Why is iCloud nearly full storage? My backup size is only 2.2 GB.

During the last two weeks I received emails from [email protected] saying:

"Your iCloud-storage space is almost full. You have 440.1 MB remaining 5 GB of total storage. »

Yet, as shown in the photo below, my iPhone backup size is only 2.2 GB. I use iOS 9.3.2 and have only an iPhone 6 64 GB, which is not jail broken, on the iCloud account. I iCloud drive, but I use it for only four apps and the total size of their files is only 14.2 MB. I do not use iCloud photo library, My Photo Stream or iCloud, photo sharing.

What can be using the other 2.7 + GB of storage iCloud?

Do you have other devices using the same Apple ID?

They can use some of your iCloud space.

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  • I paid money for icloud 50 GB storage, but I still see only 5 GB free. What should I do?

    I paid money for iCloud 50 GB storage, but I still see only 5 GB free. What should I do?

    The money you paid shows in your file of purchases?

    You have any other evidence that the money was actually paid to Apple.

  • Why is my already full storage?

    So I have a MacBook Pro (retina, 15 inch, mid-2015) that I had in December about 4 months ago. I started again, it was my first Mac and I does not transfer data from any other computer. I recently download of images from my go pro, and the computer gave me a heads-up, saying that storage is almost full. At first I didn't believe it because my Mac has 512 GB of storage, and the only big thing that should be in storage was the 30 GB of music I have, and about 20 GB of videos, it's perhaps impossible for me to use this already. Then I checked the storage, and it gave me this

    I had lost 350 GB of other and like 100 GB of movies, which is meaningless, because I have only 5 downloaded movies.

    Why is my storage already full and that the devil is 'other '?

    First of all try to empty your trash.

    Then try to download and install OmniDiskSweeper: OmniDiskSweeper

    OmniDiskSweeper will sort your files by size and show you where they are. This should allow you to determine exactly what you have on your MBP.

    See the following video on OmniDiskSweeper. Using OmniDiskSweeper

    See also: OS X: what is 'other' space about this Mac?-Apple Support


  • iTunes says phone has 5 GB free, phone says nearly full storage.

    My phone is constantly telling me that I am almost out of storage space, usually with less than 100 MB left.  When I go to the storage management zone, the data used by the various programs comes close adding to use all my storage space.  iTunes confirms this when I plug my phone telling me I have 5 GB of space.  What is happening and how to fix this?  I can not even often take a picture because he says that I don't have any space left, but I should have half of the hard drive of the free phone at least.

    The amount of iTunes is just an estimate. The amount of phone under settings > general > storage and use of iCloud is the amount to be exact. Add the content does not include the system or hide them.

    This may help explain: different from 'Available' amounts reported by iPhone and iTunes

  • Disk space room of Windows Vista (c) (why it is nearly full?)

    I have Vista and my question is on my C drive. My local disk fills up really quick. I deleted almost all the files and I don't have a lot of programs.  The program, which takes the most space is iTunes. What could I do to know what takes up all my space?


    System Restore will take up to 15% of the capacity of your hard disk by default.

    This free program allows you to see what takes up space.


    You can clean your hard drive using these two methods.

    "Delete files using Disk Cleanup"


    Using the free CCleaner program:


    In NO case use the registry cleaning Option in CCleaner

    Download, install, update and scan your system with the free version of Malwarebytes AntiMalware:


    See you soon.

  • SAN reports nearly full volume. Windows reports volume only 50%

    PS6000 v7.0.9

    2 host of 2012 R2 Hyper V Server Cluster

    The volume is 620GB

    Director of Group reports 525GB in use

    Management of Windows disk and the two report 349GB in use failover cluster manager.

    Why the difference and where/how I have not these 175 GB?

    Because you use iSCSI to the EQL which is a block of storage. The EQL is not that someone gave above deleted. If a deletets OS given it just the brand like deletet in the allocation table.

    Think when formatting a disc format and NOT the quick HELP. The operating system writes zeros and for storage, it looks like valid data... but the OS it will appear as free space later. For the EQL Volume, that means 100% usage.

    Windows 2012R2 supports unmap aka space recovery. It depends on your FW EQL and HIT Version and a few other dependencies as Thinpro Volume on the EQL iirc. With that you say the EQL blocks can be removed to obtain a logical space left.



  • My iCloud storage said I have only 1.3 GB of available, but my backups phone says only that it uses 1.6 GB and my photo library using 1.2 GB and my mail read 176 MB iCloud. Why my available storage is a little more than 2 GB?

    Hi FunkyPanda007,

    I understand that you are concerned about your use of storage iCloud. I know it's important to make the most of the space available, so I'm happy to provide advice to help.

    It is important to note that some applications can use iCloud for synchronization of the data on your device as well. This is not reflected in the screen, you are on, which may explain the differences you see. You can see more info on your iCloud here storage utilization:

    Get help using iCloud - Support Apple storage

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support, cheers!

  • Backup is always restore | ICloud had full

    Hi team,

    I had taken my full backup of the Iphone on (04/05/2016) in icloud drive and I restored it successfully my new phone with this backup. As my disk got full space so I want to delete this backup so that I would take a new.

    But the problem is I never am not able to delete this backup and throw me the error "cannot delete backup because it is used to restore another device" as I've already shared, restored my phone successfully.

    Could you please help me do this deleted backup / remove the drive while I would be able to take a new on the cloud.


    Mohit Aneja

    Hello to Massy,

    I understand that you have run out of storage iCloud and to delete the backup you have of your old iPhone.  I guess that you restored data on your new iPhone, you use the same Apple ID, is that correct?  The first thing I would say is to back up your iPhone to your computer using iTunes.  Then see if you can remove the backup to iCloud.  The resources below shows how to do it from your computer if you can't do it from your iPhone.

    Help - iTunes back up your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad

    iCloud: delete a backup device iOS to iCloud

    Take care

  • iCloud full storage.

    I tried their utmost to minimize my size of backup and for some reason any that is still not enough! Currently, the amount of storage, I left available is 93.4 MB. I did all the tricks and tips to save my storage space backup photos else wherever I got and that helped a lot, but something else is eating my storage space? Please help it is so frustrating! By the way, Im on the Go plan 5.0.


    This article may help:

    Manage your iCloud - Apple Support storage space

  • My iCloud is full, how backup?


    I use iCloud backup but now my iCloud is full, how do I save now?

    Make a backup via iTunes on your computer, click on the link below for a guide step by step.

    How to back up your device using iCloud or iTunes - Apple Support

  • I get an error message of complete storage - please backup and remove your something online (can not see the full error message) when converting PDF reader to point rower inacrobat DC. Help, please

    I get an error message of complete storage - please backup and remove your something online (can not see the full error message) when converting PDF reader to point rower inacrobat DC. Help, please

    Hi debg25514049,

    You will not be able to export your PDF to PPT using the service Adobe export in PDF format.

    You'll need subscription to pack Adobe PDF or the Acrobat application to convert PDF to PPT.

    Kind regards

  • not enough storage for backup

    I s 6 more, 128 GB (not even near full... yet), iCloud is off (never use), and every morning for the past 3 weeks I've been doing the pop up that says that the phone could not be saved because there is not enough storage. When I touch the upgrade of storage, the pop-up goes away but me takes no parameters. I got the phone about 3 months so why this just started?

    You apparently do not have 'turned on' iCloud and backups iCloud activated, otherwise you would not receive this message.

  • Why backup size don't add up?

    I have a problem to backup my phone.

    If I'm going to manage storage

    Documents and data: 43.6 MB

    Mailing address: 17.5 MB

    If I go into my iPhone

    Backup size: 3.7 GB

    Then back up size: 0 bytes

    I have most of the applications off including photo library.

    What is eating up 3.7 GB for backup for iCloud?

    I also tried to delete the backup to my phone.

    When I save, the size was 3.7 GB.

    Thank you!

    I thought that partially the problem.

    I have an iPhone, iPad and Macbook which use the same space to iCloud. Apparently the messages take place backup, and there is no way to turn it off unless you remove all the messages.

    I deleted all of the messages on my Mac, iPad and iPhone, and I was able to free 3 GB space iCloud.

    Even after deleting my messages, it did not free space immediately. I had to delete the backups and backup fresh spring. Then the size reflects the changes.

    I guess that if send you / receive a lot of picture messages and you have multiple devices using the same iMessage, you end up losing iCloud spaces. I could be wrong, but they seemed all backed up separately, even if they are the same messages.

    Anyway, there is always a mystery. After you delete the messages, iPhone and iPad now only mix 800 MB. However, if I go to iCloud on my Mac, it says I have 600 MB of documents.

    I have almost nothing on my player iCloud, less than 30 MB. Where are the documents of this mystery? I also deleted all my messages on my Mac, and photo library is not checked.

    Now my iPhone uses 600 MB, iPad use 200 MB and mystery documents use 600 MB. Full use is 1.4 GB and I have 3.6 GB free.

    Someone know where I can find the documents of mystery?

    Thank you!

  • Full storage problems

    My iPhone 6 s guard advising me these last two days that my storage is almost full. With a threat to lock me up on whatsapp (that must be running at least 100 MB), I decided to delete the photos, applications etc off the coast (including the deletion of recently deleted photo and video album). Now, I've deleted almost every thing off my phone, including those that I have used before and my storage space is still telling me that I am using 11.4 GB of space, when before you delete it told me that I was using only 11.0 GB of space. Yesterday I backed up everything to iCloud and reset the content and settings when she returned on storage showed I was using only 3.2.GB my 16 GB phone. But today, I am faced with the same question that my storage is returned up to 11.4 GB without me to add photos, videos or apps on the phone at night. Does anyone else have this problem, how do solve you this problem, is something to do with Apple? Year last December when I bought the phone, I lost a lot of contacts via backup and now this iCloud. What the * happens?

    Suggest you remove WhatsApp, it poses many problems of storage for many users. The last update has a bug and WhapsApp has yet to fix it. Do not re-install it until it is resolved. Good luck.

  • Is VMware 4.1 - possible to do automatic VM on host migration when LUN is near full capacity

    Hi all

    We have VMware 4.1 - is possible to do automatic VM on host migration when LUN is near full capacity.

    Suppose I have configure if a logic unit number is nearly 85 percent of capacity, I can do a configuration that VM will be moved to another host without any manual intervention.

    Thank you


    Welcome thr community - first question I have is how you configure your virtual disks - you're thick or thin provisioning - if you use thick Provisioning, the size of the virtual disk won't grow - if you use Thin Provisioning disks will develop as spaced is used in order to run in a situation where you run the risk of cluttering the VMFS datastore - this risk is the reason why best practice is not use Thin Provisioning for machines of production

    Now, to answer your question - first thing to keep in mind vmotion does not move when the virtual machine is stored it simply moves the execution instance of the virtual machine to an ESXi host to host anotherESXi. You take advantage of Storage vMotion - but in vSphere 4 storage vMotion is not automatic.

    With vSphere 5, that you would be able to use Stirage DRS and that will automatically pass the virtual machine as the disk fills up.

Maybe you are looking for