Why my browser won't allow me to open several tabs for the same website?

I used to edit photos online and always opened five tabs of the site at a time, in order to expedite my editing. He opens the first tab very well and then when I open a second tab, it appears back on the first tab. I cleared my cache but that does not appear to have contributed. Any ideas?

Try to disable "open tabs" setting:

Tools > Options > privacy > address bar: when you use the location bar, suggest:

Open tabs

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  • I want to open several tabs for the same Web site. 9.0 will allow me to do this?

    I keep getting pop up windows to update to Firefox 9.0 because its faster etc. I look round and he tells me he asks me if I already have one open. I WANT THE SAME SITE OPENED IN SEVERAL TABS according to what I'm working on. Is it still possible with the updated version. IF this isn't the case, I don't want it, but none of the FAQ questions even thought my question.

    When you enter a site in the URL/address bar and see the section "Switch to tab" in the drop-down menu, you can

    • use ALT + ENTER to open the new tab (duplicate) anyway
    • Use CTRL (CMD on OSX) + left click on the original tab and drag until you see an arrow under the point of rupture between the two tabs upward, then release the left button, then release the CTRL/CMD key to obtain a duplicate of the tab with all of its history (front/rear)
    • Press the SHIFT key while an entry in the drop-down list is highlighted to disable 'Switch to the tab' and see the URL.
    • Use the right arrow to select an element marked as switch to tab in the menu drop-down and copy the URL in the address bar.
    • Open the URL in the current tab by using shift + enter on the highlighted entry.
    • ALT + Enter open the URL highlighted in a new tab.
    • Shift + enter opens the URL highlighted in the current tab.
    • Cursor right copies the URL highlighted in the address bar where you want to change it.

    You can install this add-on to completely disable "switch to tab": https://addons.Mozilla.org/en-us/Firefox/addon/switch-to-tab-no-more/

    If this answer solved your problem, please click 'Solved It' next to this response when connected to the forum.

    Not related to your question, but...

    You may need to update some plug-ins. Check your plug-ins and update if necessary:

  • Firefox open multiple tabs of the same site at the same time, why

    some site that I visit - when I try to use yahoo or facebook, messaging - multiple tabs of the same pop up and open and bring me to this last open tab - never let me finish what I'm doing. Why is this happening?

    I had this problem (when I opened Firefox, Facebook kept several tabs open, even when I was on other sites such as Google).

    After you restart Firefox with modules disabled (via the Help menu Firefox), I enabled first of all Plugins, then the Extensions, on-to-one.

    The problem is back only when I activated Facebook Toolbar 1.7.3 and disappeared when I disabled it again.

    This extension has been updated on 3 August 2011, which is probably when the problem started to appear (worse gradually). The extension tries to integrate some utilities of Facebook with the browser, but it's something that I can easily live. If you are having similar problems, try disabling Facebook Toolbar 1.7.3

  • Is it better to keep opening new tabs in the same browser session or is there a point where open another browser session (instance) is 'better' (performance, resources system, stability, etc.)?

    It is a general question about how best to work with many open web sites. Sometimes I open 10-20 at the same time. Sometimes I will open a second or a third copy of the browser and have several tabs there too.

    Some other browsers use a separate process for each window that opens, Firefox is not. It doesn't matter how many windows you have open in Firefox, that you use a "session" or process of Firefox.

    The only exception to this is with Firefox 3.6.4 & versions of plugins is running in a separate process "plugin - container.exe".

  • Why firefox does not save some username and passwords and names of other not - especially for the same website?

    I use several different accounts LogMeIn, each with their own username and password. Is there a month, Firefox stopped asking to save the user name and password for the new accounts I have access. I even deleted all accounts and began more - most of the time I will ask you to save the information of connection but other LogMeIn accounts that I access Firefox will not be asked to save the passwords. You can provide any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I had this taken care. After removing all the old names of login and passwords, you must restart Firefox with a hot start.

  • When you open a PDF saved on my computer, Firefox will open several tabs for all of the PDF files I have in a folder. Why?

    Recently, I tried to open some files in Adobe to view on my company computer. They have been recorded on my shared drive companies, and everyone seems to be able to open the files very well. When I try to open the files the program proceeds to open Firefox and wonder through the internet, if I want to download the file. At the beginning it wasn't a problem, because it was just a minor inconvenience. So today, I was working in a folder containing several files PDF (about 125 to express my frustration) and when I click on a file to open it, Adobe proceeded to open all PDF files in the folder. This means that each file opened a new tab in Firefox and proceeded to ask me if I wanted to download it. As I hope you can tell, I quickly became frustrated because I wanted only one file and it would not stop opening new tabs to ask me the same question 125 times. The only way to stop it was to open the Task Manager and go forward to force Firefox altogether.

    I tried to update the program on my computer (it was already up to date), I tried to update the plugin Firefox (it was already up to date) to adobe, I tried the repair Adobe Reader Installation (it doesn't make a difference), and I searched the internet for information about the problem (I was not successful in finding something that relates). According to me, the only thing that I did is to uninstall and reinstall the program on my computer, something I do not want to make I already said that it is a company computer.

    If there is someone who can help me solve this problem, I would be very grateful. Thank you for your time.

    Then, you need Adobe Reader, the default application to open PDFs, instead of FireFox. I think that FireFox just started doing this, and it is causing some confusion.

    As well as the normal way of Windows to change the default application, which is not also known as it should be, you should be able to use Adobe Reader. In Edit > Preferences in the General section and see if there is a button "select default PDF Manager."

  • allow me to open new tabs

    Firefox allows me to open new tabs more. When I click on the "Open new tab" icon, nothing happens. How to restore this function to normal operation?

    Uninstall the Ask Toolbar add-on. It has a compatibility issue with Firefox. See this article on the uninstall steps: disable or remove modules.

  • Why don't my percentage goes up, I've been winning remains the same.help

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    I won a lot of games, but my percentage remains the same... What is the problem, it worked...

    Let me check the surveillance video to find out what you ask the subject.

    Uh oh - looks that surveillance on you has always been DOWN... Can you tell us a little more in detail what you ask the subject?
    Windows _, Edition, Service Pack _, _ - bit?
    [Fill in the blanks]
    The 'game' in question?
    What has changed between this 'work' and now?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones why do I get multiple contacts for the same person

    Recently, when I add a new contact the 9700 creates several entries. When I delete these multiple inputs, then it leaves about 10 spaces. If I let multiple entries for the same person, the next person that I add only then indicates once

    Why they appear more than once?

    How can I delete multiple entries so they do not reappear when I create the following entry?

    Help, please

    Try a simple reboot and see if the empty entries remain.

    With the BlackBerry device powered time, remove battery for a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart.

  • Streaming music stutters after clicking on the links in the other tabs in the same browser

    New Sony Vaio - Windows 7 native - streaming music stutters in the first tab when you click the links in the other tabs in the same browser

    I'm streaming Pandora in A tab in my new browser IE 8 on my new Sony Vaio Windows 7 machine.  Whenever I click on a link in another tab, there is a slight stutter in the Pandora streaming.  Is there a way to fix this?


    try to bring up a new browser window (ctrl-n) and let the Pandora
    window on its own and in the background.
    Friday, June 11, 2010, 23:37:38 + 0000, PaulHBurton wrote:
    > I'm streaming Pandora in A tab in my new browser IE 8 on my new Sony Vaio Windows 7 machine. Whenever I click on a link in another tab, there is a slight stutter in the Pandora streaming. Is there a way to fix this?
    > PHB

    Barb Bowman


  • Return of the mistake of MUSE: why do we not have several files with the same name?

    Well - I thought I had all this worked and fixed, but I met the download error 'Why do we have several files with the same name' once again.  (I downloaded all the files several times today in order to 1) works the way it worked the last time and 2) get an OAM file that is not loading for some reason any load again and the download takes about an hour to transfer all the files manually.

    To recap:

    (1) an option "Upload only modified files" returns the 'Muse has encountered an error and closes.  Why do we have several files with the same name? "error just as before.

    (2) a full download will work but takes forever and is NOT a substitution for work changed files option.

    Please advise with possible solutions!


    Is it possible to have two .oam different files in different folders on your computer where the .oam files have the same name? I'm theorizing that there may be a bug in the treatment to ensure the folder created for a .oam placed on the server receives a unique name, particularly in the case of a partial update of the site on the server.

    Please send us the .muse file and all the files in .oam related to [email protected] along with a link to this topic for the context so we can attempt to reproduce this error and isolate the root cause. If files are larger than 20 MB, you'll need to use a service such as Adobe send & Track, Dropbox, creative cloud, WeTransfer, etc. file sharing. Thank you.

  • ? Adobe digital editions4.5:check:activation error; Book downloaded from kobo creates a link url of ASMC. try to open it in dig.edit. results in the activation error; List IDS allowed adobe to dig. Edit shows the same email that you used for download Kobo

    ? Adobe digital editions4.5:check:activation error; Book downloaded from kobo creates a link url of ASMC. try to open it in dig.edit. results in the activation error; List IDS allowed adobe to dig. Edit shows the same email that you used for download Kobo.

    The operating system that you used?

  • When selecting several fields of the same type why tab formatting does not appear in the properties?

    Creating pdf with lines Qty and total order forms, I want to format the fields as number with 0 decimal places for the qty column and the sign $ and 2 decimals for the totals column.

    Why when choosing several fields quantity, then go to properties, the format tab disappear? Why do I have to choose and the format of each field one at a time? They have the same type of field.

    I'm working currently on a document with more than 200 fields are most of the quantity fields and others are total fields. I right click on each field individually.

    It's 2015! Can you imagine if Excel did it?... Adobe WTF?

    Only the Adobe developers can answer why it is like that, but it's unfortunately.

    The only solution is to use a script to set the Format setting for several fields at the same time.

    I developed such a tool, so if you are interested you can get it here: Scripts custom Adobe: Acrobat - Format applies to several text fields

  • Why not bridge won't allow me to work in camera raw more?

    Everything worked well and then bridge ceased to allowing me to open files and work in camera raw. Initial application of the bridge I get a message stating"is not active and must be run at least once to activate this function. "Photoshop launched a number of times and works very well.

    This happened to me about a month ago. I was on the phone with the support of close to 3 hours while they controlled my PC, which in my view is no longer a phone number. They never explained the problem or how to fix it. Any help is very appreciated!

    To the link below, click on the still need help? option in the blue box below and choose the option to chat or by phone (do not support the weekend)...
    Make sure that you are logged on the Adobe site, having cookies enabled, clearing your cookie cache.  If it fails to connect, try to use another browser.

    Creative cloud support (all creative cloud customer service problems)
    http://helpx.Adobe.com/x-productkb/global/service-CCM.html ( http://adobe.ly/19llvMN )

  • Private browsing is not allowing me to open multiple e-mail accounts

    At work, I need to be able to open multiple gmail accounts simultaneously (not just switch between them in the same window, but in fact make them open in two different windows). In the past, I did in Firefox using a window of incognito for the second account.

    For several months, I've been using Chrome at the request of my employer, but now the Chrome has been compromised (big surprise), and I'm back to using Firefox. However, now when I open the private window and go to gmail, it takes me straight to my first e-mail account. If I connect a window, it connects me out in other institutions.

    Can someone tell me the settings I need to change? It's frustrating the heck out of me and makes it very difficult to do my work, by disconnecting signature, signature, disconnect...

    Private and normal windows should have completely separate cookie jars.

    If you check the title bar, the private windows are marked with the white-mask-on-purple tab in the upper right corner and normal windows, with no mask?

    If you do not see the icons of mask on the private windows, you may have Firefox creating their own private browsing automatic, that will let you open the 'normal' windows, so there's only one pot to cookies for the whole session.

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