Why is my oscillogram of a simulated multivibrator wrong?

It there!

I'm trying to simulate a multivibrator using NAND-element, a capacity and resistance. The waveform of the signal caught in the blink of an eye between resistance and capacity is correct, than those between the two NANDs and resistance, but also between second nand and the ability are more discreet.

What I am doing wrong? Something as simple as a multivibrator should be easily possible to simulate.

Dear johannes,

Channel B and D are showing the out put the tensions of the first and second door NAND output voltages. These are output TTL voltages standard they will be 0 or 5 volts (different levels). If they output voltage like channel c where do you take the astable vibrator multi out put? mode itself astable multivibrator is a square wave generator, don't it?

Maybe you are confused with the currents and voltages. The current waveforms at these points show the exponential load currents. To see current forms wave connect the probe current as indicated in the attachment.


Chaitanya has.

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    bigjavajoe wrote:

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    Thank you


    Get this job now, it seems I have to unlock device iPhone of the retina (4 inches). However, previously I was using 64-bit one.

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    Thank you


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    Thanks for this solution, Macromedia/Adobe!

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    Hi people,

    I have a problem with Xcode

    When I try to launch a project, it generates correctly and then just says "running < name >: < name >»

    Some time previously, I have worked on some projects of iOS and at the time, everything worked fine.

    Not even that, they run more.

    I don't know why it stopped working in the simulator of the app is just a white screen.

    Mac OS projects with cocoa does not even launch the built application. Console applications do not work or the other.

    I had this behavior with XCode 7, then tried the beta version 8, which also had the problem.

    This morning, I decided to uninstall XCode and reinstalled version 8 of XCode from the App Store.

    The problem persists there.

    IM under OSX 10.11.6 and Xcode Version 8.0 (8A218a).

    Please help me, I'm getting desperate. I can't develop this way.

    Best regards


    I would check to see if there is a modal dialog box, asking you to authenticate before running your application:

    If you don't authenticate you request probably will not work

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    Thanks in advance.


    Apps to run on install which is why you see it on the Simulator. It must not actually running on the device.

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    Edit: The reason why he's working on the Simulator is because I hit the return.  If I do that on the device (and not on the trackball Center), it works as well.  How could I make it work for both?

    See you soon



    I ended up finding it works by:

        protected void onExposed()    {        setFocus();    }

    On A screen, which did the trick.  Don't know where the emphasis would have been otherwise since screen B should have been even when popped, but it works :^)

    My apologies if the question was obvious, I am new to BlackBerry.

    See you soon,.


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    0 x 7156
    0 x 7792
    0 x 9866
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    Any ideas as to what created it, and why it is not on the Simulator?

    Thank you


    Don't know the answer to the first question and I'm also interested to hear the answer.

    But with regard to the second question: use

    protected void applyTheme()

    to override the theme (which draws the border around the popup).

Maybe you are looking for

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