Why firefox updated itself when I chose to do, I have my car?

I have disabled the automatic update, but it updated itself anyway, which isn't good, makes me think about what else do the browser without my permission?

You use ever... check or "check updates, but let me choose...» » ?

It can take you by surprise. If you happen to be hit when the message about an update is available, this message dialog window may end by behind the main browser window. The message may expire without even being seen [about 15 seconds as I recall]; then the update will be installed without waiting for a response from the user - of "Remind Me later".

There is the Mozilla Maintenance Service for Windows operating system.

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  • How can I stop Firefox update itself if it will disable one or more modules that are essential for me?

    I am running Firefox 19.0.2 on Windows XP (SP3). As part of my KASPERSKY INTERNET Security 2013 the following modules (all versions) are installed (a) keyboard Kaspersky URL Advisor (b) of the content blocker (c) money safe and (d) virtual. They were all active and active when the KIS was installed on 17/02/2013, but a Firefox update has disabled all. I want Firefox to update only if all modules are compatible with him, otherwise the existing version should continue unchanged. How do I get there? What is the latest version of Firefox that is compatible with these add-ons?

    BUT here's a BETTER WAY, "Firefox 19.0.2 on Windows XP (SP3)" user--(ou, dele de moins, une réponse moins dédaigneux).

    Without fear, go ahead and install the latest version of Firefox. (Worm 21.0 from June 1). Seriously... don't be afraid. But, then follow the 7 steps below to get you back in the saddle with Kaspersky capable.

    (1) right click on your icon of Kaspersky. 2) click on "settings". (3) in the left sidebar, click on "Web anti-virus". (4) in the next panel, click the "Settings" button... "under"Custom. " (5) (put a check mark in the box "Check URLs" (and everything else you want to activate here). 6) look for the 'OK' button outside of the expert group (is not in the control panel; it is behind this), then click on 'OK '. (7) Finally, click 'Apply' (if you must) and again click "OK".

    Best wishes to you and happy computing!

  • I get alerts from Norton about "updater.exe". Is Firefox updated itself?

    Recently, I decided to use Firefox instead of IE9, so I am new to how it operates. I noticed that whenever I use it for the first time in a session, I get an alert from Norton to the effect that "updater.exe" has been downloaded and that it is safe and reliable & ch...

    Is this normal? Is - this Firefox updates and apply them? All the virus/malware controls were negative.

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  • Why Firefox update when he knows, that it is not compatible with the extensions and plugins?

    Firefox now don't run videos or my birthday e-cards. I tried all solutions as much as I could but am not even remotely a techie to 61.
    Why do you insist on updates that make stuff that I use daily useless? Why do I have to remove or downgrade stuff to get things to work? It is total nonsense.

    I can leave firefox from anything else given this CONSTANT of issues... almost each update something isn't currently compatible... people aren't happy, firefox. I know that I'm not.

    QUESTION: e-cards and videos do not work. period. I have downgrade flash and messed up with realplayer without result.

    HELP and SUGGESTIONS please

    Current advises most recent Flash to solve problems is to downgrade to the latest version of Flash Player to an older,

    There was more of a problem with Flash Player recently. Staff FlashPlayer and Firefox is aware of and try to correct some of these problems. The latest version of Firefox 13.01 you are on has been partially solve some of these problems.

    I'm agree the rapid update cycle has caused problems, but now is settled and most software must be compatible, or have alternatives that are.

    Browsers; as your operating system and other software. have a problem need to be updated just to secure. If there are specific extensions you are looking for, you will find this blog interesting:

  • Just updated Firefox updated itself. Does not connect to the web sites when the mouse does not move. This all started after the update installed. PS there are more slow too


    Yes it's true. You just need to download the .exe file top of page (Firefox Setup 25.0.1.exe).

    Save it to your computer, double click and you should get a wizard to guide you through the installation.

  • I can't watch videos from Netflix, YouTube. Firefox updated itself and I had problems of hue. Flash is updated to 16.0 but it turns off. I use a windows 8

    Flash 11.9 needed to be updated so I did and now have 16.0 but the 11.9 is still in my Add ons and continues to turn on say it needs an update and has been blocked. The 16.0 turns off even if I am constantly turning on and off the 11.9. I have no option to delete each plugin despite all the 'help' in the guides online. I get a blank screen on Netflix, its success and miss out on Youtube (depending on if 16.0 has not extinguished itself again) and I can't watch half videos posted on Facebook. It's extremely frustrating and yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled sliver with no change in the situation.

    If you use extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) which can block content (e.g., Adblock Plus, NoScript, Flash Block, Ghostery) then make sure that these extensions are not blocking content.

  • Why Firefox page opens when I run the application it even when I have a selected homepage

    I recently selected latest version of Firefox and vere from the overview page opens as well as my home page. I want to just my home page to open when I launch the browser.

    OK, so it seems that there are two things that can happen here:

    • "See what's new" is now defined (as well as your regular home page) as your home page. You can re - choose your homepage simply only one page of the home button sliding. The details are in How to set the home page.
    • If you tried the solution above and it does not work, it may be that Firefox isn't able to save this preference for some reason any. In this case, reset Firefox will fix this. Instructions to reset are here - Refresh Firefox – reset settings and Add-ons. After resetting Firefox, you get to choose your homepage again.
  • After Firefox updated itself, extension icons no longer appear

    Firefox itself upgrade 17.0.1 and toolbars disappeared. The icons for the Noscript & Fireshot does not appear, or that they are in the menu system, even if they appear in the add-on Manager. If they are not compatible, how can I go back to the previous version of Firefox?

    Yes, it works. I soon to do this because I did not know how many parameters I would lose. But it did the trick.
    Thank you.

  • Why Firefox browser closes when the last tab is closed?

    When I close the last tab that I use, Firefox browser disappears. How can I keep Firefox browser will open for the next procedure without waiting for browser at startup?

    1. Type of topic: config in the address bar and press ENTER.
    2. Press the big button to ignore the warning.
    3. In the search box, paste browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab
    4. In the search results, double-click browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab to set its value to false.
  • Why Firefox insists on connect to public documents googledocs, IE does not care.

    I did a Googledoc, made public and sent the link to a few people. They told me that they cannot see the document because they are not connected to googledocs. When they tried through Internet Explorer, they got the document. An example is entered below

    No, I do not have an account of GoogleDocs, and I tested it on a naked Firefox profile that does not have the saved, especially for Gmail passwords I use.

    How do I know that you sent this link?

    I made this based on this assumption:

    "and sent the link to a few people."

    Otherwise, how would you send this link?

  • My windows 8.1 does not work with the new Firefox update. It worked before the upgrade. How can I fix it?

    After Firefox updated itself automatically, Firefox would not work. I couldn't go online on Firefox because it doesn't open at all. The old Firefox worked.

    You may have seen this article during the process to submit your question, but just in case:

    Are you familiar with Windows Task Manager? It allows to determine whether Firefox is present in memory and to cease so that you can try to start again.

    To access the Task Manager, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc. You will need to approve the program to make changes to your system. The 'Applications' tab usually has an entry for every visible window. I guess that Firefox will not be there, but if it is and you do not see the window, it's a different problem.

    The "Process" tab will list firefox.exe if Firefox is running in memory, or if it has started and stalled. If it is just sitting there, click it, and then use it button end process to kill him.

    Then, try to start Firefox in Safe Mode. It is a standard diagnostic tool to disable some advanced features of Firefox and extensions. More info: questions to troubleshoot Firefox in Safe Mode.

    Hold down the SHIFT key when you start Firefox.

    A small dialog box should appear. In the dialog box, click on 'Start mode safe' (not reset).

    Does it work?

  • Possible Fake Firefox update reviews?

    I recently received a notice that I have to put my browser. However when I go to help on Firefox in my menu. The pop up says I have the latest version of Firefox.

    I was wondering if it might be a virus, or a scam, someone tried to shoot.

    The URL for the update is:


    and to incriminate more site the fine print bed

    WARNING: We are not affiliated nor in partnership with Firefox. Firefox doesn't have is the author, participated in, or in any way considered this announcement or authorized. All trademarks, logos, service marks or names (including the names of products and retailers) are the property of their respective owners.

    This page is not official Firefox update page, when you update Firefox you will see this window (attached image), this page you said is a malicious page, but only on day of the official Mozilla Firefox Page

    My antivirus detected a malware and blocked the page, my antivirus Bitdefender Antivirus

  • The police is real small, after a firefox update. My homepage is facebook.

    The police is real small, after a firefox update. My homepage is facebook.

    Have you changed the font size settings in Edit > Preferences > content? Have you tried Ctrl + sign more for high-end page? You can add a set of button by right-clicking any where in the URL bar area hit customize and place the 'Zoom' button commands defined where good seems to you.

  • Why Firefox always tells me that Adobe plug-ins must be updated, when I've just updated beyond the versions them says Firefox update?

    On the status of the plug-in page, Firefox said I have potentially vulnerable Adobe Flash player c. and should be updated. I have already taken this opinion but Adobe confirms that my version is I ran the update at least twice (and of course I restarted Firefox several times and refreshed the page for good measure). Why Firefox think I always c.

    Essentially the same story with Adobe Reader plug-in 15.9.20069.28170. Firefox said I have this outdated version and should be updated. I ran the update at least twice (but unlike with Flash Player I don't know how to confirm that the update is installed). The version that Firefox says I have and advice to update, has not changed.

    I've updated two plug-ins yesterday. Immediately after the update, when I refreshed the page status of the plugin, these plug-ins have disappeared from lists "vulnerable" or "outdated". It's only the Adobe Flash Player and Reader plug-in updates (which I did yesterday) that Firefox seems to blind. I waited a day to see if Firefox would recognize the edits today, but it still does not work. On this page of presentation of the question, "Assumptions" of Firefox on my current browser list older versions of Adobe Flash Player and Reader that I've already updated since.

    Plugins are installed on the system and not in Firefox. So he can tell you were the same when you installed know that it is usually because you have two system installed an older version of Flash Player.


    Maybe try to uninstall all versions of Flash Player (basic plugin) and install the current https://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/distribution3.html (basic plugin), while Firefox is closed.

  • On my Firefox start page, a message says, "you are not on the latest version of Firefox. But when I go to help, and on Firefox, this window says I'm under 8.0 and Firefox is updated. So, why am I conflicting message? Thank you

    I downloaded Firefox restarted 8.0.1, and it ran. However, I always get a message on my firefox start page saying: "you are not on the latest version of Firefox. But when I go to help and then on Firefox, it says I'm under 8.0 and I'm updating. Why do I get mixed messages?

    The old homepage www.google.com/firefox is obsolete and is no longer used. You can restore your home page for the new default value, so you will get the new homepage.


    Click on the button "Restore default".

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