why I can not go back more than once all of a sudden and double letters are not allowed?

I have to reset the cursor to go back more than once and nothing can hit twice (the second will not be displayed) very very frustrated!



  1. You did changes to the computer before the show?
  2. Is - this USB keyboard or wireless?
  3. What is the brand and model of the computer, the mouse and keyboard?
  4. What version of Windows are you using?
  5. The issue is limited to a particular application?

Please follow the steps below.

Method 1:
Run the troubleshooter mentioned in the link below
Windows Vista http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Troubleshoot-keyboard-problems

Windows 7: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Open-the-Hardware-and-Devices-troubleshooter

Method 2: Check the boot issue.

How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

NOTE: After completing the troubleshooting steps, please reset the computer to start as usual (see the STEP 7 of the article mentioned below)

I hope this helps!

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    Upgrade from 6.3 to firefox 8. When I use the back button I can't go back more than one page. I use to be able to go back as many pages as I wanted to. Use win xp sp3 fully implemented to date, 1 GB memory pentium 4.

    Thanks for your answer to my question. I use Noia for my theme and like how the buttons next and previous are willing. I found the solution for my problem the about: config > browser.sessionhistory.max_entries is set to 2. I changed it to 50, and problem solved. Thanks for your help.

  • HP 15-ab027tx: can I use discs of recovery more than once?

    I got a new HARD drive and I installed Windows 8.1 through recovery discs that I created, but I need to know that I can use these disks more than once.


    Yes you can, there is no limit to the number of times that that they can be used.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • BlackBerry Z10 Facebook presents more than once in the HUB!

    Dear all,

    I noticed that my Facebook showed more than once in the HUB! and all instance displays something different from each other. Past instances show old notifications that I deleted a long time ago!

    Whenever a connection and disconnection of the Facebook application, a new instance is created inside the HUB! It seems that there is a serious bug in the HUB or Facebook!

    How can I fix?

    found the solution here:


    Thanks to the FB developers!

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    iTunes version 12.2.4.   In the timing window on the right side under "Artists" of some artists appear more than once.

    For General and advice on the Organization of the iTunes, see grouping of tracks in albums . In particular, any given artist name should be spelt constantly everywhere where it appears in the two fields artist album and artist, and still have the same sort value.


  • I have Firefox 7.0.1 and want to move forward and back more than one page at a time-how to fix this?

    I used to have 6 of Firefox that allow me to advance or go back more than one page

    You can also hold down the left button of the mouse on the active back or forward button until the list opens.

  • My keyboard is not save when I try to use a button more than once.

    My keyboard is not recording that I use a button more than once and it's causing problems with typing and use / the overall experience from my computer.
    If I try to go back an entire word, it will be only a matter of erasing and then the keyboard does not recognize that I use the back button back until I have use another first. Essentially, I am unable to use a button more than once, unless I hit another key.
    This problem does not extend to the buttons of the mouse and trackpad.
    This problem is not just with the keys to the letter, with all the control keys.
    I use a HP Mini with Windows XP Professional.

    Hi Danielle,

    The first two thoughts that come to mind are supposed to check and "fiddling" the following:

    1 Control Panel > keyboard > Ketboard Repeat Delay and/or keyboard repeat rate.

    2 panel > Ease of Access Center > facilitate the use of the keyboard > disable filter keys or to adjust the applicable rates, if you want to use them.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!


  • Why you can not run portable applications on RT?

    Why you can not run portable applications on RT?

    Nothing is installed on the system. That's all, flash USB, a folder or drive.
    You don't have to install anything. So why can not run portable applications on RT?

    I know exactly what is a portable application. It requires no additional drivers installed or libraries to run on a system, if one is required that they are either built into the executable and extracted the runtime or are included in the same location as the executable and are referenced from this location.

    No portable application is not somehow the operating system to display the current status, error messages or generate logs for its operation. If it cannot accept input during its operation or generate a form of output it has no function. This is the basic description of a program to have one or the other or both.

    When you double-click an executable file is Windows (if it's the operating system) giving you the ability to open its location, see the executable file in order to select and issue the command to run. It's Windows that then loads this program in memory to run. If necessary, Windows that displays the dialog box to provide any input and display results or error messages generated by the program. If the result is a log file that it is Windows that allows access to the drive to create the file and the result is an error state in Windows that stores the status of the error, then it can be interpreted by another program. If the output is to change the status of the computer in a way, it's Windows that gives access to this device or component. The Hardware Abstraction Layer allows access to the hardware itself if necessary by a program and even that is a part of Windows.

    So I know what a laptop program is, more important still, I also know what is Windows.

  • Multiple press: How can I make a button to perform an action more than once?

    I am currently creating an interactive document.

    I have a map with circular buttons to points of interest. I need information to fly from the right side of the page that gives information about the area of the map that is identified by each button.

    Currently, I have all my buttons and put activities in place to work, however, each button lights up only its animation assigned only once.

    If I click on "zone 1", it evokes conscientiously information of zone 1. I've also built in a button 'Close tab' that puts information to leave the screen to reveal a clear view map. I can click on the 'X' to remove the information. When I click on the button 'zone 1' once again, nothing happens.

    Here is what I tried:

    • using fly in and fly animations to control expected to come from off the screen.
    • using trajectories to control objects want to enter from off-screen.

    In both cases, the buttons and animations have interpreted as you wish, but I can't get them to repeat!

    Help, please!

    Thank you!

    If you decide to use the swf instead of pdf, here's a way to do this.

    'Information 1' comes up on the screen. Instead of having a close box to remove, do 'Information 1' button. Define the action of this newly created button: event [click] Animation of Action [Animation] [the name of the button] Options [back]. This will allow users to perform a 'information 1' go off the screen and should be able to activate the original animation more than once. If you need a sample file to see what I mean, I can send you a.

  • Adobe Muse: Why I can not get my page to scroll vertically to display the content of the page in the browser preview?

    Adobe Muse: Why I can not get my page to scroll vertically to display the content of the page in the browser preview?

    I am a novice and I do not talk about the web, so please excuse my ignorance!

    I content on my web pages in Muse design that descends below the visible window, but when I go to preview in browser, it only presents a preview which is visible in my window. Of course, I can press command + /, but I should be able to use my mouse wheel or my scroll bar to see the lowest content. I just can't understand how do! Is this something to do with the positions of Master Page header footer? They all look fine and normal and all the other sites I've done. In ADDITION, I checked non paged area (Mount table), and there is NO hidden content.

    I tried to move my content down (to 'wrong' it to enable vertical scrolling). I tried to move my foot higher than the content, but all useless page.

    Preview in browser = will just not scroll down.

    Hope it's a simple solution. Thanks in advance.

    See you soon,.

    I had the same problem and it took me almost 2 days to find a solution.

    See if that solves your problem (if all goes well it has been resolved since you posted).

    1. in the model Master, click on Page > Page Properties > metadata

    2. remove the small piece of code next to the body tag-{overflow-y: hidden}

    3. click on OK, then get an overview of your pages.

  • The AirPod are compatible only with iphone 7? Or we can use it with more than 6 s... or any android device?

    The AirPod are compatible only with iphone 7? Or we can use it with more than 6 s... or any android device?

    Here are the tech specs: http://www.apple.com/shop/product/MMEF2AM/A/airpods

    They are bluetooth devices, so they work with the iPhone 5 or more.

    See you soon,.


  • why I can not get the same apps I have on my iPad?

    why I can not get the same apps I have on my iPad?

    Because they are different versions for different operating systems.

  • Why I can not contact you with FEEDBACK REAL

    Why I can not contact you with FEEDBACK REAL? Why Firefox to 28 allows me to download files from Web page complete, but worms 30 does not work? Plugins, Addons, Internet Security are the same on both systems. I can download the files in IE but not Firefox. What gives? I use NoScript, Better Privacy, Ghostery, and Kaspersky Internet Security configured the same on both systems. The only reason I checked is because on some sites, I can't download files and point of view completely. 30 to Firefox will download but not to create a complete directory html link so that I can open and view the file.

    Hi obliviondoll, the feedback site is here:


    This is the page that opens if you use the Help menu in Firefox and choose to submit your comments...

    You can provide your e-mail address on the site of feedback where people reviewing the feedback have questions, but I think that it is rare that you would be so don't expect a response.

    In addition, I don't know if you scrolled down beyond the map on the contact page, but there are links down here (see the attached screenshot):


  • What are the parameters? How are Variables differenet? Why we can not use variables to pass data to one sequnece to another? What is the advantage to use parameters instead of Variables?

    Hi all

    I am new to TestStand. Still in the learning process.

    What are the parameters? How are Variables differenet? Why we can not use variables to pass data to one sequnece to another? What is the advantage to use parameters instead of Variables?

    Thanks in advance,


    I'm sorry... I discovered that... its not at all possible to pass data to another sequence using variables... it must be through settings... once again I apologize for the display of such a stupid question

  • why I can not see servers on browser san andreas multiplayer?

    When I open samp (san andreas multiplayer), the servers just do not: O an idea why? And I now have windows vista (service pack 1).

    I reinstalled the game several times and still see no servers

    Here is the picture of my SEPM browser if it helps:


    And when I add a server, and then verify that: I do understand no/x /.


    Please respond to someone why I can not see all the servers and how I can fix this problem? Thank you.

    Hello Artjom1993,

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft answers community.

    You will need to contact the manufacturer to determine the cause of Word to locate servers through the application.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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