Why Muse suck do SEO?

Why everything is so often double the time to say to WordPress? My boss got this shit and it's royally a pain that we need to lose. Who is mastering SEO with this, I would be grateful for your advice? If you have a smart loyal mouth (nonconstructive response), I don't want your generous advice.

See this help article Search engine for Adobe Muse Web sites optimization where this issue was discussed in detail. The article was written at the request of many users of Muse with this question specifically.

Mac is one of our most eminent contributors, and it takes a lot to help users at all day on a voluntary basis. In my opinion, the provocation was not necessary.

Thank you


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  • 1. restore HI-dpi standard saved even 2 jpg sizes? 2. why muse saved png to jpg? (the html export)


    I'm working on my homepage with the last muse 2015.1.0.2309

    Fast 2 questions please:

    1. when I started my drawing with the global "Hi-DPI" setting and would now go back to "standard" why muse record 2 different size jpg image, even if I've cancelled "Hi-DPI" setting?

    2. when I export my finished site in a folder on my imac, why muse implements a PNG to a jpg image, I fall into the layout of muse?

    Thank you, peter

    At your breakpoints of the site? If so, the images are optimized and exported breakpointwise.

    If you use effects, which introduce transparency, Muse needs to convert a jpg in PNG because JPG doesn't support transparency.

  • Why Muse does not change the names of certain images or property when exporting to HTML format?

    Why Muse does not change the names of certain images or property when exporting to HTML format? and how can I keep the integrity of the name that the image/file has been saved as?

    General Muse renames a file imported image if the image is modified to achieve the design or the exit, or if the name change was necessary due to a name conflict (two different images which had the same file name when importing).

    The design-time features that will modify an image include cropping, rotation, rounded corners and effects (drop shadow, bevel or glow). It is also true that, in rare cases, Muse will merge an image with other content to optimize page download performance. An example of this would be to place a background image on a block of text that contains the text using system fonts. In this case, rather than a single image for text output and a separate image for the background, Muse will combine the two into a single image.

    If an image is placed or imported by Muse and not tampered with, the image is crossed without modification (including the file name) at export/publish (with him except that Muse will always rename if two different images with the same name).

  • How fix 'file' does not appear at the point of error on the site? Never had this problem now getting all the time! Why muse connects to my host? Nothing has changed on my end.

    Very annoyed by this "folder" does not seem the point of site error when publishing my sites. Here are the sites I "published" several times with the same login credentials. Now Muse gives me this error with my sites. Anyone know how why it's happening now and how to fix it?

    Muse should be able to create an FTP connection and an HTTP connection to your site in order to validate your sitemap.xml, confirm the support of PHP and confirm redirects htaccess are for synchronized text. If the 'URL of the Site' value is incorrect, Muse will be unable to find the site transferred via FTP to the site URL provided using HTTP.

  • Why Muse runs incredibly slow?

    Muse is incredibly slow... I'm working on a very simple site... the file is only 9.3 MB. No idea why it runs so slow? I use a trial version of Muse because I want to see how it behaves and if she could be a good purchase for me, but if it runs it slow I don't know if I want to buy it...

    Specifications of the computer:

    16 GB of ram

    CPU AMD Phenom II X 6 1090 t. (3.20 GHz)

    Windows 7 Ultimate

    I'm not really a player... I does not play well some Starcraft. One of my friends helped me to build myself a computer.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I checked for malware. There were about a quarter of an inch of dust on the heatsink that was on my processor so after I removed which helped A LOT. The Muse is still wobbly, so I just rebuilt from zero and no problems so far. He must have gotten corrupted somehow.

  • Why muse converts my navigation pages in the .php instead of .html files?

    When I download my site via ftp muse files of pages seem to download in the form of files .php instead of .html files, causing the bar of navigation not working and none of the pages link. Is there a way to solve this problem. Here's what it should like to watch in filezilla. The second image is how it currently looks.filezillaimage1.jpgfilezillaimage.jpg

    Hi David,

    I realized what was wrong to the whole of the site. I used one of the models of muse to create this site and he was wearing a tag on the footer of the site. I took the tag off the coast, downloaded vua muse ftp and it now works as it should. Sorry for all the headache and thank you for helping me to understand this

  • Why MUSE crash when I try to publish?

    Not support svg? I changed a few folders of jpg to SVG because I thought that the images may appear sharper on the screen. When I publish, it gives me an error message and closes my file!

    There is an active bug causing crashes when generating the HTML for pages that contain SVG graphics and several breakpoints. We are actively working on a fix that will be included in a 2015.1.2 update.

    If all SVG graphics are replaced by raster images (PNG, JPEG, GIF), that will allow to avoid the accident.

    We also have a preliminary version of 2015.1.2 which includes the fix for this available in the preliminary forum crash. Adobe Muse beta program is open to all current subscribers to Muse who can accept the terms of the non-disclosure agreement. To join visit http://museprerelease.com>.

  • Why MUSE uses an external version of jQuery instead of the local. This causes slow loading of our Web site.


    When we export our MUSE to HTML to run local site for demonstration purposes. There is still internet to load site.

    After inspecting the source code, it loads an external jquery library of musecdn2.businesscatalyst.com

    The funny part is that there is a local copy of the jquery lib in scripts / folder. But not used.

    Anyone who has noticed the same problem?



    Your observation that a site done Muse reference both a copy based on the jQuery CDN and downloaded with your site are accurate.

    Your statement there is a causal link between this and the performance of your site is less clear. What evidence leads you to this conclusion?

    jQuery is stored on a CDN (Content Distribution Network) as for normal situations of hosting a CDN provides content at a fraction of the time that it takes to the same content from your hosting provider. However, if for some reason, the CDN is not accessible, as in your closed network situation, a Muse site automatically returns to use the version of jQuery that has been uploaded to your server. How long it takes for the determination of the accessible CDN isn't likely depends on the topology of your network.

    If you look at the Panel Network of the Developer Tools in Chrome (or the browser of your choice), what is the latency time reported the browser to determine on the CDN jQuery is unavailable?

  • Why Muse open my Web site with missing information when it has already been downloaded online?

    We have already downloaded our site online and edited several times. I recently tried to open the Web site with Muse to change a few things, and he has removed much of the information. It seems that the model we started with, with only our heads in place, but all the photos and captions are not there.

    Hello Akshay,

    Thank you for your answer, I thought about it.  Location of file and assets was exactly the problem.  The designer who was working on the updates on the site did not realize that the Muse has been saved locally instead of on our server where they are located.

    Thank you

    Dan Lukaszewski

    Creative Director / Production Manager

    Sign of TLC | tlcsign.com


  • Why Muse won't let me name identical pages to other pages

    Here's what I'm trying to do. I have 5 pages with pictures, but every page has a submenu on page 1, page 2, etc., and in the past which is the title I gave to each page. Muse doesn't let me do. Its telling me that I can not duplicate the name of the page.

    Let me explain what is happening here.

    • When you name a plan page view Adobe Muse he uses the same name as the title of the page and the name of the file that will be created at the time of export or upload it to a server.
    • If you give the same name to two or more pages, there will be 2 or more files on the server with the same name and if there is an object in the site that points to one of these files with the same name, then there will be confusion to select the file and there will be unexpected behavior in your Web site. So in order to error-proofing Muse is not letting you to create pages with the same name.
    • If your goal is just to see the same name in the plan view, then only you can use a trick to make it work for you.
    • View page whatever you want to give the same name as an existing page in the plan, right click above and select 'Page Properties'

    • In the Page Properties Panel, click Options on the top.
    • Uncheck the box "same as Page name" and give him another name which is not identical to the common name that you want to use for the name of the page.
    • Click OK and now try to make of this page with the same name as another page and it will work for the page in question

    Please let me know if you have any confusion on what I explained.



  • Why muse 2015 has added black pixels to my images when uploading


    It seems has the update in the Muse 2015 more if it is not all the footage, transferred to the FTP host get black pixels, added at the end? The photos now affected are the same pictures used and downloaded with the previous version of muse without problem.

    The real. JPG on my drive is fine and look good in the design pane & preview Muse 20015. After uploading to a FTP host black areas appear effectively. Here is a link to a page hit.

    White boar, pastry brushes

    Notice the diagonal thin black line below that the bristles of the brush. This line is not on the original file placed in muse.

    Thank you


    If you change the harvest by using the crop tool to make the image of the image a bit smaller, the problem goes away?

    If the image is not rotated, the problem goes away?

  • Why Muse Open firefox?

    After the export of the site to the FTP host, Muse always opens the site in a browser (which is annoying in itself). Now he's using Firefox to open the site, even if it isn't my default browser. Is it possible to stop this?

    Muse will open the site in the default browser, so please make sure that firefox is not configured by default, also check for any script or code added to the site that may cause this action.

    Thank you


  • HELP Please - why Muse crash whenever I click on Widgets Library?

    Whenever I click on the widget library I get this error "can not find the parent for lo path directory: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Muse CC2104\libraries\cogent.muse lo.page:About"

    Help, please!

    Thank you!


    CC of Muse is a 32-bit version and Muse CC 2014.3 is a 64-bit version and the latest version of Muse.

    As uninstall and reinstall does not work I suggest you contact our support via chat or call so that they can do some advanced troubleshooting to fix it for you.

    Click on the link below for telephone and chat options.

    Contact the customer service



  • Why Muse CC 2014.3 is create several style sheets for a single page of the site?


    My master page is empty and never opened. My single page has no. MENU option selected.

    How can I avoid this or fix it?

    Thanks for any help or advice, the droid

    Muse puts all the CSS that is common to all pages of your site in a .css file and all the CSS that is unique to a given page in a .css file for this page.

    At this time Muse is not the location of the single page site special case and there is no option to merge the two CSS files or inline CSS in the .html file.

    I'm curious to know what concerns your primary having two .css files?

  • Why Muse does not once (Proxima Nova) when the other versions are installed on my computer? The police also does not appear in the system fonts.


    I want to use web fonts Proxima Nova (as woff) in Adobe muse on my site. These fonts are on my computer.

    The otf and ttf files are also installed on my computer, but they do not appear as sytem fonts in Muse.

    When I try to add the web fonts for Muse, it gives an error.

    Can someone tell me how I can get Proxima Nova as a system font in Muse?

    Thank you!

    In the version of June of Muse CC 2015 Typekit fonts have been integrated into the Adobe's Muse.

    Please try following steps to add them to your list of Web fonts.

    1. go into file > add/remove both

    2. Select the tab for typekit and "Proxima Nova" police search

    3. Select all, and then click OK

    4. these fonts will be added to the list of Web fonts.

    You can also check out the link below which has documentation for the same thing.




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