Why is my bookmark 'localhost' changes to a Google search?

When I 'Bookmark this Page' while watching a localhost/~username/target.html file, the current bookmark is initially correct, but then changes to a long Google search, I did a week ago. But when I bookmarked, he gets a bookmark correctly and that it is correct. This started happening in FF v.41. I took screenshots to show the change in what I asked, and what I got. Note the time of these screenshots and the time of entry in the Notes. The first is when I have "Show all bookmarks" is opened and set bookmark the page. I closed the window of the library, and then made "Show all bookmarks" once again, the entry had changed. It makes no sense to me.


Well, this uRL was so long that I didn't know what it was for sure. It took me to my Google Sites page on the problem of the assistive devices on Yosemite.

I bypassed THIS problem by changing my favorites and change all occurrences of '//localhost' to ' / / " It works all the time. Perhaps this bad URL was taken from history, so I deleted my URL history, and now 'localhost' also works.

Thanks for listening. I'll mark this as "resolved", although it is still a mystery.

Tags: Firefox

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