Why is there the oscillations during sampling a signal by steps?

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    Why is there the photos that I am importing out grayscale.

    I'm the dragging in a tabloid paper that I normally use and my photos are without any color, even after I place.

    Look at the documents tab and see how you are. If she says grayscale, then all of the imported pictures will also be grayscale.

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    Important question

    Hello! Two weeks ago I paid $94 for the combination of files Adobe software, even today, I can't combine my unique Adobe files. The system asks me to pay again. Why don't the system gives me access to this step? Why should users pay extra for this tool?  This transaction is located on my credit card. Help, please. Sincere thanks. BP

    Hi pruitt-mckenzie-animated.

    I see that you have subscribed for the Adobe PDF pack.

    Please download latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Acrobat Reader DC Learn & support, Sign In using your adobe ID to use the services.

    KB doc. for help Document Cloud Help | Adobe PDF package using.

    Let me know if you are still having a problem.

    Kind regards


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    Why is there question marks on these files in first? My guess is because I did not correctly define Adobe first 2015 to the source files. But it's impossible because I can not find some video files sources since the locations of file in PR I use these files from a program I downloaded a Mac online.

    Thanks for your help.

    Screenshot 2016-03-26 08.54.33.png

    The problem must be that it cannot find the files. However, all the files are there. How to solve this problem? Thank you.

    Screenshot 2016-03-26 09.17.34.png

    I solved the problem. I chose the name of the task, Adobe Premiere, I created. Then I went into the PROJECTS and DOUBLE click ON IMPORT OF FILES. A warning window popped up indicating that he could not find any files. I simply chose where these files were and then selected LOCATE. Now all files are where they should be in the PROJECTS window.

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    Two of these databases of site are 64 KB and io_temp.sqlite files. I want to know how they were created and what information is that are stored there. I know that my boyfriend goes to the website of bovada much, but want to know if he has information of personal connection stored for two of these sites. I know that they are not cookies because I saw the list of cookies and delete the and these files are still there. I really want to know if the only way that the sites Web could be in the folder because he saved intentionally information stored on these sites and if not, then why they are part of a roaming profile?

    Hello, I could not find any documentation on what the data in the profile or an io_temp.sqlitefolder - file would do in firefox (perhaps it was a first version of dom storage or indexeddb).
    If you have questions about the use of these sites by your boyfriend, you should probably talk with him directly about this, instead of finding an answer in this way...

  • Why is there the lag when you press the SPACEBAR for playback in edit mode?

    When I press the SPACEBAR to start playback of a file in edit mode, a second of 2-3 delay before playback starts ago, this makes editing very difficult competently. does anyone know of any settings that may resolve this problem or may have another reason for why this might be happening?

    It may happen if the sampling frequency of your hearing file does not match that of your audio interface as hearing should make a conversion of the prior sampling rate it loads the audio buffer.

  • Why is there the constant disk activity since I upgraded to 30.0?

    Since Firefox has been upgraded to v 30.0 (and it has been updated automatically, I don't like) there is the constant disk activity. Is there a way to revert to a previous version until this problem is solved?

    I created a new profile and all the disk activity is gone. Thanks cor - el.

  • Why is there the occasional corrupted video images/photos on my MKII and MKIII?

    The above plans are an image from the video and the photo taken on my Canon MarkIII, respectively, during a session at the other week in Omaha, DON'T. Every once in a while in some clips, maybe every minute or so, a corrupt pixelated image will appear as seen above. Thus, in the course of a couple of my timelapses a number of corrupt executives would be manifested, as seen in the image at the bottom.

    Everyone knows something like that? I found this prognosis in another thread:

    «It can also be an early symptom that begins the reading circuit / write failure - sometimes a capacitor or a transistor works fine but when warm (lots of photos with time or the camera over a long period) begins to flee and sends abnormal signals.» If this is the case it usually worsens over time. It may also just be external interference: an electronic or magnetic strong radio signal interfering with the electronics of the camera. "I saw someone whose shoot together turns like that because he would be put in place very close to a large power transformer.

    Thanks in advance for the help,


    I am inclined to think that you won't encounter read/write failure simultaneously on the MkII circuit some and the MkIII regardless. Cameras tend to follow their own adgenda and rarely conspire against the photographer so mischeeviously.

    Apart from this finding, I would seek a similar State. You buy and use the same memory cards in both cameras. You live in a hostile environment or you work in a hostile environment. (Hey, it's a good question! Ha Ha.) You're like me and tend to drop your posessions darlings. Your memory cards are not designed for data that you save, and you're the buffer overflow.

    Good luck.

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    For many fans of Tolkien the first tranche of the Hobbit trillogy was one of movies dissapointing most of his life.

    Simply, it does not anywhere close to film height of the Lord of the RINGS.

    The quality by a large number was tacky beyond belief. The CG looked less convincing than the rings.

    The story was boring.

    There was very little atmosphere.

    I could go on and...

    But, since it is a Visual Effects forum, I would like to know the reason that there is such little depth to the scenes of the atmosphere and asethetics.

    Is it because it was shot digitally?

    My wife and I watched the Hobbit twice in the same day. First on a normal screen with normal projection then in the ultimate theater with HFR and 3D. The first viewing was acceptable for me but great film not because there was so much CGI that the 'magic' went on a lot of shots. Just too many things in the framework in a large number of sequences. Say what you like on CGI, but when you throw in the miniatures and mix the practical effects with CGI screen experience is much better. Take an example of The Dark Knight.

    When we walked in the 3d version of extreme high refresh rate my wife stayed for about 10 minutes. She leaned over to me and said: I can't watch this. I feel like I'm watching TV on the biggest screen in the world. It's driving me crazy and gives me a headache. BTW, our seats were theoretically almost perfect.

    There are some color classification differences with the show being much cooler HFR. I saw of Douglas Troubull Showscan experiences with 60 fps and j70mm projection and they have been wonderful to look at, so I can't blame all on HFR. Only, he has not worked for me. Too many times the 3D and the intensification by CGI scenes were just too. Large images + great direction can overcome a poor script. 50 cooks trying to throw everything in their pantry in a single pot in fact weak and tasteless stew. I think it was the problem here. Too creative in pushing their own technology and being close to the project that they thought they were doing something wonderful. All that remains in this case long enough actually their own Howard the duck. At least the Hobbit didn't sink that low.

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    I'm a developer web front end and whenever I have an unordered list < ul > on a Web site, the new version of Firefox is switching balls (which is the standard for non ordered lists) numbers (which is the norm for ordered lists, or < ol >). Is it possible that this can be corrected? Those are the Web standards and all the sites that we use < ul > then it will be very difficult for us to go back through and give each site a list-style-type.

    You can post a link to a page accessible to the public (i.e. no authentication or signature required)?

    You can right click on the list item and inspect element allows to open the Inspector and check what are the rules are applied to the UL and LI elements.

  • Why is there the lag when the controls of the transformation of an image are changed

    I have not noticed this until the course of the latest updates.   When I manipulate the anchor point, position or scale an image using the sliders to entry in Control Panel under Motion effects image redrawn in the timeline is behind the entrance to the value of the slider with the mouse.   So when I click and drag the x value of the position property of the image does not seem to move at the same speed that the value is changed by the mouse.    It feels like the image try constantly catching up to the value being edited.    It makes it quite difficult to use visually control transform simple handling.

    My best guess is that the most recent update uses the GPU to redraw the images in a way that causes redraw poor and problems behind.   Unfortunately I found the user interface of many Adobe products becoming more and more difficult to use because of problems of refreshment and buggy redrawing issues.

    Can I solve this problem of lag when you change the values for transform a sequence or an image in the Panel effects/movement in some way?

    As I discovered under file > Project Settings > General in the rendering engine: only the Mercury playback engine software and was gray.    I had to update the Nvidia Quadro 5000 drivers version 340.84 to market the MPE GPU accelerated rendering engine.  This solved the problem of lag in refreshment for the images I use on the timeline.

    * I found it strange the GPU of MPE VAC. become disabled without warning until an update of my pilots was completed.

  • Why is there the icons collection (with blue arrows) on my files and folders network?

    I've never seen before, it has just appeared this morning.

    That is right.

    You can check your offline files by going to start-> Controlpanel-> offline files

    Here you can also turn it off if you have not (especially useful on laptops)

    Kind regards

  • Why 'Read a fixed number of samples' help with the error 200279?

    Hello world

    It is a question about a tip found in the explanations on the acquisition of data error-200279. This explanation it is said: '... ". reading a fixed number of samples instead of all available samples can fix this... »

    AFAIK the DAQ system buffer is a ring buffer, so we can consider having a writing position and a position of reading "in motion" along the ring. While the playback position is the position of writing, everything is brilliant. But if writing catch up reading, samples will be overwritten and therefore-> error-200279.

    So here's my question:

    I do not understand why a fixed amount of reading samples would help me with this error. I don't understand why other Councils (increase in the size of the buffer or the frequency of reading) would help me because they reduce the probability of the playback position being outrunned by the position of the writing.

    But if I read everything which is available, whenever I read the only way for the buffer fills would be that the time between two readings take more time than necessary fill the entire buffer.

    Or in other words to each reading I will read at least as many elements that it has been filled by writing since the last read, so the only way to fill the buffer would fill completely at once since the last reading.

    This should be a lot safer than reading a fixed amount, because in this case, I'd get a problem if I read it that fewer items than writing complete at the same time, regardless of the number of items that would be and no matter what the size of the size of the buffer that would be.

    What I understand here?

    Thanks and regards,


    SBach wrote: this VI is a State Machine in queue, the reading part is made in the case of timeout and cases are used as initialization orders, stop and change the outside DAQ hardware.

    That I can't tell when these commands will trigger the time between two readings could not be set. If a strictly fixed amount of data could lead to a buffer to fill.

    Init command: you certainly don't have a running task.

    Stop: You stop the task, then doing here if you get overrun.

    Edit tasks: you will probably need to stop the task still before you can edit the task, but let's go back to not caring.

    The way I see it, the other commands must stop the task anyway.  If you can leave the timeout do its job and do not do a lot of extra stuff.

    And here are some alternatives:

    1. use a shift register to keep track of how long your wait time should be.  In the case of reading, make the deadline to be whatever it is that you are using.  In all other cases, only the 0 so that a read timeout must be performed immediately (once the queue is empty).

    2. When you do your check to 1.5 times the timeout, if there is too much data, queue a reading at the front of the queue so that playback will happen.  The idea is that you really want to keep the same stack sizes to keep the memory to be allocated.  So just to be read more often.

  • Why are there no sound when the selection of input/output points ingest miniature?

    During the ingestion of video from an SD card, why is there no audio when you choose an entry/exit point before transcoding? Sometimes there is a specific sound bite to ingest a clip rather than the whole thing or try to guess where the sound bite begins or ends.

    Hi Tommy,.

    During the ingestion of video from an SD card, why is there no audio when you choose an entry/exit point before transcoding? Sometimes there is a specific sound bite to ingest a clip rather than the whole thing or try to guess where the sound bite begins or ends.

    That should work well. I just test it. Make sure that you have copied all the SD card before you start eating, not only the clips.

    Thank you


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