Why do phone calls telling me that I have a problem with my program

Please can someone tell me how and why I get phone calls from MICRO/TECH SUPPORT, I have an error on my windows program and when I say my lap top is absent for the service that they simply hang up, IS THIS a SCAM?


Fake phone calls to technical support

Such unsolicited telephone calls are almost always a common scam. Do not let them give any info, do not give access to your PC, not give them all the money and do not go to all the websites that they suggest. One moment.

Please see:

http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/security/online-privacy/msname.aspx .

Microsoft does ever not requested for telephone calls of support or security.

(such persons may use names other than Microsoft as well)

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  • "Windows services Centre" call by saying that I have a problem with my internal security system


    I received a phone call from 'Windows Service Centre', James Henderson, employee of 406-235-1159, phone number #7098 (Yes, that's an indication 406 and 416 - which is one of the reasons why I'm suspicious), but gave a speech in Mississauga (Ontario), saying that I have a problem with my internal security system and even if www.ammyy.com I need to talk to the technician to solve this problem. I do not trust him and hang up, but called the number, responded to the same person (as he had an Indian accent with a lisp in addition to this) and he said that Joseph and not James!
    Scam or what? Thank you

    It is a scam! Who is becoming extremely common and was even on the news in some places. As long as you don't give them any personal information, you should be fine. Should they call once again, simply hang up.

    See the recent thread below for more information; Shenan Stanley and the spirit of the messages contain very useful information:

    The call tech support?

    The links below contain excellent information regarding this and other scams:

    Avoid scams to phone for tech support

    Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulently

    The site ammyy.com offer legitimate a service to help users to connect remotely to other computers; the crooks simply operate these services. This is the first time I have heard of this site, seems most of the fraudsters a different use.

    Kind regards

  • Microsoft makes personal phone calls to say that you have something wrong with your man

    Microsoft made personal phone calls to someone to inform them that they have a probelum on their cumputer?

    No, they do not.  I hope that you simply hung up before the concerned criminal had useful info from you or you fool by giving access to your PC.

  • Microsoft sounds him telling you that you have a problem with your laptop

    get the phone call, s Microsoft, saying: I send error reports all the time and my computor will break.

    Please advise me on this matter, regards.

    It's a scam. Do not give them any information nor allow them to connect to your computer.

    See the section watch you phone calls of phishing here.

  • I've been doing a series of phone calls telling me that my license key for my Windows is about to expire. Is it a reality or just somone trying to rip me off?

    Last week to 10 days, I received lots of calls from someone called PC Support (which sound as if they come from the India) telling me that they want to access my PC to show me the problems that are reported to them from my ISP about something and real operating system Windows on the license key is about to expire.

    I suspect that it is a new scam to try to sell the product, anti-virus/malware any... but it got me wondering whether or not it is a real-world scenario.

    Can someone me one way or another?

    Thank you.


    I've been doing a series of phone calls telling me that my license key for my Windows is about to expire. Is it a reality or just somone trying to rip me off?

    Someone is trying to rip you off.

  • + 011 phone calls indicating that I have serious problems with my computer and that they provide a service of Microsoft solve problems

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    Not legitimate... do not answer the call... Mike Hall MVP - Windows Expert: consumer http://msmvps.com/blogs/mikehall/

  • Windows Vista/Defender telling me that I have multiple problems after update

    I use Windows Vista.  I've had problems since getting an update a few days ago.  Windows Defender is constantly telling me that I have multiple problems - if nothing has changed outside the Windows Update.  When I try to open my Convert (bought) the DVD program, it displays the message from the Red Cross stating that "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file.  May not be the appropriate permissions for access you to them.  I should have all permissions on a computer at home.

    It would help if you gave the details of the messages you see Windows Defender.

    It could be that you have a fake antivirus infection similar to this:


    A symptom of this would be applications for payment activate the software.

  • I just did a check of norton power Eraser which revealed that I have a problem with the file ntsd.exe.

    original title: problem with file ntsd.exe

    I just did a check of norton power Eraser which revealed that I have a problem with the file ntsd.exe. Does anyone have suggestions about what to do to fix it? Thank you very much.

    Hi JohnABuckley,

    • Are you facing any problem on the computer?

    Ntsd.exe is a process belonging to the Microsoft symbolic debugger that lets you debug applications in user mode.

    As the link below, it says that there is a risk that Norton Power Eraser can select some legitimate programs for removal. You should carefully review the analysis results page before deleting the files. I suggest that you don't delete the file unless you are facing problems with the computer.


  • Windows calling people at home and telling them that they have a problem and they will guide them through fixing it

    Got a call this morning asked them to remember.  Is this really windows calls or just another scam

    Too right, I got a call telling me that my computer sends a signal any or information to Microsoft.  The person told me that I needed to give him permission to take control of my computer to solve the problem.  Telephone number presented themselves as unavailable on my caller ID.  I told him that I didn't believe him and that my security program showed no problems.  I hung up on him.  I do not provide any information.

  • Microsoft sounds tell you that you have a problem with your laptop

    I get phone calls from microsoft telling me that I have problems with my laptop,

    fact microsoft rinng you.

    No, they do not, ever.  It is a long-running scam and you shouldn't believe anything, they'll tell you or let them access your computer in any mode.  Simply hang up.

  • Phone call informs me that my computer is infected with malicious software; it's from Microsoft. Is it?

    A person claiming to be from Microsoft "Windows - something or other' phones me to force me to go online to give them access." they always say they will fix the problem (whatever that is). If I don't respect, the intruder software can damage the system. They do not specify the nature of the software.

    Background noises heard during the phone call, I think it's operation "boiler room" scam with the many other appellants works in the background.
    Someone else has met such unsolicited phone call?

    Without a doubt a scam (a quick search forums answer will show several similar positions). I hope that you did not have access to your computer.

    SC Tom

  • Why do I receive flag showing that I have a problem and insert the disc. but nothing shows

    Why do I get a red flaag showing I have a problem and to insert the blank disc aa, what I do, but the flag persists?


    • What disk you insert?
    • What are the instructions?
    • How long have you been faced with the question?
    • Are there changes to the computer?
    • The problem is present in Safe Mode and clean the boot?
    I suggest you run the Analysis System File Checker and see if TI the problem still occurs. To do this, please see the following article.
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    Hi Bobbi,

    The issue can be caused if the date and time is not properly defined.

    1. what browser do you use on your computer?

    2. you receive an error code or message?

    3. have you checked the issue with a different browser?

    First of all, let us try to launch the tool Internet and network by right clicking on the network in the notification area icon, click on solveand click Internet Connections. This utility can you ask questions or reset common settings as he tries to solve the problem. If running the tool network and Internet did not resolve this problem, follow the steps described in the following link and check if you are using Internet Explorer.

    Can't access some Web sites in Internet Explorer:


    Note: Reset the Internet Explorer settings can reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings.

    If you need further assistance on this topic, let know us and we will be happy to help you.

  • I'm doing an update for some software I have installed on my computer. I get an error message. I was told that I have a problem with installaation

    By train to this day, I am a software on my computer.  I get an error message any waiy I do.  I was told that I have an installation problem.  How to fix cam?

    Communicate with people who have sold or support "some software" and give them the error message, ask them what is the solution.  If you don't know what to do, ask them to explain in a different or more clear language.

  • Phone call telling me that they come from Windows and it is on my computer - make these calls?

    I see others have similar appeals - so, what is the answer to these other positions?

    Hello - what someone has an answer yet?

    First of all, note that when you ask "do * you * make these calls?" you apparently think you are addressing here Microsoft.

    You are not. It is a forum for peer support. We just are all users of this version of Windows here, help each other if and when we can. We are not Microsoft employees (not even those of us with 'Microsoft MVP"behind our names; it is an honorary title for having provided useful advice) with the exception of an occasional Microsoft contractor or an employee.

    Second, the call was

    a scam and with all the names and phone numbers, one that has become very common these days. See http://www.troyhunt.com/2012/08/virus-scams-social-engineering-victims.html
    and http://www.howtogeek.com/180514/the-%e2%80%9ctech-support%e2%80%9d-scammers-called-htg-so-we-had-fun-with-them/

    In addition to their money get on your part for the inaction of any value, if you let them into your computer, who knows what they were doing here or what confidential information, they stole.

    So if you have done so, I highly recommend that you do both of the following immediately:

    1 do a clean reinstall of Windows.

    2. * after * reinstallation of Windows, change all your passwords, especially all of banks or other financial sites.
    Since they * could * have installed a recorder of strikes, simply changing your passwords without first reinstalling Windows may not be good enough.

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