Why do we say "a codec is needed" on the watchseries site, I've always used in the past with no problems?

Laptop with windows 7, something must have gone wrong when I had to fix the latest problem of infections (the Bing bar) to my browser. I loaded the 'codec' (media player classic) but still could not play what I wanted on watchseries.ch... I made sure not to load the entire table of toolbars, etc. with this. These constant problems become ridiculous, fix you one thing and something else is wrong. In any case, I would appreciate any advice.

Of http://watchseries.lt/tips#htw

Why videos do not work for me? You need Flash Player or DivX Player. Both of these programs are used everywhere online; their size is small and will not harm your computer. You should download them from here: DivX: http://www.divx.com/en/software/download/start Flash: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

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