Why is flash player adobe asking permission to low loadsites yo my computer? NEVER had this problem since 1992



When an update of flash player is available, that the safety features of win7 (UAC) require that you allow Adobe, if you click on no, the update fails

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    Muse should be able to create an FTP connection and an HTTP connection to your site in order to validate your sitemap.xml, confirm the support of PHP and confirm redirects htaccess are for synchronized text. If the 'URL of the Site' value is incorrect, Muse will be unable to find the site transferred via FTP to the site URL provided using HTTP.

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    You have changed fields less than superior. I don't remember what works with 50i.

    Also, parameters of culture to the left, use "scale to fill" and you will get rid of thin black columns left and right.

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    Please follow these steps and let me know whether or not it solves your problem:

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    2. go into the Creative Cloud Desktop app and Sign Out through preferences (in the menu on the gear icon).

    3. exit the creative cloud.

    4 restart the creative cloud.

    5. connect you.

    6 restart the Muse.

    7. open your file and publish them.

    Thank you


  • I get a message that ADOBE FLASH PLAYER wants my permission to ALLOW or DENY

    original title: bendgee

    I am running windows xp sp3 and said I have nneded ADOBE FLASH PLAYER for a site. Whenever I want to watch a snippet or open any site online, I get a message that ADOBE FLASH PLAYER wants my permission to ALLOW or DENY consent to store some of their information on my computer. As you can guess I have continues to choose to REFUSE the scrolling message will stay on my screen and let me not choose anything else so I have to close this window.

    Can someone tell me WHY and HOW can I stop this because it's really annoying?


    When the Adobe Flash Player version was released he installed the Flash Player Settings Manager in Control Panel.  Local storage settings can be managed through this console. There are three options Allow, ask before using local storage and block. It seems that your computer is configured for the second option. The stored data are called asa Flash cookie and like other cookies contains information about your preferences for the display of a particular site. They can be removed in the Advanced settings tab or when the removal of the browser history to the Internet Explorer.

    Prior to version 10.3 these parameters should then be taken online by going directly to the global settings page or by accessing it by right click on a flash video and selecting settings(you can still do). Selection of the global settings will open the Flash Player settings manager in Control Panel. In addition, prior flash cookies have not eliminated by using delete browsing history via the Internet Options options or Security in Internet Explorer. Microsoft and Adobe have collaborated to integrate this feature in IE.

    As there are too many other factors to include in the topic of this thread, please refer to the following:

    Eating help-settings Flash Player

    I hope this helps.

  • Install the update of flash player adobe - why is my password is not eligible

    During the second part of the installation (the part where it ask for your password); Adobe does not accept my password and therefore I can't complete installation. How to overcome this problem.


    It's the OS, not Flash Player to ask for the password, as such, it is one you use (with administrator permissions) to connect to your system.  See what userid & password I need to install Flash Player?  For more information

    Thank you!

  • Using my current ID and password I can connect to Adobe. When I try to download the upgrade to Flash Player they ask for ID and password. When I put in my class, it is rejected. What causes this and how can I fix it?

    Using my current ID and password I can connect to Adobe. When I try to download the upgrade to Flash Player they ask for my ID and password. When I insert my current ID and password, it is rejected. How can I fix this problem? Is it a bad sign in a former ID, and/or an old password associated with Flash Player?

    The password is provided by the operating system and is designed to protect you from accidentally install software.  You will get this prompt for any installation outside the context of the App Store.

    If you do not need to enter a user name or password when you start your computer, you can probably just leave the password field empty when recognizing this prompt.

  • Adobe Flash Player stop asking to install.

    I use windows 7 and Mozilla firefox, but this problem occurs even when I do not have a browser window open.

    Adobe flash player quit asking to install. probably once a minute, I get a request (UAC) to allow adobe flash player to install. Even with no browser windows open. EVEN WHILE I'M WATCHING FLASH VIDEOS, he tells me to install it. He literally interupts everything I do, even when I'm not browsing the internet.

    I currently completely uninstalled it AFAIK. I used uninstaller from adobe available on this site. So there is no flash player or shockwave player installed on my computer... continues to receive this request every minute or so.

    This is ridiculous.

    I tried to run a virus scan, because it's the only thing that I could possibly think would this irritating, and it says that my computer is clean.

    Is there some secret files somewhere that I have to delete? I think to delete the activex installation files. I get "entry in the service of installation ActiveX (AxInstSV) the report being run." in my event viewer, that seem to coincide with this problem.

    I finally got it fixed but I'm not sure what fixed it.

    Here's what I did:

    Uninstalled all browsers.

    Uninstalled all things Adobe.

    Uninstalled Java

    Delete whatever it be left behind (I left stuff browser well because I wanted to save my password and other).

    disabled activexsvinst or something of service. The activex Installer service.

    Used CC cleaner clean registry

    Made sure to delete almost everything in user/local/temp and other records (where java and adobe store stuff usually.) I don't know maybe want to be careful to make this cause, I don't know if there is any important files. Also some records will not let you delete it but it just means that you must go to the folder and select then delete. The only file that must be in one of the records in thosetemp is like fxsapidebug or something, in my opinion).


    run CC cleaner.


    not sure if that helped, but I also used HIJACKTHIS and uninstalled some aides of browser that was not deleted. In particular, there was an adobe one I think. Can't really remember tho. Now that I look at hijackthis it again, he couldn't was this because the browsers help stuff is still there.

    I also ran about 500000000 virus scans with several scanning programs and none of them does not detect it.

    I reinstalled Mozilla and flash and have not had any problems since.

    Hope this helps someone else with the same problem.

  • flash player Adobe keeps asking to isntall on windows vista help please. Thank you

    Im having this problen after that my computer has been infected with AV security 2012 now whenever I start my computer and I want something online flash player keeps asking me to install wach = [that I can hlp some1 pls ty

    not nothing but I have foubd a way to fix my PC 3 where the same mistake has been getting unistaling restart removing some ty fail and reisntall for your hlp guys

  • flash player Adobe 11.6 has stopped working?

    flash player Adobe 11.6 has stopped working?


    This can help you, as the Flash Player software may be damaged:

    Download and run the Flash Player uninstaller program.


    Then download and install Flash Player; After unchecking installing Chrome and Google toolbar option:


    If the problem persists, you may want to ask in the Forums of community Flash Player:


    See you soon.

  • Why the Flash Player Flash Player is obsolete (20,0,0,228) updated now after I updated?

    The link below, under Version information, shows that Flash Player is outdated (20,0,0,228) updated now. It does this for Internet Explorer, Opera, and Chrome. My Windows 7 and 8.1 with Windows Flash update for this. However, when I check Firefox which has been updated to version, it does not show it's expired.

    Adobe - Flash Player

    Hi FreezeMyLemonel,

    There was a problem with the last version on this page which has been corrected detection.



  • Flash Player keeps asking to update


    I posted this question before, but after a lot of additional information, I didn't get anything in a few weeks.

    You can view the previous thread here: http://forums.Adobe.com/message/4563117#4563117

    I'm still bothered by this problem of having the Windows 7 security shield icon will flash constantly. When I click the icon, I wonder if I want to install the Flash update. I chose no, it disappears, but then 5 min later I get the same flashing icon with Flash asking to update.

    The problem is that the last Flash break of Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking, I went back to version 10.3 of Flash. You can read the entire saga in the previous message.

    A solution to this problem would be very nice.


    It is possible that an another application/utility requires a version level higher, prompting the CAB Installer to download.  For the problem of the root (dragon speaking naturally hangs), you might want to try upgrading to 11.3.300.268, published today, to see if you are still having accidents.

  • I bought two licenses adobe and I can't use them because they are expired, expiring 2017/03. I had this problem and solution still has the air of 15 days!

    I bought two licenses adobe and I can't use them because they are expired, expiring 2017/03. I had this problem and solution still has the air of 15 days!

    [Moved from the endorsement, general, all Adobe forums Lounge for a specific product - Mod support forum]

    Hi Eugenio,.

    It seems to be a problem of implementation.

    Try wearing the same query in the General Photoshop Discussion where experts can help you.

    Kind regards


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  • Why are my preferences and my 'Tools' menu in gray and how can I solve this problem permanently, not whenever I go into a PDF?

    Why are my preferences and my 'Tools' menu in gray and how can I solve this problem permanently, not whenever I go into a PDF?

    Also how can I get each pdf open to 100 viewing?


    Hi Jason,

    Can't you see it's not "SECURE" in the title bar for documents where the tools are grayed out? If you do, which would indicate that the document has been password protected and perhaps editing restrictions.



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