Why I get two files with different names but the same image when I save in 2015 CC Photoshop?

Why I get two files with different names but the same image when I save in 2015 CC Photoshop?


Try resetting the PS preferences - Preferences in Photoshop

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    When you perform comparisons between the programming approaches I create two libs with the same public calls but different internal components. Nothing special there. Unfortunately when I pass my test app to a lib to another, the application loader asks an all audiences of vi. But I thought I read somewhere that the application loader would get the idea where to look after that I saw the first public call to the new lib. Doesn't seem to work. With the help of 2010.

    Pull the lib not used out of the machine. Rename the current library under the same name that you used. Project save everything. Close to LabVIEW. Remove the current lib. Copy the another lib to the machine. Not necessarily easy but here's how I did similar exercises in the past.

  • Both inputs of printer with different names for the same printer

    I try to add a new printer in Windows 7 64 bit laptop.  I chose to add a printer in printers and peripherals and selected add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.  I have two tickets for the same printer

    Why are there 2 inputs and one which should I use?

    These entries are actually at the same network address (  The second address Specifies a particular port (3910).  Software print server HP Jetadmin 'web-based' uses the 3910 port to receive the print requests.  See http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c03975926

    The second is probably 'discovery of Web Services' (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WS-Discovery).  You probably don't want to use it from the "Add printer" Wizard

    I suggest to select the first entry.  This is the normal way to network printers appear in the add a Printer Wizard.  For example:

    If you have any problems with printing, post back and I'll see if I can diagnose the things for you.

  • I need several Web sites with different models but the same data. (Headers and footers different no body)

    I use Dreamweaver 20141. I do it literately tons of sites and each has hundreds of pages, so I need a way almost drag and then just change the links which would make things go a lot faster. Data or the body is going to be the same as the model data.

    Use the SSI (SSI) to put the code of the repetitive content body in a separate include file.

    Build your various pages with unique headers and footers, and then "call" content with a PHP link.

  • Need help to open two images with the same file with different exposures on the screen at the same time in the Photoshop creative cloud (in previous versions we could open two images of the same nef (raw) file and then combine them on the screen with the

    Need help to open two images with the same file with different exposures on the screen at the same time in the Photoshop creative cloud (in previous versions we could open two images of the same nef (raw) file and then combine them on the screen with the move tool. They have become a composite of two layers which could be developed further with the mask tool.


    Please go to the preferences > workspace and uncheck the option 'open the document in the tabs '.

    Now you can click on file and choose file > open and open the two images in two different windows which can be arranged side by side.

    Thank you

  • Combine data sources with different granularity in the same fact table?

    I have two operating tables 'Incident (157 columns)' and 'unit (70 Colums) '. For all the "incidents" happening there could be one or more records in the table of the 'unit '.

    As part of my design of data mart, I have merged the tables in one "makes the incident (227 columns)" and insert records from two tables with a join condition between them [incident. IN_NUM = Unit.IN_NUM].

    Is this correct, is my question? or am I mix data sources with different granularity in the same fact table. Appreciate your help.

    Best regards

    Are the measures of the 'Incident', repeated during an incident given, in more than one record in the table of the unit? If so, then the sum (indicent.measure) will give an incorrect result?

    What is there to merge physically tables set outside OBIEE? With OBIEE you might have a table of 'facts' logic to present the user with report, which from tables separated units and Incidents and would stop the occurrence of incorrect aggregations. A common piece of modeling in the same way would be arrested in OBIEE headers and lines of command, quite common to have a logical fact 'orders' which contained the two header orders and order line, this translates into the Incidents-> relationship of units.

    To do what I mentioned, is relatively simple, you need a "Dim - Incident" at two levels, unit, mapp and Incident unique identifiers as keys to level and then use these levels to define the content of the levels correctly in your 2 tables logic sources logic "done", IE the LTS Incidents at incident level LTS units as level of units.

    Hope this helps, let us know if you get stuck.
    See you soon

  • A target table is in charge of two different sources but the same columns, but a source is one database and another in a flat file.

    We all hope you are doing well.

    I have a business problem to implement in ODI 11 G. It's here. I'm trying to load a target table from two sources that have the same column names. But a source is to the file format and the other is in the Oracle database.

    That's what I think I'll create two mappings in the same interface by using the Union between the sources. But I don't know how the interface would connect to different logical architecture to connect to two different sources.

    Thank you


    You are on the right track, all in a single interface. Follow these steps

    (1) pull model of your data in the designer of the source file and your table model target to the target pane.

    (2) all relevant columns map

    (3) in the source designer to create a new dataset and choose as the UNION join type (this will create a separate tab in the source designer pane)

    (4) select the new dataset tab in the source designer pane and pull your source oracle table data model in the designer of the source. All columns that are relevant to the target card

    (5) make sure that your staging location is set to a relational technology i.e. in this case the target would be an ideal candidate because it is where the ODI will organize the data from source two files and oracle and perform the UNION before loading to the target

    If you want to watch some pretty screenshots showing the steps above, take a look at http://odiexperts.com/11g-oracle-data-integrator-part-611g-union-minus-intersect/

  • 4.3 pages: how to print files of different text on the same page at the same time?

    This concerns 4.3 Pages, I prefer.

    I have written two different books, both with notes - one with a lot of notes.

    I would like to print them both, at the same time, on a single page legal-size, 8 x 14. I can get.

    I did this time in divvying up toward the top of the page itself and by running the paper into the printer twice - once for the top the half and, again, once for the lower half. It worked very well... but my printer is becoming tired! (former HP).

    Recently, I tried to print the most complex book on top, with all the heavy notes, in a 'box' above. I managed to get this set only to discover that you are unable to print notes in a text box! Curses.

    Unfortunately, through the raggedy of the time evolution, these books are more than a length. However, I know that I can squeeze and tweezers to them by giving them different sizes and depths of the page. Certainly, foreign and unknown.

    Why the question is: is it possible to print simultaneously two different files (texts not only) on the same sheet of paper? Each of these texts has notes.

    Hi aws.

    4.3 pages. It will work for you?

    A single page with two columns

    Insert a column break between the two versions. Notes appear on the same page.

    Kind regards


  • How can I transfer files between different users on the same computer

    I set myself upward under a different name on my laptop father but necessary for the transfer of files from the original user (IE my father'd Office) to my new! How can I do this?

    The following instructions assume that you want to have two users on the computer and you do not want to move some files from one user to another user.  If this isn't the case, skip the following and post a reply.

    If the above assumption is correct, log in with administrator privileges or the user who currently owns the files and click Start > computer (in the list of the menu Start right under Documents, photos, etc.) and in the computer, double-click the drive where the files are located and then double-click on the 'Users' folder and double-click with the record of the original user and work your way to the files you want to move.  Leave this window open (and possibly drag it to the right of your screen until the mouse touches the edge and it automatically resizes to fit the right of your screen or you can resize it manually).  Then repeat the same instructions (start > computer, etc.) but the second time, when you open the 'Users' folder, navigate to the new user.  The two windows open you can now drag files from one window to the other.

  • Can I use Lightroom CC between two Macs with different versions of the operating system

    I have the CC for photographers. I keep my work to Dropbox LR catalog and access them from my MacBook Air laptop or my desktop iMac computer. Currently, two computers are running the same version of Mac OS. I think to upgrade the laptop for the new OS of Sierra, but because the office is older, I thought maybe not upgrade (it is near the minimum end of systems that can run Sierra). Can someone tell me if there is a conflict with the help of the LR catalog between two computers if they are not both running the same version of Mac OS. When the catalog is saved in the operating system that you are starting, it would still be compatible for use on the computer with the previous version of Mac OS? Thank you! Barbara

    If the machines use the same version of the software, then the files should be feasible in both machines.

  • IMac is not able to share multimedia files with multiple users on the same computer.

    We just bought a new IMac that we were very excited.  We have phones Apple and iPads, replacement and ten year with a new Mac old PC made since.

    Now, the trouble begins. For more than ten years Windows had several usernames on the same machine and have been able to have a shared folder only for music, pictures and video that my iTunes program and others could acsess and share from several user names. This kept all in one place for new photos families by me or my wife and our 30 gigabytes of music that comes from our CDs was available at bolt of us. Now in train to implement on IMac should be easy but is impossible.  after transferring the music to my login information, it cannot acsess all files on my login. I am not even able to share or provide his acsess. I can move the iTunes folder to my shared folder. She can get acsess now but iTunes says that the library file is locked. I worked with care from Apple on the phone for that sold, but they believe it will not be possible without creating two copies of the 30 gigabytes of music for each of us. who would take more hard drive when it failed too.  Sharing is not any help. These files were before iTunes. I'm not pay 30 dollars a month to store in icloudcor use a google reader slow to the Internet connection when everything's fine here. Apparently Applow programmers do not believe in sharing of multimedia files between two users on the same device, even if a PC does that very well. My choice here is so far have duplicates of all the photos, music and videos loaded on the disc for me and my wife, charge all the media for an external hard drive which for some reason any all Apple programs will share, or return the mac to another PC that will be able to make several connections with sharing music and photos. Apple if you are reading this you are 10 years behind on that. Not everyone is born in the last five years and bought their music on iTunes to be able to use home sharing. Home sharing cannot help this. your applications should be able to be told to use the media files shared without import copies to readers of the user. I am very disappointed. Someone else has any ideas for that?  I have pictures, not iPhoto. I have a week more to be able to return it. I'm not interested in making a fake account that is always connected to share or maintaining of me constantly connected. It should have been easy, I had to be happy to play with new software.

    Photos, iPhoto and iTunes libraries must appear on an external hard drive that is formatted as shown below to be used by multiple users on the same Mac:

    So get a properly formatted external HD and move your iPhoto/pictures of her as well as your iTunes library.  This way all your iMac users can access and use both libraries.

    An alternative to the external HD method is to partition your internal hard drive into two partitions, one for libraries.  It is formatted as shown above and be large enough to contain the libraries and allow the expansion of libraries.

  • Can I use two phones, with separate numbers on the same account?

    I'm not an Apple user, so apologies if this is common knowledge! But my CEO is going abroad next week, so we gave him a second phone as a backup in case something happens - with a separate number (we will have diverted current number if necessary). Am I able to use his Apple ID on both of these phones and save them on his laptop computer using the same account Apple's iTunes?

    And while I'm asking, if he is losing his current phone, when it plug a new to his laptop computer and synchronizes with iTunes, it will download as well its history of message? (email, contacts, and calendar easily because they are synchronized with our Exchange Office)

    Thanks in advance!

    You can use the same identifier Apple on both devices. You can also save multiple devices on the same laptop with iTunes. iTunes a tell the difference in the two devices, but it is also good to give them different names, in settings > general > topic > name.

    In case something happens to the first device. If you have saved the original equipment and something happens to her, you can restore the second device from a backup of the first. Everything that has been saved from the first would end up on the second, including messages that are currently on the phone. The problem you are having has to do with new messages. If people sent to the first number, you would be better off by activating the second phone with the old number if necessary. It does not hurt to have already activated with the new number, but it will create a problem for messages. And transmit the phone number will be phone calls to the front, but I do not think that he would transmit text messages.

  • The strength of two cells of different sheets of the same value

    Hello world

    I have a spreadsheet with multiple sheets, I want to add some features to.

    At the present time, I have a cell that refers to a cell in a different sheet, so if I changed the value of the cell on sheet 2, it will update on sheet 1. But I had to update the cell directly on sheet 1, it would not be updated on sheet 2.

    I want to have it set up so that if I changed the value to 1 or 2 of the worksheet, the cell is updated in both places. AKA, it forces the two cells to be always the same, regardless of the cell is edited to make the change.

    Is this possible in number? My language is clear? Any comment is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


    The fundamental problem is that a cell of numbers can contain a value or a formula, but not both at the same time.  So when you enter a value in a cell, the value you enter will overwrite any formula or a value that was already there.  So I don't think that what you want to do is possible by using formulas.

    It is possible using AppleScript, but probably isn't worth it.

    Can you explain a little more why you want to do this?  There may be another way to organized the document, you don't need this.


  • UILoader question-different sources, but the same content appears. Why?


    It's strange, I tested a couple of times in different ways, but cannot understand why this happens. I'll try to brake it down to be clear, I can:

    I picked up a uiLoader component, and copy - paste four times, so now I had five of them in my flash movie. Each obtained from a different source (dresses/dresses1.swf dresses/dresses2.swf, dresses3.swf/dresses, dresses/dresses4.swf, dresses/dresses5.swf). But when I run the movie, all 5 uiLoaders display the same content: dresses/dresses2.swf and I do not understand why. For a test, I replaced the file .swf with some JPEGs and they were ok, but as I put the swf files they show the same content again.

    The sources are ok, they work perfectly separately, so I can't understand what is the reason why the SWFs are loaded correctly...

    Help, please


    difficult to help without seeing your code

  • Fusion of two elements 3D different steps in the same layers panel.

    Hi there everyone,

    I'm working on a logo in which I made two different 3d elements, I need to get in the same layers panel to merge. How can I get the items in the same pane? I tried to drag-and - drop, and this does not work, what I'm missing here?

    Thank you


    The three most important pallets using 3d in Photoshop are the layers palette, the Palette of 3d and the Properties palette. Here, I made two mergers 3d.  I merged a sphere, cylinder and a ring.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • HP 15-f009wm: 15-f009wm HP laptop reset directors tor or power on password

    Laptop HP 15-f009wm we are locked will require a readjustment administrator or power on password have tried 3 times and the '1486188 off system' is the result. Any suggestions on what to try next?

  • Deleting the file 13 GB MPEG

    I created a 12.4 GB of a family movie MPEG file (by converting to the best quality).  Windows won't let me not delete the file at all because it says that it is used by another program.  I rebooted the computer several times and it still will not let