Why my computer is insert incorrect symbols?

When I go to insert the citation of my computer brands inserts the symbol @ instead. It is one of the easier to explain replacements. If someone can tell me why or how there to remedy, I'd be much aprecciated. also, I think that it is perhaps something to do with the new microsoft office program I installed.

Yes on the side in the bottom right of the computer screen to two letters indicating the language in which is pre-set at the time. the exchange of the symbol may be because you have NumLock

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  • Windows by typing incorrect symbols unable to type password and Log In.

    * Original title: Windows type incorrect symbols, Cant Log In.

    Hello, today my computer was not typing correctly so I restarted (the computer typed just random things). I want to reconnect now but I can't enter my password because it keep saying that its bad even if it is not. Help, please

    Hello Jacob,.
    1. What is the brand and model of the computer?
    2. have you made any changes to the computer?

    Method 1: I suggest you to check with the on-screen keyboard, you can open OSK from the login screen. Click the button for ease of access, ease of access button in the bottom left and then tap or click on-screen keyboard.

    Use the keyboard to the screen (OSK) to type

    Method 2:  If the keyboard screen market, then it is problems with the physical keyboard of your computer, I suggest you to connect different keyboard on your computer and check that it works normally.

    Hope this information helps, just reply to the State of the question to get help on Windows.

  • I have a MacBook Pro.  Is there a way to implement a rarely used keyboard key that - WHENEVER - it is pressed the computer will insert the string, predetermined character at the cursor position?

    I have a MacBook Pro.  Is there a way to implement a rarely used keyboard key that - WHENEVER - it is pressed the computer will insert the string, predetermined character at the cursor position?

    Yes. You can add in system preferences > keyboard > text.

  • Is the another great category why my computer is slow?

    I get a lot of beach and the General slow balls spinning this month.

    One thing I checked last week my storage status. 237 free GB to 999 GB and 618 for which is the category "other"!  I hate this wave "other" category. Here is a screenshot.

    You can see that I have barely keep anything on my internal drive. I don't have a lot of applications. The ones I use regularly is Mail, Safari, Lightroom and Photoshop.

    A few years ago I learned about a procedure in disk utility to completely erase the disk space, but when I went to do, I couldn't find more, as El Capitan got rid of him. Is there something similar I can do?

    Is this large amount of yellow on the bar as alarming as it looks and probably why my computer is slow?

    Thank you!

    p.s. in another thread, I will post about a glitch that happens with my trash. Maybe it's related.

    The function of Secure Erase of Trash was removed to El Capitan. One of the reasons was that it worked as expected. The other is that it reduces the life expectancy of the SSD.

    I would suggest your download and install OmniDiskSweeper. When you rum ODS, it will tell you the names of the files and folders that use the most space. You can then decide for yourself or ask us what can be detected or moved.

    The first step in the process must be a full backup of everything.

  • Why my computer is displayed in pounds instead of dollars?

    Why my computer does not pounds instead of dollars?

    Hi Wilmakingston,

    Where exactly you are trying to change that? What program do you use?

    You can check in the settings of the program where you will be able to change the pound sign in dollar sign.

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    Maybe it's good now... I installed the patch to the nVidia site and then reinstalled the Vaio patch, and this time, the facility has been good. Media Center TV works well and I'm an old grandmother happy again. : )

  • Why my computer (HP Pavilion p6709c) takes 7 to 8 minutes, if at all to talk to my printer (Epson Artisan 835), or not at all. Technical support HP, Epson and Verizon FIOS technical support are baffled.

    Why my computer (HP Pavilion p6709c) lasts 7-8 minutes to talk to my printer (Epson Artisan 835), or not at all.

    HP, Epson and verizon tech supports have not set in 4 months.


    1. what operating system do you use?

    2. do you get an error message when you try to communicate with the printer?

    If you use Windows 7, try to run the printer Troubleshooter and check that if it helps, here are the steps:
    Method 1:

    Open the printer Troubleshooter by clicking the Start button, then Control Panel. In the search box, type Troubleshooting, and then click Troubleshooting. Under hardware and sound, click use a printer.


    Method 2:

    I suggest that you installed the latest drivers of printer and check.


    Method 3:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7


    Note: After a repair, be sure to set the computer to start as usual as mentioned in step 7 in the above article.

    You can also contact the support site of Epson to known technical issues.


  • Why my computer is doing every thing appear side dowen?

    Why my computer is doing every thing appear side dowen?

    If Ctrl + Alt + up or down does not work try:

    CTRL + Alty and (F1... F12 keys).

  • Why my computer lock me out when I leave for subject of less than five minutes?

    Why my computer lock me out when I leave for subject of less than five minutes?  I don't have a password to unlock it, then if not how can I removed the lock feature?

    I suggest you to see these steps:

    • Press right on your mouse button when your desktop is visible. A menu will appear.
    • Move your mouse to the bottom of the menu and click on the word "Properties".
    • Look at the tabs under the marked blue title bar "display properties". You should be able to see one marked "screen saver". Click the screen saver tab once. You should now see a small monitor.
    • Look for the dropdown next to the marked buttons 'Settings' and 'Preview '. Click on the arrow down on the right side of the menu drop down.
    • Look at the list of available screensavers. The first menu is marked '(none) '. Click on this title. Once you have clicked on the title, the "Apply" button will become operational.
    • Click on the button apply. Close the display properties window and the Control Panel window. You have now properly disabled your screen saver.
  • Why the computer browser Service automatic stop?

    Why the computer browser Service automatic stop?

    Please follow the steps:

    1. access user Admin / user connected
    2. my computer icon > properties-advance-performance (setting) > Data Execution Prevention
    3. turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select.
    4. click on Add button > select service path C:/system32/select computer browser service and other.
    OK 5.
  • HP P1102w LJ: Incorrect symbols in the properties of the printer (Russian language)

    Hi all

    I have incorrect symbols in printer properties / setting of the dialog boxes. The system language is Russian. Perhaps, we already know how to fix this problem.

    Sorry for my question. I just solved the problem myself.  I put in the windows regional settings to use Russian (it was before English) for programs no unicode and strange symbols disappeared.

    Anyway maybe anyone know how are English-language in the printer settings in windows RU?

  • Why the computer wants me to choose a program to open the downloads with

    Why the computer wants to choose me a program to open the downloads with

    I fixed missing .exe file

  • Why my computer keep starting in safe mode

    Why my computer keep starting in safe mode, it doesn't let me do system restore and health comes back fine but it says I have hardware or network problems

    Well, to prevent to load in safe mode, you should be able to press F8 when your computer starts, then select start windows normally. If it says that you have hardware problems or network you can or you can't. If you start windows normally and nothing seems wrong, you can start the Device Manager to check the hardware and just go on the internet to see if the network is fine. To enter the Device Manager, right click on my computer, then select Properties, then on the new close window left click Device Manager.

  • Why my computer to turn itself off the power?

    I can't understand why my computer starts to turn to for no apparent reason. Going to be working very well and then BONNO! It is just off.

    It drives me crazy! Whenever I try to start it upward, he wants to talk about safe mode and the proper techniques of closure. I used the Startup Repair tool and the restoration of the system offered to me by the computer during one of these episodes. I have scanned for viruses with Avast and there is not. I've defragged, cleaned the disk, removed something weird... I searched in the help pages for an answer...

    I use Vista Home premium on a 1 year old Toshiba. I recently used the drive by the manufacturer to reinstall the operating system to get rid of some nasty viruses. Everything was going along great for a month and then he started to arrive.

    Any ideas?


    When you reinstall the operating system, you must also reinstall all the latest drivers compatible Visa for her.

    Click on the download at the top of the linked page > put in your model number, etc. > download/install the latest Vista drivers for your computer.

    1. choose the category 2. choose family 3. choose the model  
    Show all models Model search filter:  
    View Latest downloads»
    View the most recent list of
    drivers and software for updates
    all Toshiba products.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • What exactly is Adobe and why my computer it need?

    What exactly is Adobe and why my computer it need? And while im asking what did the java? Why is it always up to date?


    Adobe do a lot of programs.

    Here are some examples:

    1. adobe Flash Player

    2. adobe Reader.

    3 adobe Air

    4 adobe ShockWave Player


    Google or Adobe will help with that.


    For Java, read this:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java _(programming_language)

    See you soon.

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