Admin to migrate to another (don't forget
    always leave to an Admin who is not used except for testing and difficulty account).

    Difficulty to a Vista - corrupted user profile

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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