Why do an iPhone 6 in color gold

Hi apple

Why why you did not do iPhone 6 in color gold because I want one


WE do not have iPhones in all colors. We are users like you. This is a user to user forum. You don't talk about Apple here.

6 s iPhone comes in gold.


Beyond this only Apple knows why he chose to end the iPhone version 6 gold.

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  • IPhone 6 s rose gold

    Why iphone 6 s rose gold to rust. I live in the Viet Nam but buy in America. What machine Open box has slight signs of rust, spread over several locations on the machine so far. iPhone 6s A1688 MRK22LL/A

    Jellyty wrote:

    I live in the Viet Nam but buy in America.

    It is a big problem, as the iPhone warranty is honored only in the countries where the iPhone has been sold.

    In addition, there are similar to MRK22LL/A order numbers, but none match exactly.  Not that it really matters because if you bought a fake or a real iPhone, you cannot receive the service under warranty outside the United States

    http://www.EveryMac.com/systems/Apple/iPhone/specs/Apple-iPhone-6s-A1688-4.7-Inc h-global-sprint-verizon - specs.html

  • I got the watch aluminum gold. The soundtrack has metal fittings of color gold. Are there strips of spare with accessories of color gold?

    I got the watch aluminum gold. The soundtrack has metal fittings of color gold. Are there strips of spare with accessories of color gold?


    Bands with colored pins but are not currently available for sale separately.

    The current lineup of the band is available here:


    If you want that Apple to consider making bands with colors pins gold available for purchase separately, you can submit your comments here:


  • Why I can't change the color in this photo?

    This is a Jpeg file...

    Why can't I change the color on the image?  I followed the same steps on the other images, and I had no problem...

    If you are referring to the creation from a Duotone:

    1. choose Image > Mode > grayscale

    2. choose Image > Mode > Duotone (don't forget the click on the Preview)

    3. in the Duotone Options click on the sample of ink color 2 menu and choose a color

    4. If you want more or less of this color in Duotone, click its curve and bend the curve.


    or at the top of the Menu, click on the Preset and you will be presented with many predefined Duotone images which, for each color, presents different amounts of a given color.

    When you are satisfied with a result and click OK, change the RGB Mode and save the file.

  • Why can't I change the color of black text in the book LR5 module?

    Why can't I change the color of black text in the book LR5 Module?

    I guess that you clicked on the patch of color not to mention that the word to open the color selector window.

    On the right side of this window, a vertical bar which has 2 horizontal black lines down there.

    It is actually a slider. Pull upward with the color picker and color is displayed in the window.

  • Why not my iphone 7 purchased in the work of United States in India?

    I bought an iphone 7 in the USA on a trip to Best Buy.

    I bought a T-Mobile Sim and what I had to go with some carriers.

    When I brought this back to the India, the phone does not work with my Indian SIM card.

    It says that I have to use a specific door-SIM.

    When I check with T - Mobile by providing my IMEI, they said my device was a 'device T - Mobile no'

    Here's the mail:

    "Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. We received your request to release SIM. Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request at this time because we are only able to provide the unlock codes for T-Mobile USA phones. Please check your request for unlocking for this equipment directly to the carrier that the handset was purchased from. "

    But the handset was bought from T-Mobile carrier.

    How can I unlock my phone in these circumstances?

    Thank you.

    PS: I checked and the bandwiths are fine

    The website check out BestBuy - they do not sell the iPhone for T-Mobile 7.  All their iPhone models 7 are sold carrier locked on Sprint, Verizon or AT & T.  It doesn't matter which SIM was purchased at the time - if you bought an iPhone 7 or 7plus BestBuy it is carrier locked (one of AT & T, Sprint or Verizon).  You've been misinformed about what you buy or you misunderstood what you said the people of BestBuy.

    BestBuy does not sell the iPhone Unlocked 7 or 7 more.  Nor do they sell these devices for T-Mobile.  If your phone is locked to AT & T, Sprint or Verizon and they will not unlock it unless you are or have been a customer of theirs with an account in good standing, and after meeting the minimum period of service to qualify for unlocking.

    Return it to best buy, if you can.  T-Mobile is you tell the simple truth.  There is nothing they can do for you, that this device is not locked to their network.

    Sorry, but this is a perfect example of why it's a bad idea to buy your iPhone abroad.  In particular, without being absolutely sure what you purchase and what limits the device can be fitted.

  • Why is my iPhone does not give me the ability to upgrade to iOS 10?

    I backed up my iPhone 6 s, and when I go in settings-general-Software Update, it says my software is up to date with iOS 9.3.5... Why my phone doesn't give me the option to update the iOS new 10? I have even tried to connect my phone to my Macbook and do this through iTunes, still nothing...

    Have you tried restarting your phone?

  • Why reset my iPhone 5 settings also resets my iPad Pro?

    I'm curious to know about it. I just got my replacement iPhone 5 Thursday, and I noticed a strange behavior: every time I have reset the network on my iPhone settings to solve the problems I've had, I also reset the network settings on my iPad Pro. Why? This only happened on my old iPhone 5.

    Because you probably use Keychain that syncs on devices. If you do not need to keychain, just turn it off.

    Frequently asked questions about iCloud Keychain - Apple Support

  • Why the iCloud iPhone backup Photo lib is so great?

    Settings-> General-> storage & use-> iCloud iCloud, manage-> backup storage, this iPhone-> watch photo library to use 2.9 GB.

    I have only a few pictures in Photos.

    Settings-> General-> storage & iCloud use-> storage, manage storage-> Photos & camera shows use 1.4 MB.

    What else is included in the backup of the library that makes it so great?

    My config: iPhone 6, 16 MB, IOS 9.2.1

    Settings-> iCloud-> options for Photos:

    iCloud library picture OFF

    My Photo Stream WE

    Upload Photos of burst off the COAST
    iCloud Photo Sharing ON

    I deleted the backup, turned iCloud backup on again., and did a manual backup that seems to have solved the problem. The iPhone backup uses about 100 MB now that is what I expected. I'm still puzzled why he thought he needed 3 GB to save the picture before Lib.

  • Why my 6s Iphone says that I used 44,59 GB of data and documents when I don't have? Recently updated to iOS 9.2.1 and having problems.

    I bought the new 6 s iPhone with 64 GB of storage in December. A few days ago I updated to iOS 9.2.1 and I got a notification the next day saying that my storage was almost full. I was shocked because I have not yet used half of the 64 GB and before I upgraded to the latest updated everything worked well. Also, on a side note, game Center does not work and when I try to open the app it's just a blank screen and when I go into settings, click on the play icon, it does not even open.

    Back to the problem of storage, I don't not even use a lot of my storage upward. Look at the photo for reference. This photo was taken after I updated.

    So I am very confused right now with my phone and I have only had it a month ago and it's already the case. It does not make sense to me to have only 4.84 GB free. I used 6,76 Go on applications, and I have 20 apps and I understand that, but whence this other 44 gb?

    Why do we say I used 44,59 GB of data and documents when I don't? Could be a problem due to the update to iOS 9.2.1?

    BradCalifornia15 wrote:

    So I am very confused right now with my phone and I have only had it a month ago and it's already the case. It does not make sense to me to have only 4.84 GB free. I used 6,76 Go on applications, and I have 20 apps and I understand that, but whence this other 44 gb?

    Why do we say I used 44,59 GB of data and documents when I don't? Could be a problem due to the update to iOS 9.2.1?

    Connect your phone to iTunes on your computer and see what the ability the bottom bar shows for storage. You can have one large amount of 'other' data which may indicate a corrupted sync or corrupted update. If you have backed up with iTunes before you update, try to restore the backup.

    Take a look at the Board to the alarm user.

    What is 'Other' and what I can do about it?

  • I retouch and correct in PSCC, why don't windows display the colors correctly the colors?

    I use Windows 10, all windows-based programs do not display corrected colors. I can't find anything in the preference of display windows that help.

    Yes, that's exactly what I mean - that it illustrates beautifully. Re-read my posts.

    It is clear that this image is not converted to sRGB, reason why you get the dramatic difference. As sRGB, there would still be a small difference, but not nearly as good.

  • Adobe, why photoshop fixes app change the colors of my photos?


    Why photoshop fix app in the iPad pro does not change the colors of my photos? We're losing the brightness? It significantly changes the colors? and at this point, I believe that this will make the application useless for me because it effects the entire file?

    Any fix for that?

    The image on the left is the TIFF from photoshop CC on an IMac 2013. the right image is the same file, just send my creative cloud to photoshop fix app on an IPad pro, I is no retouching then re returned to the same computer via creative cloud storage? He took the colors?  any ideas on this... I love her if she didn't do it please ideas on that. C'MON Adobe, we all know you Can!photoshop-fix-test.jpg

    Hi Rhys!

    Thanks for your thoughtful response. Right now, the team is working with the idea that it has to do with what color the image is the profile and what color profile using the Apple iOS products. I'll let you know soon I hear more.

    Your workflow is very valid. I think it's to protect against the economy given by chance. However, I understand why it would be boring... takes place and clutters your files!

    We work hard to iron all those wrinkles to make your experience as smooth as possible! Thanks for bearing with us.

    Please let us know if we can help with anything else.


  • Why is my image 'After' reverse color / strange?

    Screenshot 2015-11-03 14.17.04.png

    We have recently acquired adobe lightroom.  I pulled for the first time and it happened.  The 'after' overview of the inverted image / changed the colors.  When I zoomed in and caught to move, all colors fluctuated constantly.  Change parameter also did fluctuate constantly.

    Any ideas as to why this is happening?  Happens no matter what I do.

    Hi blakeh11824734,

    • Go to Lightroom > Preferences.
    • Please go to the performance tab and uncheck the 'use graphics processor '.
    • Restart Lightroom and see if it works.

    Kind regards


  • Why is my eps file a color faded in PS compared to my Web site?


    I'm new to Photoshop, so please go easy.

    I have a company logo on the disk in eps format.  It has been used on my Web site and business cards.  I can open the eps file in Word and is a shade of green, then you compare it to my site and the other.

    When I open the eps file in Photoshop, it is a different shade this again this really pale.

    Someone knows why?  I'm happy to send the eps file to anyone for them to check.

    All I want is the web color version in a larger jpg format so I can use in Word documents; copy from the site Web and enlargement in the results too fuzzy a notice.

    Thank you


    Photoshop is a color management system, while many applications is not.  Color management is complicated real fast.  Here is a web site and its attack on the problem.  http://www.bythom.com/qadcolor.htm

    But basically, if you compare the photoshop image for the same image with a program that is not color Cela management will look different.  I don't think that Word is probably not on the site and either color management.

    But it depends on the color of the image profile and monitor, so like I said before things get complicated and above my paygrade.

  • Why is the iPhone 4 emulator so great?

    When I change the emulator of the iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 4, the size of the emulator is huge on my screen.  I appears much bigger than the screen of the iPhone.  Why is this?  The same thing happens to everybody.

    Thank you.

    iPhone 4 has a much higher density of 326 DPI screen.  The resolution of the iPhone 4 is 960 x 640 (compared to the iPhone 3GS, 480 x 320), but the monitors of desktop / laptop being much more low DPI, it seems that it takes much more physical space.

Maybe you are looking for