Why Firefox fixed Network.protocol - handler.expose. (Protocol) to 'true' at each startup?

I want to make FF open "file://"-links with Windows Explorer.
It works if I put "Network.protocol - handler.expose.file" false
and "Network.protocol - handler.external.file", true.
But "Network.protocol - handler.expose.file" is missing in the topic: config after a reboot. So I put in my user.js. Now I can see the variable, but its still set to true no matter what happens in my user.js. Why the FF is leading my config?


Try locking Preferences .

Thank you

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  • Why firefox 12 redefines setting staff true to every restart?

    Network.protocol - handler.expose.ed2k parameter is reset each time you start. This the only one making problem.
    More generally, even when set to false, ed2k Protocol is not recognized (no program Listre and does not require a selection).


  • Does not save the Config parameter: Network.protocol - handler.expose.file

    In "subject: config" I put
    Network.protocol - handler.expose.file = false
    in order to open the files and folders in external applications, and not in FF.
    But when Firefox closes it removes this setting of prefs.js
    When Firefox starts and it is WRONG in prefs.js then it sets it to true.
    How can I curcumvent that?
    I want to keep it FALSE.
    Thank you.

    27 FF and don't offer me to Australis.

    I found the solution: the value "noscript.fixURI" = false (in "subject: config" or in prefs.js).
    Problem was caused by too defensive noscript.

  • Network.protocol - handler.external.magnet type = boolean value = true

    Associate files of the magnet with firefox and qbittorrent

    With firefox 3.x the following entries about: config works great.
    Network.protocol - handler.app.magnet type is string value is/usr/bin/qbittorrent
    Network.protocol - handler.external.magnet type = boolean value = true
    Network.protocol - handler.warn - external .magnet type = value boolean = false

    With 4.0 they do not, and I see the problem is that 4.0 won't accept "Network.protocol - handler.external.magnet type = boolean", because it constantly changes its type to string.

    So, how do links magnet, transferred to qbittorrent via firefox 4.0?

    I found the solution. Previously, when I right click the topic: config page and select New to create the entry of Network.protocol - handler.app.magnet , firefox would immediately follow with a second window asking the access path to the torrent app and qbittorrent/usr/bin/qbittorrent already entered for me (who tells me that firefox has already known qbittorrent is the application to use). I click on OK, and firefox would be error when I clicked on a link magnet.

    This time, I deleted the default/usr/bin/qbittorrent, then pasted the same exact value into the box and click OK. And now it works. The only difference between the two methods; in the method that fails, the path/usr/bin/qbittorrent is highlighted when I click OK, in the method that works, the path is not highlighted.

  • Why Firefox 31 change all icons PDF and open in browser, require a fix by using REGEDIT to set for all USERS on a computer?

    The solution to use REGEDIT in the question linked below almost fixed my problem with PDF files on more than 30 computers with multiple users on each computer:

    But I need to fix for all users on a computer without logging on each account on each computer. My challenge was to log on as an administrator and change the following key of the overall system instead:


    Name: by default
    Type: Reg_SZ
    Data: FirefoxHtm

    Changed FirefoxHtm to AcroExch.Document.11 data

    I use Adobe Reader XI on Win7 Pro 64-bit machines.
    The problem started when I ran a file downloaded to install the new version of Firefox on computers.

    Why Firefox would require me to use REGEDIT in this way to solve the problem?

    This only happens when you set Firefox as the default browser and Firefox thinks that there is currently no application PDF file handles.

  • HP Envy 700-414: lack of network protocol

    Problem of local network access.
    I have a problem to an ASUS 10 Windows computer on a local network with Windows Explorer. I get the error
    "One or more network protocols are missing on this computer."
    This computer means one which makes access to or that I'm trying to access?
    I have no problem accessing a Vista laptop or drive MY Book external drive on the same network.
    I also noticed a mistake in the Broadcom 802.11 network adapter even if it says it's working properly.
    The Broadcom driver is 7.35.336.0
    Computer HP Envy 10 700 - 414 - Windows

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    Frank C

    Yes, I think it might have something to do with Windows 10 that many have network problems.  Since WiFi as a single screen shows that it is not connected, I would start with that.

  • Install network protocol: Windows TCP/IP

    I tried to intall a professional printer to my PC and I get the following message.

    Install the following network protocols:

    Windows TCP/IP

    I found the location on the network Conections where I supposed to insert a number, but what number shoud I type in?

    Make sure that your computer is connected to a network. You install a network printer. If you are not connected to a network, use the option "add a local printer.

    Network printer problems
    -If the printer has a display area, you might be able to access a menu option to view or print the printer, including the TCP/IP address configuration information. Other printers may allow you press a specific button, or other mechanism to print configuration information. Check the documentation that came with the printer to see what options are available to you.

    I hope I could help

  • Missing network protocols. Windows 10

    I have brand new Inspiron 5559 running Windows 10. It connects to my wireless so and said it has access to the internet, but I can't open any websites. My connection is fine and works with 8 other devices, even if none run Windows 10. I ran the store and got the message "one or more network protocols are missing on this computer."

    The detailed message says "Windows sockets registry entries required for network connectivity are missing."

    I have most of the solutions on the Microsoft site using the Manager of devices and command prompt, but without success. He was briefly connected for a few minutes but then failed once again.

    Someone at - it ideas? I suspect it's something to do with compatibility with Windows 10 material? But it is a new machine provided by dell.

    New router arrived today and problem solved! Thanks for all the help and I hope that this story can help others.

  • How the transmitter unit will indicate whether or not it has finished sending a message for TCP/IP other network protocols?

    How the transmitter unit will indicate whether or not it has finished sending a message for TCP/IP other network protocols?


    I suggest you post your query in the TechNet Forums for assistance.


    It will be useful.

  • Reset network protocol Bind order


    It is said:

    If more than one protocol must be installed on the server, you can give the Protocol most frequently used by the highest priority of Oracle database by resetting the binding order of network protocol.

    Is TCP protocol used by Oracle?

    Win 2008 Server How can I do this?

    Thank you.


    And with the Protocol, in that layer, as defined by RFC 1122 - Requirements for Internet Hosts - Communication Layers, are you?

    And usually, we installed an IP (Internet Protocol) stack. This contains a number of protocols. See InternetProtocolFamily - the Wireshark Wiki.

    What and where is this "magicks" you speak of are thus binding priority? Especially since one SPECIFICALLY select the Protocol when creating a raw IPv4 socket. or an IPv4 socket interface?

  • tests of the device for the time of the ASM and Network Protocol (NTP)

    Hi all.
    I try to install Infratruction grid Oracle 11 g R2 amd oracle Linux OS but
    I got the following error.

    tests of the device for the time of the ASM and Network Protocol (NTP)
    can someone guide me what should I do for them?

    in RAC 11 GR 2, the option to synchronize the time between the nodes are ntp or ctss.

    If you want to use ntp add the - x option in/etc/sysconfig/ntpd (for example OPTIONS = "-u ntp:ntp Pei /var/run/ntpd.pid x")

    Hope this helps

  • Documentation of network protocol


    I apologize in advance for asking a broad question, but I'm looking for documentation for the network protocols that uses Oracle.

    For example, Oracle uses ports tcp/1520 1526/tcp for communications network; is there a document that describes the content of this network traffic?

    Thank you very much

    Rick Rutherford

    Oracle uses a whole lot more than that. IT also depends on the product (Oracle has now several products...)

    Assuming you want to disuss the stuf of database, you would be encouraged to go to http://tahiti.oracle.com and select the version of interest. Expand the subtree of 'Administration' or tab (or Master List of Books), then look for the manual with 'Network Administration' in the name. Once you have absorbed this, the Networking reference details the configuration files.

  • Why the spellchecker of Firefox fixes in Spanish instead of English?

    Firefox fixes in Spanish if current browser and Op system is set to English. I tried English installation as an add-on dictionary and it gives me a message "cannot install update in this version of Firefox 3.6.3. It was a recent download of firefox.

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    == I have installed firefox in the new system with Win 7, April 2010

    You certainly seem to have two dictionaries (GB, British-English and Spanish, es - are) installed correctly, no problem.

    You don't mention what version of Firefox you have installed essentially, the English or the Spanish version, but I'll assume English here - it may even indifferent, as long as both dictionaries are installed properly, they must be usable.

    When you enter text in a text box, you should be able to click right in the region and in the context menu, have a point "language > ' under which you can select which dictionary to use in the page.

    To make it even more practical and user-friendly to yourself, I can strongly recommend an add-on Firefox that I use myself to control the selection of the dictionary; the Dictionary Switcher addon. You can get it here: Mozilla Addons or authors homepage.

    I hope it's useful for you - if not, please let us know so that we can investigate on where this fails and include no matter how much detail you can come up with what could help us track down the problem.

  • Why firefox has become bloated and lazy like IE?

    I tried like hell to stick with firefox, but it became useless.

    Installation of costs, on a new installation of operating system on a PC with 8 [email protected] and 32 GB of ram, and firefox is STILL SLOW!

    More than 10 tabs == random crash for a few seconds / minutes
    Have more than 5 tabs and close one that it blocks a few seconds to a minute.
    Have more than 10 tabs open, select "Close other tabs" after the tabs, FF hangs for 30-90 seconds.

    After the closure of the tabs, CPU utilization pulls up to this core... I say for this kernel, because the limit of mozilla firefox for one heart, which wouldn't be so bad, except EVERYTHING ON THE SYSTEM HANGS waiting for THAT ONE CORE to CATCH THE FUCK UP!

    Add on top of that firefox looking more and more like the chrome... I mean.. Firefox is essentially like having the version slow, delayed, shit smell of chrome...


    A light and fast browser.


    Here's an idea, before avant d' ajouter to add more code buggy nonsense that serves nothing real other than to make you look more like a bastardised version of chrome, why don't you actually fix crap buggy, slow garbage code have already set you up?


    If the next version of Firefox is nothing else than to fix the many problems causing slow performance and high CPU usage, I'll be moving to chrome and leave Firefox and Mozilla to continue its business of a slow and painful death walk down.

    @the-edmeister thanks for the typical canned answer, I am pleased to see that copy - paste works always.

    Canned responses do not work, because the situation is based on a new installation of the operating system and a new installation of firefox.
    All the drivers on the system is new and up-to-date.

    I ALWAYS run through the basic troubleshooting list. If I had found a solution for poor performance and hogging CPU memory/crappy, I him have not posted here.

    Thanks for the link, but I had already tried it, work with no joy.

    As for the rest of the answer, I have a few comments and questions:

    Statement: "Mozilla's mission is to drive the web forward, which is to introduce new technologies constantly in Firefox."

    Comment: Change the GUI to work and look like Chrome is not new and innovative. It is simply duplicating someone else's ideas.

    Statement: "at the same time, developers constantly working to improve the efficiency of memory."

    Comment: since when? Over the years, whenever FF has "updated" the memory usage has increased. On rare occasions, it has also introduced memory leaks, or attempted to hide or split to its own use of memory in the secondary threads... plugin-container for a good idea, is an example that has been poorly implemented.

    Statement: "because the browser code is open source, others have used it to create products that look more like older versions of Firefox, or gathered for 64-bit systems, etc..". You can check those and decide if they are more productive for you than the official version. »

    Question: Where might these alternatives. Simply Googling turns a myriad of other browsers, Chrome for most of the results. Versions of firefox based very little I could find are the pale Moon and waterfox.
    Others are based on the FF are for most * nix flavors or specialized for users of niche such as cat and iceweasle for gnu and debian ice respectively, and wyzo based on niche media downloads.

    I understand that Firefox is open source, and if I had the time team, Fund and development to devote to creating a browser standard, basic, no frills, using their source, I would have already.

    My problem is not with Firefox itself, but the struggle continues Mozilla comply Firefox for chrome UI, while gradually adding bloat, instability and some "features" unnecessary which are not needed or requested by users.

    I get that Mozilla tries to innovate. But adding bloat and tracking features of data or features that cannot be used unless the tracking data is enabled is a huge slap in the face of almost all those who have started using firefox because it objected to these measures implemented in other browsers at the time.

    The entire reason why firefox became so popular was because it worked, was quick and did not use all of the system cpu and ram. Why? because at that time, it had all the bells, whistles, gadgets, door knockers, the banana seat, ape-hanger handlebars and a chrome-plated stand... Remove all trash, and the browser would be more likely to cut its use of CPU and memory in two, if not more.

    And Yes... This has turned into a feedback session.
    No, I didn't intend to let him be.
    No, I will not create a survey of 'feedback '... I've done done several times over the years, and as is typical of mozilla, they simply ignore it and do the opposite.

  • Why Firefox has disabled the only version of Flash ( my computer can use? (Mac PowerPC G5) Help!

    Why Firefox has disabled the only version of Flash ( my computer can use? (Mac PowerPC G5) Help!

    Your computer hardware has arrived at the stage where most of the software needs resources your machine cannot provide because it's too old. You have a few choices.

    1. Get new hardware that can handle the latest software
    2. Use a different operating system, like Linux (which is free)

    I rehabilitated an old G5 recently and it runs very well in the latest Firefox. I put Lubuntu on the machine instead the MacOS. Lubuntu (pronounced Loo-boon-two) is sort of a Ubuntu lite - a user-friendly version of Linux. There are many applications of your choice, and everything is free.

    You can also use the Ubuntu greediest in resources and a little more user-friendly, also free, but you can be more pleased with the performance of Lubuntu instead.

    The PowerPC, I did this on was one of the old blue Bondi ones. Firefox 8 had no problem to start on it at all and has all necessary plug-ins for video, audio, etc... I gave him a church and it works well for them.

    You can download older versions of Firefox, but you'll just open to security problems if you do.

    FYI: The Mac operating system is based on Linux.

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