Why isn't my gadget weather access to the server?

Maybe this isn't really a problem in Mozilla (it just occurred to me). I selected Gadgets in the right click menu on my desktop (Dell with Windows 7) and selected the weather gadget. It worked fine for months, but about six days ago he ceased to update when I turned on my modem. Little by little he showed predictions less and less (normally it would show current day and three days in advance). Now it just displays an information icon and the message unable to connect to the service. I was wondering if it was more compatible with Mozilla Firefox, or maybe they are independent. Thank you!


Most of the Google desktop gadgets using the built-in features of Windows, plumbing even under Internet Explorer. It is possible that some are using Mozilla technology, but I think that those still communicate directly to the internet without count/use Firefox.

If you got this gadget from Dell, they may offer an update for it. If not, are there any built-in update type or if you click to access its Internet site (where the data comes from), is there any explanation he?

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    This happens only on a single computer

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    Sorry for the late reply.

    This problem is better suited in the TechNet forum where we have experts working on the same topic.

    Please post your request in the below link:


    I hope this information helps, get back to us if you need help with Windows.

    Thank you.

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    Im trying to make a public Server Terminal Server from outside. I have a SonicWall firewall, but I can't connect to the DMZ server.

    I used the Connection Wizard to give public access to the terminal server, I changed the Port TS on the server and when I try to connect to public_ip:port the web displays an error like "Connection refused".

    Could you help me please? There's a tutorial about it?

    Thanks in advance.

    You need a loop return policy if you are trying to access the server by its public of the n/w internal IP address (IE behind the sonicwall).

    Below the video will help you with the political feedback loop.

    cs_setInnerHtml ('video_5745f812 - 4 c 21-4eea-8da2-bfc9afcb0fc9', ");

  • Access to the server vCenter Server security policy


    Users must have different levels of access to virtual machines.  Some need only to be able to turn it on, restart and shut down the virtual machines.  Some need taking pictures, power on, power off, then restart.

    Others must be able to do anything.

    There is an existing Active Directory server.

    We do not want to overwhelm vCenter server with too many concurrent connections.  More than 3000 users must turn on and off the virtual machines and take snapshots.

    Less than 50 administrators full privileges in vCenter Server.

    We must use AD when it is possible to set up groups of users who have different privileges.

    What are the strategies to achieve this?  We should create a 'leap VMs' set in an area of special security for those who need access to vCenter Server to power on virtual machines and take pictures?

    What security products facilitate such scenarios?

    Subsequently vcloud or Automation Center vCenter vCenter Operations Manager will be used.  The solution must be able to integrate all the products of VMware management as opposed to replacing them.

    Thanks for your comments.


    Actually, you are not generically allow access to a virtual machine, a console instead, if you allow access to a virtual machine that you want to monitor access very closely because it (other than RDP) console through the virtualization management services (ala vCenter). I would use tools such as HyTrust, Xceedium, Thycotic, etc. for monitor/audit access. Personally, I'm just saying my system administrators use RDP as it does not pass through the layers of virtualization management. If they need access CD for example, I provide other ways to access the ISOs of a common share (VCD, loop media) instead of asking someone to use vCenter.

    A poor man to get the same functionality is to create a proxy service that connects to all requests for access to the consoles and serves as additional security gateway in the virtualization management devices (ala vCenter). This way a request to go directly to the virtual console is properly logged and you can use this same proxy to make queries to Mount/unmount images, etc. By using a proxy, hytrust, Xceedium or Thycotic you can let him manage the 3000 user requests, limit the number of connections allowed at any time (which is a must), set timeouts, but especially you can delegate all through a service inside of vCenter account so that you can get the best control of your environment. Logging, these tools provide is enough to meet verification requirements.

    However, the best suggestion is to enable all simply do not. I have been broadcast to a virtual environment for years and I would order access to the console of a virtual computer was simply not necessary. You want a complete separation between the management of virtualization and the rest of the world.

    Best regards
    Edward L. Haletky
    VMware communities user moderator, VMware vExpert 2009, 2010, 2011,2012,2013,2014

    Author of the books ' VMWare ESX and ESXi in the business: Planning Server Virtualization Deployment, Copyright 2011 Pearson Education. ' Of VMware VSphere and Virtual Infrastructure Security: securing the virtual environment ', Copyright 2009 Pearson Education.

    Virtualization and Cloud Security Analyst: The Practice of virtualization, LLC - vSphere Upgrade Saga - virtualization security Table round Podcast

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    I set up the connection to the server with a link Direct is TICKING, I did that once the initial connection has been made for the broker and an assigned desktop computer, connect directly to the desktop and so not care about the State of the connection to the server. After restart or just restart the VMware View Server service all customers lost access until it is facing up.

    Is it right, that we use View 3.1.

    Thank you

    It's strange that I can restart my server connection without worrying about all the users.   How brokers connection you have and do you have activated all at direct connection?

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    I think that I have answered your question in your other post on the forum: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5368954#5368954

  • Why is no longer a free access to the radio stations on ITunes?

    I can't access the FREE on ITunes radio.

    APPLE wants to CHARGE $$$ to listen to the radio.  WHY?

    The music is free if you subscribe Apple music > Listening to Radio Music Apple

  • Why isn't my subject stay aligned to the pixel grid after the scaling?

    All my points are lined up on the grid, but when I step up proportionately they leave the grid. I snap to Pixel and Snap To Pixel Grid both checked.


    You can see more here,


    This paragraph is very relevant,

    Objects that are aligned to pixels, but have not the segments of vertical lines or horizontal, are not changed to match the pixel grid. For example, because a rotated rectangle doesn't have a straight vertical or horizontal segments, it is not pushed to produce crisp paths, when aligned with the pixels property is set for her.

  • Why isn't Photoshop CC does appear in the Manager of my Application?

    I have Photoshop CS6 installed on my computer and that you have downloaded all the updates, but it is not an option to download Photoshop CC.  Is there something that I am missing?  I was under the impression that I could run both CS6 and CC on my computer.  I would rather not delete CS6 I don't have to in order to download CC.

    It is 22:17:00 cst on 17, so I guess that CC has just released.  It seems that others are able to download, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  The only Photoshop application that appears in the AAM is CS6 (updated).


    Leave your Adobe Application Manager and he raises. It will be updated with the new creative cloud application and then you'll see the CC apps for download. Install the latest applications CC and check if it works very well.

    Let us know in case of problems.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Also clear your browser history and cache to see the new www.creative.adobe.com interface and check

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    Post in the Windows Server Forums:

  • Access to the server via hostname linux virtual


    I use Fusion Professional 6.0.2 and I have two questions:

    1. I installed a virtual server CentOS 6.5 and another Openfiler.

    I can't ssh access to machines through name of host or ping by host name. It is only possible via IP.

    I won't change my hosts file or the virtual server hosts file.

    The network of the virtual server is set to bridged mode. I use a router with DHCP active.

    I have read that I need to enable "DHCP_HOSTNAME" in the virtual server DHCP client: Configuration Linux Clients DHCP static by sending host name

    I tried and now I see the host name in the DHCP of the router table, but it still does not work.

    If I do not select "send hostname", I don't even see the host name in the DHCP table.

    * This question was also held in VMware ESXI free 5.5 VM, in which I installed linux VM.

    2 resolution of the VMs is very low, and VMware Fusion is not automatically choose a higher resolution, even after the installation of the integration tools.

    I restarted the virtual machines after the integration Tools installation.

    Please help.

    Thank you!

    1. it seems that the solution is the following:

    DNSMasq is required: DNSMasq as DHCP server - DD - WRT Wiki

    I discovered that the machines virtual Linux must be configured to send the hostname to the DHCP server: Configuration Linux Clients DHCP static by sending host name

    * The long answer: network - how to make a machine accessible from the LAN using its host name - Unix & Linux stack Exchange

    2. it looks like 640 x 480, I guess.

    Currently, I have a workaround: SSH to the virtual machine.

    Edit: found the solution: #1 Linux: change the resolution to Console Mode on the GRUB - YouTube

  • denied access to the server but the certificate of security on files

    I get a 'Not reliable' connection even if certificates are available and have been able to connect to this page in the past.

    I don't have this problem with OPERA or IE8.

    DoD certificates are only recognized as valid if you have the required root certificates installed.

  • I've just updated firefox to the latest version. I have a network in which access us the server with remote desktop. Now, I can just open firefox on one of the remote terminals or the server. I need to be able to use firefox on all terminals.

    I get an error message indicating that an instance of mozilla firefox is already running, close it to continue.

    The question already explains the situation. I need all three terminals to use firefox at the same time.

    Not had this problem with the previous version.

    What happens if all instances use the same profile folder.
    A single instance can use a specific profile.

  • Why should I pay for work station when the server is free?

    I have trouble finding the advantage of the position of the server control.  What to do for $189.00?


    The ability to run several flavours of the OSes, instant.

    Workstation is an excellent product, as is the server, but there are subtle differences.

    Good article on desktop vs Server (1.0) here.


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