Why don't the graph and the table of the DAQ Assistant, when it is run more than once

I have a vi that collects data and the poster. When I press the run button, it collects data as expected. But, if I changed the samples or the rate and press the run button, it collects data on the previous values of the sample and rate. I have the release of the vi and run it again to perceive in the correct values of the sample and rate.

I plugged it without the DAQ Assistant and everything works as expected. Thanks for your help. Now, just curious as to why DAQ Assistant does not work well.

Thanks again!

Tags: NI Software

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    If you would like the option to reopen the window atr once then add the listener when the window is closed.

  • Switch between the graph and the table as in the DAQ Assistant

    I was wondering if it is possible or if anyone has any success making a user interface, such as the DAQ Assistant, where you can switch between a graphical output or an array of the recorded signals.  I would like to have this feature in my code .VI.  From now on, I'm just a waveform graph in my front panel.  I'd love to be able to alternate between this waverform table and a table of output values. I have attached a few screenshots to explain what I mean.


    Personally, I like the TAB ideas that have been validated, but you can also use property nodes and the visible value.

    Good luck.


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  • Calendar and the problems of data collection with the DAQ Assistant

    Hello NOR Developer area,

    I am a Novice of LabVIEW and have seen how helpful you all can be, and if I come to ask for your help.

    I'm having some trouble with a VI I built that specifies an input voltage, a SCB - 100 connected to a PCI-6031E and converts this tension in a temperature displayed on a waveform table. The goal is to give a constant reading of the temperature and display it in a chart for as long that the VI is running (and to reset the chart the next time the tracks of VI).

    The problems I've encountered currently are:

    -After a few minutes of the VI running, I get an error message 200279: tried to read samples that are no longer available. The requested sample was already available, but has since been replaced. (to the DAQ Assistant express VI).

    -I don't know how to change my chart so that the minimum value X is both during which the VI was launched and have the maximum X value increases with each iteration of the loop. Currently, I have the VI get the time system and contributing to the property node X scale. This worked for the graph of the voltage, but not for the temperature chart

    I appreciate those of you who took the time to read my post.

    Thank you all for your help.


    Ethan A. Klein

    SB candidate in Chemistry & Physics

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Class of 2015

    PS I enclose my VI to give you a better understanding of my current situation.

    E A Klein wrote:

    Thanks for writing.

    What property node is talking?
    I do not understand that many different data types. How can I go on the treatment of all the data?

    (Did you mean I should wire 'blue' data for mathematical functions rather than using the node property tension?)


    In fact, one of the nodes property.  I mean specifically the tension property node.  But in reviewing, I noticed the other nodes in property for the chart.  Just set auto-scaling to the X scale and that should take care of two of the nodes property (right click on the graph, X scale-> AutoScale X Scale).  I also recommend placing your mathematical functions in a Subvi to make things easier to read.  Attached, that's what I think you're after.

    I hope that these small tweaks will speed things up enough to avoid your error.  If this isn't the case, then we should begin to look at the design of producer/consumer model or take readings at the same time.  It might also be worth looking away the DAQ Assistant and DAQmx real screws.  But one step at a time.

  • Precise triggering voltage input and output generation in the DAQ Assistant


    I wonder if anyone has come across a simular problem with the synchronization of input and output voltage. I use a box 11 LabView and NI USB-6259. I have been using the DAQ Assistant to configure the input and output channel. In particular, my task is to generate a single rectangular "pulse" as the output voltage to drive a coil and once the pulse went to get a signal from a sensor of magnetic field and get a power spectrum. This means that the order and the time during which the DAQ Assistant is used is extremely important. For example, the output voltage channel must be opened first for 2 seconds. Subsequently, the channel of input voltage must be open for 1 second, in which the sensor signal is obtained and post-processed. Only after these tasks are performed in this order he can can be repeated in a loop until the experiment is over. I don't know how to trigger data acquisition assistants (one for entry) and the other for the voltage output correctly. Y at - it a trick?

    See you soon


    Hi Dave,.

    Thank you that I wired the error strings but the timing issue was unrelated to it. In the DAQ assistant, I simply had to choose the continuous aquistion of the 'samples' methods 'N-switch' for input and output voltage and all works fine now.

    Thanks again


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    I'm relatively new to all Labview and terms and everything which affects programming. I've read tutorials and everything trying to understand things. One thing that I have a problem is the DAQ assistant. Now, if I wanted to place the DAQ assistant on the block diagram of labview and I have everything set up so that the voltage will travel in the DAQ hardware, how would I set up my block diagram so that I can get a graph of voltage vs time in which data begin recording until the voltage reaches a certain tension I was inputing and change such as 30 or 40 volts. The data will also stop recording when the voltage reaches the same number. I also want to be able to multiply the number of voltage coming out a number that I can change myself before it is graphed over time. Example, I mean the voltage to start recording when he reached 40 volts. Now when the voltage comes out of allows it to DAQ assistant say he is somewhere read 10 volts and the number I want to multiply by 5. So, I want to be able to multiply the voltage by 5 and then since it will be 50, it would begin graphing this number over time.

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