Why Firefix does not load my homepage?

When I open a new window, Firefox does not open with my home page, but with the last page I was on before closing the browser.

Why is this happening? How can I fix the problem?


Cristina Herrera


I think I can help you here. If you open your [tools] / [Options] / tab, is the drop of water to the bottom of the box for "show my windows and tabs from last time"? Simply reset the option "show my home page".


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    Why Safary does not load the content of pages? I mean, when I hover over the places where should be the content, he is always showing the "redirect to: [email protected]/" lower left. My Safari is 9.5 and worked fine until Safe Fimder Virus get inside my computer. Mozilla Firefox is a bit slower. If someone could give me an idea on how to deal with it, I would be happy.

    Sorry if my English is not good, I am a Brazilian who is still learning English

    Your English is very good!

    Redirects are usually due to adware or malware.

    Download the run MalwareBytes.

    It of free and takes only a minute or two. Which should remove all adware and malicious software on your Mac.

  • Why Firefox does not load javascript accessed by a link?

    I have a FF Add-ons disabled 15.0.1.
    Every time a success, a link to a JavaScript, the script does not run, it loads just like a text in a browser window.
    For example, on http://markup.io , there is a script to make annotations on web pages (http://api.markup.io/bootstrap.js?v=1 &). Other browsers running the script, but not FF.

    A .js file is executed directly from the URL bar. Could you describe how you want to run it? For example, if you want to inject script into the current page or to work on the current page, you can try to save as a bookmarklet. To do this:

    Right-click on an empty area of the bookmarks toolbar, then choose new bookmark.

    In location, type or paste javascript: and then paste the script. At the end of the script, add 0 Sub; (if necessary, add a semicolon in front of it if it is separated by the pasted script).

    Give a name to your bookmarklet, and then click Add.

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    Can you give a better description of what you're trying to do? How did you get this video? How are you trying to get it on the iPhone 6?

  • Acer Recovery Management does not load! Anyone know how I can fix this please?

    Hi - I have an Aspire E5 - 511 laptop with Windows 8.1, 64 bit.

    Although Acer Recovery Management icon shows in the Applications and open the window to allow changes to my computer, after a few blue swirls that briefly Flash on the screen and disappear more nothing happens!  What is the solution please - I do not understand why it does not load?

    I guess when I did the initial USB recovery for this laptop about 7 months ago, it did not automatically a copy of the drivers?  It is that now when I need to wipe my hard drive that I have reflected on this process and find out from one of the videos that there is an option to create a backup of drivers. I need to know I have everything backed up and available for restore, and I can count on the Acer Recovery Management to be there program to do!

    I'm very much a novice user and find it all very confusing - please help!

    as JordanB said, the recovery USB key you created was all, so no need to create a backup of drivers.

    If you want to create another USB recovery media and Acer erecovery doesn't work, you can use the USB windows media authoring tool, it's the same Acer erecovery use.


    by the way, if your HARD drive is always okay, with all the original scores, you can reset - reinstall windows without the need to support USB. just press ALT + F10 at startup and it will start the process erecovery.

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    Worse still, my LR2 hangs everytime I try to rebuild some web galleries - so I'm well and truly stuck, unable to make promised to work for a client and shed tears of frustration. Adobe (or someone) - Please, please help!

    You can try to download and install this way...

    Adobe - Lightroom: For Macintosh

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    I would not not start troubleshooting the problem before bouncing the application services to it may do the trick. As you can see, we have not many details on the error in the log files, so it cannot help, and measures will be bouncing services and see if the problem is reproducible or not.

    For the operation of the list form session, I believe that the above-mentioned document should be useful.

    Kind regards

  • Firefox does not load after clearing cache - why?

    I'm on a Mac. I deleted my cache and Firefox stopped working immediately. I deleted Firefox in my Applications folder, downloaded from the Internet and re-installed. Still, he does not start upward. When I click on the icon in my Dock, it said "Application is not responding. I have re-installed 3 times without success.

    I read that I could try to change my profile somewhere within Firefox, but if the application does not load, I can't access to this!

    Help, please!

    Your problem is solved on?
    Creation of a profile resolved your problem?

    If yes then please mark this thread as resolved, else feel free to ask questions.

  • After having reinstalled FFox and Adobe Flash Player, why is a certain company Web page does not load, but it does in Internet Explorer.

    For some reason a business the company website does not load on my desktop PC. The page is grey and white with a few titles and a circle in the middle which goes around and round. I have previously (a few months ago) has been able to access the site (and have for years). I am running Windows 7. I have cleared my cache, reinstalled FireFox, reinstalled Adobe Flash Player (even tried downgrading Flash version 10). If I use IE, the loading of the page of the site with all the graphics, etc. very well, I have all the same features of FF on my laptop. The site opens well on my laptop. What's next?

    If it works in Firefox Safe mode and then disable all extensions (Tools > Modules > Extensions) and then try to find out who is causing by allowing an extension at a time until the problem reappears.

    Close and restart Firefox after each change through "file > exit ' (Mac: ' Firefox > leave";) Linux: "file > exit ')

    See also:

  • Why background png header does not load, traveled earlier shows web page instead. Why?

    Verification on a site I built two years ago, I noticed that the png header does not load. Instead, I can see the last web page that I was reviewing, as if the header area is an invisible window. Site is OK in Safari, and OK on another Mac, just not mine.

    Seems to be well here on Linux.

    I saw the problems reported on Mac with (background) images in black (#000000) causing problems.

    The color change in the image of something less black as #111111 seems to work.

  • Why Windows Vista does not load user profile?

    When logging on it says unable to load the user profile, but the profile is there when I log in Administrator account, how do I recognize my account that I used to use? Everything worked fine until I went to reboot my Dell Vosstro 220, running Vista SP2 with all latest updates... He went to the Startup Repair, and after awhile, I was dirrected to restart the computer. When it restarted, it went to a temporary user profile named after one it starts normally, but there was 3-0 and temp after the profile. So the desktop icon were almost all gone and when you run a temp profile nothing is saved in it when you use... I've logged on to the administrator account and under C:\computer\users my account, I used to use with 2 temporary accounts. One was exactly like my normal account (mountain), but with temp000 after her. I went to Microsoft Answers and he said to go to regedit and find the profiles under machine\software\microsoft \windows NT\profiles and change the name of the supposely accounts 2 so it would not load the Temp account. I followed the instructions to a T and everything is OK except that now it does not load the Temp file, it just says: windows could not load the user profile. I have to hit Control, Alt, delete to bring up the Task Manager and then type Administrator and password that works very well. When I click on administrator, it displays the screen with all that on the computer. MountainMan used to be there under administrator, but he disappeared. If I go down to users in a subcatigory under computer and users it lists all of the accounts that I should be able to access. All the information is there, it doesn't seem right to see as an account profle to load up. I've always had it set to start on MountainMan account without password. Now it takes forever to load the administrator account. It must also be typed in each time instead of remember accounts. How can I get MountainMan load again? The info is there, but he doesn't seem to know the location more. Even when I type in MountainMan it just says unable to load the user profile. I don't know if typing in the name of the account is the same problem or if I have 2 problems. I appriciate any help to correct this situation. Also just FYI, I deleted temporary files after changing names, in which case they were confusing.

    Hi James,

    1. When you created a new user account, have you configured it as an administrator?

    2. When you connect to the old user profile you are able to view your data?

    You can check out the following link and check:


    The above link contains third party links.

    Note: Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    For more information, please consult the following link:

    Troubleshoot "access denied" when opening files or folders

  • Why my camera does not load?

    Hello. I have a Sony Cybershot DSC HX9V. Since then, it does not load reliable. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't and I can't identify what I do differently. Help.

    Yes it is normal, it does not thoroughly.

  • Site does not load unless I have delete cookies from the site. New behavior.

    Most every day I connect to Schwab.com. From a week ago, the login page does not load. I get only a blank page. It works if I clear the cookies from schwab. So does not work the next time. He is fine in Internet Explorer. Very inconvenient. Any ideas why this has started to happen? I can fix it or Mozilla or end of Schwab?

    Thanks for the ideas.

    My Firefox is just there is an update and the problem with the Schwab page disappeared. I think that all changed two updates there was amended to take account of the situation. I know that Schwab was looking into it, it is also possible that they have changed something in their homepage. Anyway, problem solved!

    Thanks to those who responded. I read each response carefully and liked to learn other points of view of the system. Thank you.


  • Why Apple does not provide a 10 W charger with the air of the iPad 2 when the barn of the computer and hundreds of people on the web say he needs a 12 W charger because Apple has changed their software and 10 W very slow iPad charges.

    Why Apple does not provide a 10W for I pad air 2 charger when the barn of the computer and hundreds of people on the web say that the 10 W does not work and it takes a 12 W charger.  Burning of the computer told me that Apple has changed their software on the iPad and now requires a 12 W charger.

    So you're claiming Apple is selling iPads with a charger that doesn't work?

    A charger 10W works perfectly well. A 12W charger can be slightly faster to load under certain conditions.

  • Java plugin does not load on Firefox

    I'm working on a machine without administrator rights. Firefox fails to load Java plugin even thought it is installed. Summer search internet and found this and this.
    I checked the users on this machine really has only read access to HKLM\Software\mozilla.org. Is this the problem why does not load plugin? He said that this should be fixed in new versions of Java and FF.

    I use Firefox 11.0, Java 6 Update 13, Windows 7 Enterprise.

    OK, I read about this problem on the mozillazine kb now...

    You can try the following: go to start run & open %appdata%\Mozilla\, create a folder named plugins (where it does not exist). then you need to go to the directory of the java program and the subfolder bin (probably C:\Program Files\Java\j2re < version > \bin\) and copy all the .dll files that begin with np*.dll and paste them into the plugins folder you created before. This must be repeated for each user on the machine.

    in the case where firefox then detects the plugin, I would recommend you keep the disabled plugin and activated only upon request (or use an extension like noscript to create a white list of trusted sites that can use the plugin). I have seen many infections than to exploit vulnerabilities in older versions of java, also on accounts with limited user rights...

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