Why my backup of contacts to Icloud even with Contacts will not be activated in Icloud settings on my Iphone?

I have Contacts is activated in my settings on my Iphone 6s icloud, but they are not backup on Icloud. My calendar and reminders appear to back up fine but my Contacts and notes do not backuo.  Am I missing a required parameter in Icloud for include Contacts and Notes in the Backup car?


Contacts are not saved, but rather synchronized with icloud. In order to be synchronized, they would need to be at the very least not synchronized with something else.

For example with Google or Yahoo. Usually, if you have multiple contacts sources when you open contacts app you would see 'groups '. When you click on groups, you would see groups of the source, example - I see icloud, gmail, yahoo and facebook. Only icloud group would be synchronized with icloud.

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    On Mac, including limiting to one account/service.

    There may be problems if the Mac uses iCloud, Google and Yahoo and others all at the same time.

    Most likely this isn't because of two devices sync contact lists.

    21:05 Monday; March 28, 2016

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    Everyone knows about this problem? And how can we solve this problem? (Motorola, I'm looking at YOU). It's really annoying and I want it fixed.

    I think I found a work around for this problem.

    Settings > call settings > International prefix > remove 011 > arrow to the left (capacitive touch)

    Confirmed to work.

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    Kind regards!

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