Why Media Center need xp pro disc

Well, I've had a pc built by hp at the end of 2006, it came with xp media center edition, this is a raid zero pc and that you know a few years later, one of the drives are released so I dropped this pc in the backroom well several months later asked me if he could have it and I said sure ill see if I can get it going then I take no broken drive RAID zero all upwards and reformat and try reinstalling windows, I have a few xp media center disks around laying so I catch them and reinstall windows and everything was going well until after disk 2 media center, he asked for a xp sp2 pro disc 2 as well and I did that so I struck cansel on it and it complete installation but its center to explore and help missing internet and he will go if the Connection Wizard but used to establish contact activate it within 30days thing appears, but as soon as you click on it, his party and nothing happens its lack also a bunch of other things as well, I don't know what to do I put the update sp3 to disc and installed without result and sense I can't get internet or whatever it is to activate / update I don't know not what to do any help would be greatly appreciate it


Hi yesac1990,
-What version of the operating system currently installed on your computer?
-Don't you think the Internet Explorer icon on your computer? Or is that what you can not connect to Internet Explorer?
-If so, what is the error message that you receive everything by trying to connect to the Internet Explorer?
To check the version of the operating system:

a. to check, click Start, click Run, type winver, and press ENTER.

First activate your copy of Windows using the phone activation option.

For more information, see:

How to activate Windows XP

Provide more specific details relating to the issue, to help us to help you.

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  • Why Media Center interfere with the master of local network discovery?

    At home, I have a mixed network of 5 win7, XP 3, xbox, pills and devices multimedia TV.

    The network relies on a specific working group name (that all windows computers use) not homegroup.

    This works well until my Win7 computer that is configured as a DVR with media center becomes the 'master' for LANs to discover.  Then only the Win7 computers on my local network.  All the XP computers disappear.

    Why is this and how do I solve this problem?

    It feels like the 'master' for local networks is chosen randomly.

    Why Media Center interfere?

    Can I stop this interference or inhibit the computer to be ever "master local network media center?"

    I use a free app called lanscan to give me a list of computers available in each perspective of computers.  When the broken state this app fails to list anything except on the Media Center computer.  Lanscan also shows the computer hosting the network discovery.

    Thanks in advance.

    I have over 30 years of experience with computers but my network is just enough to get me in trouble (and keep changing the rules)

    I appreciate the efforts that you put to publish the query on this forum.
    I suggest you view the query on Microsoft TechNet forum as better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public. Check out the link:
    Please let us know if you have more queries on Windows.
  • Why Media Center now create two scheduled tasks mcupdate AND mcupdate_scheduled?

    I've noticed since starting up Windows Media Center for the first time in a long time on a clean install of Windows 7, it today creates an additional task in the scheduler called mcupdate AND mcupdate_scheduled.  Mcupdate_scheduled is always set to wake the computer at 03:31 every day.  Now in the past to stop Media Center starting the computer for the night and then leaving him on, I would go into media center automatic update options and turn them off.  These options now is more effect Mcupdate or Mcupdate_scheduled and the only way to prevent the center of marketing media automatically is to disable Mcupdate_scheduled in Task Scheduler.  No idea why this strange configuration is in place?  Why is Media Player so determined his will light up in the night by going to the measure of the creation of additional tasks AND prevent you to extinguish itself in Media Player?  Any ideas on that?


    1 when was the last time it was working fine?

    2. you have any application security on the computer?

    3 have you tried to remove the Task Scheduler?

    4 did you a recent software or changes to the material on the computer?

    I suggest you remove the task from the task schedular system and check if it helps.

    Description of the scheduled tasks in Windows Vista


    The above article is for Windows Vista. It remains valid for Windows 7, too.

    You can delete the task in the list and check.

    You can also go through the steps mentioned in the link and check.

    Troubleshooting Task Scheduler


    Overview of Task Scheduler


    I hope this helps.

  • Netflix search works is not in error of Windows Media Center (windows 8 pro) "error message"No internet connection"

    Separated from this thread.

    The installation is successful, in my case; However, when I try to use the function search I get an error message 'No internet connection' and close the search window.

    As this solution is supposed to be a local, I am at a loss as to what is happening. Streaming movies works btw, so I don't have an Internet connection available and functional.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    Edit: I have Media Center running on Windows 8 Pro.

    Hi Florian.

    I appreciate if you could help us with more information.

    1. You can use search Netflix when you connect using a web browser?

    2. Is the Windows Media Center works correctly and can access the Internet other than with Netflix?

    If the problem is with Netflix Media Center User Interface, it is supported by Netflix.
    Go to http://www.netflix.com/help and post your question.

    It will be useful.

  • Netflix search works only in Windows Media Center (windows 7 pro or Home Premium)

    A couple of weeks, there is an update to the Netflix app and since then all 3 of my media center Netflix apps is no longer looking.  First error says "APPLICATION ERROR there is a problem with the application at this time. Try again later. "and the second says"SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE this web service is currently unavailable. Try again later.  I checked that the service IS available, because it works fine in IE and I contacted Netflix to confirm status.  The update of the application Netflix WMC seems to be broken.  Anyone know of a fix or are we at the mercy of having to wait for that ultimately get solved by Microsoft.  (I run everyday Media Center is our main source/interface for television and movies).

    I am a network/systems admin.... do NOT ask me if I restarted my computer or re-installed the application

    Thanks for any help on this!

    It is a failure on both of my computers of Win 7. Must the installation be run from the command line? I don't see the Install.log file that he mentions.

    Edit: So much worse! Read another thread mentioned that he had to be run from a local directory rather then a network drive, worked like a charm! Thank you!!

  • I need to upgrade my XP Media Center to XP Pro

    Is there a download for Windows XP Pro?

    insurance agent says:
    > Is there a download for Windows XP Pro?

    Short answer, there is no available LEGAL de Windows XP Pro download.


    Roy Smith
    Windows XP Pro SP3

  • Satellite A300-1EG - why do I need 2 recovery discs?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 - 1EG.

    I created 2 discs recovey such as required in the "Toshiba disc Creator Recovey". I created the premiera (disc 1) 2 weeks ago and the second (disk 2) today because I didn't have 2 DVD in hand.

    My first question is t - it is important if I left a period of time between the two creations that will affect the recovery if I ever need to use them?

    My second question is to make two just recovery disks recover the operating system for example: Windows Vista or they recover what was recorded on the Local C drive, at the time they were created?

    My last question is if that happens my dies of an operating system, I make just to turn on the laptop and put it in recovey disc 1, then 2, (if this isn't how someone can you please tell me how to?)



    When you use Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator you can see there the option for the use of different blank media. On some laptops, that image can be burned to a blank DVD and on some models, you need two of them. It depends on the recovery image.

    For my Satellite A300, I used both DVD-R virgins. I created images of recovery for several laptops, and we don't have me break creation of recovery and continue later. When the first media is finished you need to place the second piece of blank media and burning process will continue automatically. As far as I know that there is NO option for creating discs 2 only. Please be careful about this.

    I recommend you to get two empty DVD - R blank and create DVDs from recovery at the same time.

    When you use recovery DVD is removed from the entire HARD disk, not only partition C. This means that all the data saved on the HARD disk will be deleted. If your laptop has two HARD drives the recovery procedure will affect only HDD1. Be careful about this, and before you begin the recovery procedure back up all your important data.

    Follow a definitive answer to the final question ;) when you want to install the OS by using recovery media:
    Power your laptop running and press F12 to display the boot options
    Put the 1 recovery media in the optical disc drive
    In boot options, choose the CD/DVD drive and press ENTER
    Follow the menu on the screen

    Of course, start with DVD1 and questioned insert second DVD.

  • Install XP to Media Center Edition 2005 discs

    Start my laptop I get the error "missing or corrupt hal.dll file" my problem is without XP Media Center Edition 2005 installation discs.  Download anything from Microsoft?  Or is there another way to get such an animal?

    It of good that you have the CD and made sure it works in another system.  If it is not useful for this, it can come in hand another day.

    Now, it seems you might have a hardware problem.

    You know the system brand and model?

    Does the system beeps when you turn it on, it?

    The beeps are codes that can help you understand what is wrong.

    Generally, a short beep to the power up is a good sign.

    If you hear beeps other, try to describe them in writing as best you can.  His brief, two short, a short one long, three short films, etc.

    Describe the beeps like this:

    beep-beep-beep (3 short films)
    beep-beeeeeeeep (1 short, 1 long)
    beeeeeeep-beeeeeeep-beeeeeeep (3 long)
    beep (2 short films)

    Tell us the brand and model of your laptop or details, you can so we can give you the best advice.

    If you do not have the recovery CD of Console, there's power up (even with the other error message) or it will stop?

    If the fans are running, it's good and if it was me, I unplug the laptop from the wall, remove the battery and open any Panel on the bottom I could open upward with too much force (you may need a screwdriver) and wiggle or disconnect and reconnect all what I see (which disconnects), which resembles a connection put back together and see if it lights correctly then.

    You want to just take simple things like the RAM modules, cables, you can easily disconnect/reconnect the hard drive, etc just do one thing at a time, so you don't mix.  Unplug the unit, plug it in...

    Someone else may have other ideas.

    Send me your computers off and I'll fix them or get back them for parts and donate to charity, or someone who can use it to a system that works.

    Do, or do not. There is no test.

    I decided to implement the points for a new puppy instead of a pony!

  • What version of Windows to get Windows media center included?

    I'm going to buy a new machine and I wanted to know what is the best version of Windows to get installed that includes Windows media Center?

    Thank you

    On Tuesday, April 7, 2015 19:16:36 + 0000, Gary Gary Gary wrote:
    > I'm going to buy a new machine and I wanted to know what is the best version of Windows to get installed that includes Windows media Center?
    Microsoft does not Media Center Windows 10 to be released
    later this year, so everything you buy with Windows Pro 8.1 with Media Center, or
    Windows 8.1Pro more than one $10.00 go to Media Center or Windows 8.1 for $ 100
    upgrade to Pro + Media Center is a machine, to that you will not be able to upgrade
    Windows 10 If you want that Media Center.
    There has not been a team of dev to Media Center for some time. Ms. believes that it is
    My advice to you is to seek alternatives such as XBMC, etc to replace your
    Media Center needs.
    MVP Windows Entertainment and connected home
    Please mark as answer if that answers your question
  • Media Center - support Blu - ray?

    After getting a new media center PC with a disc blu - ray nice integrated, I am appalled by the lack of support media center or other software third party has to blu - ray on a PC.

    Power DVD supplied with the blu - ray player is shockingly bad and unfit for use. Place a disc in the player leaves the center of media and load Power DVD. And from there I can't do anything, the MCE Remote control cannot control Power DVD. After fiddling around with the keyboard and mouse, sometimes I can get a movie to play, and sometimes I can't.

    I downloaded demo of the Arcsoft TMT, and on the surface, the integration of MCE seemed promising. However, the first use that you realize that does almost the same thing as Power DVD, only he launches an application that "looks like" MCE. At least he recognizes the MCE Remote control.

    There are still problems with Arcsoft TMT. I can watch half a movie, go to bed without even removing the disc from the drive, try to resume the movie in the morning and be informed that it is impossible to read the disc (or any other blu - ray disc). Not until I reboot the PC I can play another blu - ray.

    With the bugs described above, I am not willing to pay $ 100 for a software that does not work and costs more than the drive itself. Power DVD is not much better either, you can buy the premium edition, but still no media center support.

    When Microsoft will support blu - ray in media center? I realize they have supported HD DVD, but this format is dead now (you can't buy movies on this format) they should think of this support. So much for the "ultimate" editions, it seems that their biggest problem is that they do not want to give Sony royalties. So why not release a plugin $15 which provides this support?

    Looks like it will be cheaper and more reliable to buy a separate blu - ray player, so for media center.

    Does anyone know of a properly integrated MCE plugin that doesn't cost the Earth?


    Same problem here.

    The cheapest solution (= zero $) is this freeware standalone player:



  • After the use of commercial software, Netflix does not work in Windows Media Center.



    Hi liitkjay,

    There could be many causes for the issue. First of all, you can read the following article and try the steps to solve the problem:

    Known issues and limitations of Netflix on Windows Media Center for Windows Vista

    If you're still having problems, you can uninstall the utility software and check.

    You can view the following link to uninstall a program:

    Uninstall or change a program

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Media Center will not register a particular channel, but all other records very well

    Hello, I can not Media Center to record a particular channel unless I am diverted listed steps below.  I get all the live channels.

    -the channel, I can't save is 30.1 in Memphis, TN (subsidiary CW) channel

    -My tuner: AVerMedia AVerMedia Duet - PCTV Tuner (A188 - white box) Interface PCI-Express x 1 MTVHDDUWB

    When I try to record a program at any time on channel 30, Media Center loses signal.

    While playing with it, I discovered that I can click to save while watching channel 30, then after that Media Center loses signal, follow these steps:


    Settings/TV/TV Signal / Scan for multiple channels

    So, I have to empty the scanned channels and re-scan.

    Then it will start to record the channel 30.1.

    Help, please!  Why Media Center will not record 30.1 without all this trouble?

    Thank you


    Go to settings-guide-add missing channels. Type in right channel # (like 8.1). Then put in the right frequency for the over-the-air station (35 in my case). You can find this info here (http://www.antennaweb.org/aw/welcome.aspx) if necessary. Now, you will have 2 channels in guide for 8.1 lists. Right-click on the new guide that lists you just create and go change the channel-edit lists. Change the source from the list to the channel that you have problems with. Next pass parameter-signal digital tv signal strength and a Coachman television that did not properly record to remove the Guide channel. This will fix your problem.

  • Media Center crashes when configuring the TV signal

    I bought a new computer there with Windows 8 (64-bit) a month and set at level to Pro pack for the Media Center. I use a TV HDHomerun tuner that is connected to the network that worked fine on my old machine of Windows 7 and Windows 8 new machine until this week.  I noticed that a show than I had expected did not record.  I found that Media Center did not find a signal.  When I started the process of signal TV Media Center froze.  After several trials, Media Center not continue and set up a TV signal.  I get a popup that says that Media Center has stopped working and closes.  I also received an error in Media Center indicating that Media Center has encountered a serious problem.

    I searched for this resolution and have not found one. I tried a clean boot and received the same error and crash.  I uninstalled Media Center, then reinstalled, which did not work. I also deleted files of database to let Media Center rebuild, which also did not work.  SFC \scannow comes out with no error.
    Can someone help me please?  I feel I lost the $100 for the Media Center of the Pro Pack.  All of this worked smoothly in Windows 7.  That's happened?

    If I can add my two cents to this, even if the thread is a year old, I have two tuners TV, one by HP and DIAMOND.  The DIAMOND is new and has not been tested with Win7, but the HP tuner worked fine with Windows 7, and it worked with Windows 8.1... once.  Now, whenever I try to use Windows Media Center to put in place my TV signal or watching television, the receiver service crashes, restarts and continues to hang until I have leave any action calls this service.

    The Compatibility Center said that the DIAMOND tuner is compatible with Win8.1, but not the HP tuner.  However, the computer is a HP.

    EDIT: Look in the event viewer and all ehRecvr.exe accidents are related to C:/Windows/SYSTEM32/vorbis.acm.  This file is associated with FL Studio.  I renamed the file vorbis.acm.bak and tried again, and made me the error.

  • After the upgrade to Windows 8, impossible to find Media Player or Media Center

    I upgraded my pc to windows 8, now I can't find media center, Media Player. Help, please

    Media Center does not come with any edition of windows 8, but Media Player comes with both. You can buy the media center to windows 8 Pro, but not of windows 8. Open the charm of research and the research of Media Player. Right-click on it and PIN to start and PIN to the taskbar.

    To add Media Center to the Pro version, look for add-on features and select Media Center. Buy the key for $9.99.
    Whenever you do find something, look for them in each category until find you it.
  • Cannot add Windows Media Center for Windows 8

    Original title: addition of WMC for Win8

    I am trying to add Windows Media Center for Win8 Pro without success after a few days, I tried not am no further forward I tried the content road add, I got a key and enter key MBFBV-W3DP2-2MVKN-PJCQD-KKTF7 which is no longer valid, it is not that difficult.

    Hi Brian

    I finally solved the problem by getting a new key from Microsoft, go to the entrance to http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/feature-packs your e-mail address and they will send you a new license key if all goes well they will still do the free offer.



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    My friends contact photos are exceeded, except when I go to the version of the ios, they are always the same. It seems also that whenever I type something in chatit would just keep loading. Is anyway to fix this?

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    Foglight nms freemium still is? http://communities.quest.com/docs/doc-13877 I installed a forum last month that now shows my trial has expired (no access to the dashboard).

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  • BOOTMGR is missing in Windows Server 2008

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