Why do I get error 1122 to dequeue element loop of consumer when I hit the stop button

When I hit the stop button in the vi, stops of producer loop, the loop of consumer gets an error and stops without having read all the elements and then my status check queue loop will continue to run because he never goes to 0.

Any help?


matt198717 wrote:

I think that's what you were talking about.  If you have any advice or pointers for this VI please let me know.

1. your consumer loop should use the Dequeue elements.

2. your consumer loop should actually be freeing up the queue in the case.

3. it is also useless for the polling stations see how many items is stored in the queue.

4. your wait in the loop of producer should be that when there is no data in the buffer (you have it in the case of bad).

5. do not use the value of the bytes to the Port reading VISA tell how many bytes to read.  Say you reading VISA to read more bytes that you always expect the message to be.  Let the stop character stop playback.

6. use a VISA reading just after the initialization of your port to synchronize your messages.

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