Why is my empty recent projects?

Since the upgrade to el capitan, logic pro x is no longer automatically opens the last song of early and recent projects folder is always empty - is - anyone know why?

I have not changed my structure of folder or something like that

Maybe it was just a glitch during the upgrade. If the settings has been change for some reason, I wouldn't lose too much sleep top. Just set it to the most recent file Open (Preferences ➤ ➤ ➤ Start Action handling project General)

If you referring to the "Recent file of the project' inclusion in the logic menu file, which is controlled by the recent general ➤ ➤ system preferences items. Select in the context menu (maybe he has the value 'None').

Hope that helps

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    Hi KluGE,

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    Thank you...

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    This information is stored in the preferences (MRU). If you must get rid of it, delete the relevant bits here.


  • RoboHelp HTML crashes after emptying a project


    I use Framemaker to do most of my creation and then import the files into RoboHelp HTML to generate HTML Help. As the first step of importing the files, I have to delete all the topics, table of contents entries and entries IX of the RoboHelp project. If I do this, I find myself with duplicates everywhere in the project.

    After the project I have empty and try to save it, HR goes belly up and I have to click through two sets of dialog boxes "Adobe Robohelp 7 has encountered a problem and needs to close." After you click 'Send error report' a dozen times, I wonder if there is anything I can do about this problem.

    Thank you
    John B.

    Hi all

    John, I couldn't help but notice that you said you are trying to delete ALL the content of the project. And here's where my instincts tell me the lies of the question.

    My thought is that you could take the following approach. Create a unique topic. One that will never exist in Framemaker. Only in RoboHelp. Then forget about this topic. Don't delete ever or something. Then, when you do your own out, I would take this approach.

    Clear the table of contents and Index. Does not matter the order in which you use. These first hunting just as you shoot. I say FLUSH these, because they depend on the content in the topics.
    Rinse the subjects. Hey, all, but the only subject which should remain.

    Here, my thought is that if you remove the entire system's RoboHelp goes belly up with no subject. And if you deleted the items first, RoboHelp can be gobs of updates gagging as she foolishly tries to follow all the sudden broken links to table of contents and Index items. That is why I proposed these as a first step.

    Please give it a go and let us know if it helps... Rick

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    In system preferences > General on your Mac, there is a "Recent items" setting with a menu that ranges from 0 to 50. Modification of this setting to a positive value, relaunch Xcode and you should be good to go.

  • Why a VI within a project of opening break in what concerns the DAQ - MX communications?

    Recently, I imported a set of VI into a Labview project (.) (File LVPROJ).  Now when I open and run the main VI of the project my code that generates a signal using hardware DAQ - MX vi is broken (see below error dialog box). Yet when I run the VI them even outside of the project of the VI works as expected.

    Any ideas what's happening here?

    you need to modify the existing scale and crush him because you cannot create a scale with the same name

    Here is a link to an example that shows how to open an existing scale and change:
    Developer Zone example: DAQmx LabVIEW change scales and record the scales changed to MAX

    Please let me know if it works

  • Why film bars (empty space) are prohibited?

    I did a side-scrolling game that was approved the month back. Then when you submit a minor update, it was not approved due to a change in policy which prohibits the existence of film bars.

    Horizontal scrolling is optimized for 16:9 and will just scale and focus with ratios that are different than (creation cinema bars). Force the game to fill screens 1:1 would cause views to be cut (like watching a single worst VHS), bars, so there!

    I am aware that a number of BlackBerry products have screens that are 1:1 ratio, but to the insists that all applications (especially games designed with film ratios) fill the entire 1:1 is stupid. I should also mention that the BlackBerry is the ONLY device manufacturer to this requirement. Neither Apple or Android has such a requirement.

    How developers are skirting around this requirement? They are simply adding a useless static graphics to cover the area where the film bar (take Copter Burger as an example). How is - this all better again gets approved?

    In any case, I guess I'll do the same thing, adding a useless chart around the space empty to skirt this unnecessary requirement. Maybe I'll put a time delay on the service so that after its approved, a few days later, it will disable that stupid chart.

    Hi 1337,

    Please send me a PM with your information on the supplier (ID/e-mail) and the application name/ID.

    I can look at to see if it's really a problem and why.


    Bryan Van Engelen

    BlackBerry World

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    Am I missing something? I can't find any explanation as to why an AE project file is collected by Premiere Pro CC 2014. I realize that I have I am using AE Comps in Premiere Pro (dynamic links). I've always wanted that Premiere Pro would "collect" all used AE project. But apparently Premiere Pro just recover the AE project file...

    If I open the AE Premiere Pro project file "perceive" it retains its resources on my machine, and I also now have two copies of the same AE project file. Nothing has nothing for me. I still have to "collect" the AE project file that creates yet another copy of the same AE project file... I don't have any sense for me and I hope that I am missing a step or overlooking something...

    Ideally, it would be nice if the Agency would be somehow communicate with AE and I AE collect the project and send it from Premiere Pro to include in his "collection" of resources.

    Am I missing something here?

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi Lou,

    You are not missing anything. The current implementation of the project manager can either copy only the file of AE project or you can choose to select Convert after effects Compositions of Clips, which allows to convert your AE project a transcoded file.

    The collection of the files used in the AE project would be a feature request. Adobe - feature request/Bug Report Form

  • QQ on Camera Raw Cache and why mine is empty

    Small question about Camera Raw Cache:

    Mine is empty. Always.

    I read that the develop module stores information about the pictures, it opens in the Camera Raw Cache, while the library module stores its previews in the adjacent LRDATA directory to the Lightroom Catalog. I also read that the first can be stored anywhere and are limited to a size specified in preferences, whereas the latter must accompany the catalog file and has no limit on its size.

    Why so my Cache Raw camera always empty? I'm going in and out of the develop module, edit, switch between photos to develop, see 1:1 and larger images to breast to develop, etc. Should not that cause the cache to be generated in Camera Raw Cache entries? I tried to move my Camera Raw Cache of preferences and I the size of the cache the value 30 GB with plenty of space on the disk, but it is always empty.

    The Camera Raw cache entries consist of a few early demosaiced and partially processed data which gives a head start when loading the image in the develop module. But ultimately, it is the original and complete file that is finally loaded once the raw conversion and a modifiable built and displayed real-time preview. This happens whenever you load a picture to develop. A Jpeg file is little different in the way it is loaded, i.e. the complete original of the file is read each time and the real-time preview generated, except that as there is no raw conversion to do it are obviously didn't need at this time for this entry cache to exist. There is no file of 'internal' which was held to facilitate the process of development, the LRDATA extracts are mainly for use in the library only.

  • Since the installation of Windows 10 why I looking for recently downloaded messages in the Inbox? Before, they came always located at the top.

    I don't know if it's really a problem with Windows 10, but I never experienced it until after the recent upgrade of my operating system. Before the upgrade, new e-mail messages were always displayed at the top of the Inbox window, and I didn't have to scroll down to find them. Now, the newly downloaded messages no longer appear at the top, and I have to search for them after downloading.

    Click the heading labeled DATE sort by date. Click on DATE again to reverse the sort.

  • Why is automatically emptied the trash on my email account?

    My emails used to be saved in the trash and I kept for future reference. Now, they simply disappear. Is there a setting I can change to change this?

    Re: my e-mails used to be saved in the trash and I kept for future reference.

    "Trash" is for the items you want. "Basket" means "Rubblish' to be scrapped; throw; Remove.

    They are only in the Trash because you selected the 'delete' or you move them manually.
    The reason for having a 'Trash' folder is to act as a stop gap because sometimes you might delete an email by mistake and want to save.

    File basket is not the place to store the items you want to keep.
    Please create new folders to organize your wanted emails.
    Use "Basket" to unwanted emails.

    Trash (also known as "Deleted") can be automatic out empty on if the option is selected.
    Tools > account settings > server for the e-mail account settings
    Menu icon > Options > account settings > server for the e-mail account settings

    Uncheck the box / select as appropriate: "empty the trash when leaving.
    Click OK.

    If you have an Imap email account, there may be a different policy, used by the server. Some auto Recycle Bin empty periodically by default and there is nothing you can do about it. After all, Trash is for unwanted items, then after a time saving an email deleted by mistake, they clear this folder to create more space.

    Background information:
    When you choose to delete an email or put it in the "basket", from your point of view varies for example: Inbox to "trash".
    In reality, it is always in the Inbox as an email "marked as deled" hidden from view. So it is still too much space in the Inbox.
    When you compact your Inbox folder those "marked as deleted" are removed, freeing up a space.

    When you see a folder in the folders pane, it is in fact a mbox file (assuming that you Pop mail account or synchronize subscribed imap folders).

    When e-mail messages are downloaded they are not stored as individual .eml files, they are stored one after the other in the order they have been downloaded in the same "file". If you do not want to put all your e-mails in one or a couple of files.
    Create folders to organize messages into subsets.
    Archives of old messages to free up space in regular used folders.
    See the info on archiving.

  • Why make more empty, localstore.rdf and perf.js files appear in my profile whenever I open and close Firefox?

    I have hundreds of empty localstore {xxx} RDF and perf {xxx} .js files in my profile folder. Where {xxx} refers to a number. New higher numbered files appear each time that I open/close firefox. He ate two files pref (perf.js and perf1.js) that are not empty. There is a single localstore.rdf file that is not empty. All other files are the zero-byte files.

    Also, my toolbar customizations won't stay put. I re - customize the toolbar on a regular basis. Erase all files localstore and perf in the case of a corrupted file does not help.

    This suggests that something prevents Firefox to edit these files. This happens usually when anti-virus software keeps a lock on the file.

    LocalStore.RDF is the file that keeps your toolbar customizations. Since Firefox can not change it, your toolbar customizations are lost.

    A less likely cause is a read-only attribute or permissions problem.

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