Why most of the tabs open empty with the label "New tab" and "topic: vacuum ' in the address line to the restart of Firefox since installing Firefox 28?"

I have a system dual-bootable Windows Vista SP2 and Firefox updated to 28 on both systems. Since the update of the tabs more reopen empty with the label "New tab" and "topic: vacuum" in the address line of Firefox is restarted. The tabs that open correctly seem to be those who in fact, I was at the session of prefious. I can recover the missing tabs using the Session Manager to pick up a previous session, but of course it does not pick up the tabs open in future sessions. It seems that the tabs that I go to the session recovered are saved correctly, as indicated above, but which are not revisited in the context of the use of the session retrieved will drop the URL next time that I open Firefox it again.



I don't have the time to do it. However, 29 is just around the corner and we will put in the channel of exit 29, then hope that the issue is not you.

P.S. I had originally chosen your last answer as the solution that you have migrated more to 29 but it seems that you have taken off. I'll be marking your last answer as the solution so that we can get out of the queue.

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